Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kirk, Kathy, and Hoda- Oy!

Did anyone else catch Kirk Cameron on Kathy Lee and Hoda (sp?)?  I was kind of irritated by the softball approach to "Monumental" that Kathy and Hoda took.  Kirk tried to sell it as a "real look at what makes America great" and a "journey to see what the Pilgrims suffered to create this nation".  Well, um...let's start out with the many, many fallacies in that second statement.  The Pilgrims didn't "create" this nation any more than God created this earth!  The Pilgrims didn't sit around and say, "You know what? We should totally go to America and found a great nation."  They were chased around Europe, decided that being sold into bondage and persecuted for their beliefs sucked, and got on the first boat to anywhere where there wasn't a heavy, dominant religion.  Saying that they "created" America actually takes away from the truly foundational actions of the people who took part in the revolution against Great Britain.  Maybe I'm over-thinking it?

Kathy Lee gushed about "Monumental" (Kirk's new flick).  She said it was family viewing and that all parents should sit down and watch it with their kids before they leave for school because....wait for it..."they're not teaching this (the "Monumental" version) in school.  Yeah, Kath'...maybe there's a reason.  From what very little I've seen and read, this is not a history so much as a propaganda video.   Kirk starts with the premise that America, as it exists now, is fundamentally and morally wrong because we've drifted away from religious belief and serving the Lord.  I don't know about you, but I think America is a pretty decent place and I'm damn sure that people are better off living here today than they were living here 200 years ago.  In short, I think, like most of these movies, they pick one aspect to "examine" without looking at the bigger picture.  In addition, the clip I saw showed Cameron talking about how tolerance is key and this is what the Pilgrims worked so hard to obtain.  Well, Kirk, tolerance is a concept you don't seem to grasp very well.  True tolerance means you tolerate those with different beliefs without trying to impart your beliefs on them.  

Second, Cameron actually defended Todd Akin.  Like that's a surprise, I know.  :/  He said that Akin had apologized and had misspoken.  While that may be true, it doesn't solve the idiocy of the statement and the frightening realization that someone who even THINKS that b/s could have an impact on policy.  But, that's another post. 

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