Saturday, August 25, 2012


I realize this article is from Faux news but it caught my attention none-the-less.  
Apparently, American Atheists paid for and erected two bill boards regarding Mormonism and Christianity in anticipation of the upcoming presidential race.   Of course, as fundamentalist Christians are prone to do, they (the x-ians) complained so loud and made so many threats that the billboards are to be disassembled and removed.  What a crock!  On a certain level, I can see why American Atheists felt that taking them down was prudents (death threats tend to make people a little nervous).  On another level, I wonder how seriously these threats were taken by the authorities and/or if the authorities proposed any protection/investigation against those making the threats.  If a church put up a billboard and received death threats, then I don't doubt for a second that local authorities would put energy into finding the person responsible.  More than that, however, is the realization that a  news agency (in this case, Fox) sees the removal of the billboards as a victory!  WtF?!  So much for freedom of speech.  So much for equal treatment.  Grrrrrr....


There are some who call me... Tim said...

The billboard company was also threatened, which prompted the take-down. AA would have left it up.

(You watch Faux News? WHY?!?)

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against Atheists, but I don't agree with the attacking tone of the ads.

But death threats is a bit much!