Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camp Quest

P1 and I are back from camp. Let me first say that the setting was beautiful. I love California Gold Country and this was no disappointment. The Yuba River looked so inviting. The trees and vegetation were green and dense. The history jumped out at you around every bend - culminating in P1 and I discovering one of the earliest cemeteries in northern California. I could've wandered around all day, but we had to get to the hotel room in Sac.

Our original plan was to stay with the kind folks at Quest/Ross on Saturday night. Unfortunately, P1 was (understandably) ready to be headed home. She wasn't feeling 100% and the cabin wasn't well ventilated. Next year - we're bringing fans! So sadly, we decided to head into old town Sacramento for the night. Where, one we got a cool room, a decent mattress, and a meal, she was feeling much better.

To Chris Lindstrom, thank you for putting on such an amazing camp! You asked us to think of things to do to make next year better and I have a list of things I'd like to help with. Let's get together and talk! Seriously! It was nice meeting you. OH! You can just call me about the check and we'll get that straightened.

To Terri = thank you for being P1's second mom. I heard so much about you on the way home!
To Brian = We will HAVE TO get together. Thank you for entertaining my poker shark for an evening. ;)
To Matt = You've done it! Great job! Would love to keep in contact with you.

Let's organize some central valley meet-ups for Quest!

more later..


Phoebe Caulfield said...

i like the idea of Camp Quest, but as a former Jesus-camper it makes me uneasy to think of camps that teach any sort of ideology (even if I agree with it). Does Camp Quest do that, or is it purely a science camp?

My thinking here is that the jesus camps I went to were never advertised as jesus camps. They attracted campers by offering tons of typical camp activities and mentioning in the description that they were a Christian group. If you asked, they would say that they didn't force religion or ideology down anyone's throat...but once you got there, it was a different story.

possum_momma said...

Does Camp Quest do that, or is it purely a science camp?

There was little, or no, discussion about "rah-rah atheism". The focus was the promotion of critical thought and respecting individuality.