Friday, December 05, 2008

If you're happy and you know it...

Jeebus, I've been pissing and moaning way too much here lately. You'd think that psychotic family members and rude friends were the only noteworthy things in my life. LOL Therefore...I deem this post a happy post. I'm starting a meme - What makes you happy? The rules are simple: list ten things you're happy about or thankful for. Tag ten people who you're happy to call friend at the end of the meme.

1. I'm excited about Christmas. P4 is very into it this year and his eyes gleam with excitement. He's figured out where I hide the gifts and since it took his sibs years to figure that out... I'm kind of impressed by his observation skills. :)
2. I finished an amazing book. It's called "A Blistered Kind of Love". The book is a journal kept by a husband and wife who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. I love books that take me to another place and get my mind out of the house.
3. The re-arranging of the craft area is almost finished and the family room is ready for the tree to be put up.
4. My friend Vamp is back from Hawaii. I missed her. I'm happy she's home and had a nice vacay.
5. P3's garden is beautiful. Here it is, almost winter, and she still has amazing flowers. She's got a green thumb. I can see her garden from my computer and the huge clumps of white (baby's breath), purple (pansies), flaming pink (azaleas), and huge gerber daisies of all colors look like her canvas. I'll try to take a picture in the morning.
6. I found a great Christmas gift for Pdaddy. He's really hard to shop for so this, strangely, makes me ecstatic.
7. I watched the Great Escape yesterday. It's free on demand if you have AMC (American Movie Classics). If you don't', I would rent it. It's set in WWII: the story of POWs who tunnel out of a German camp. It's not a sad-free movie but I love seeing a young James Garner. If I were seventy, I'd hit that.
8. I'm grateful for the cold weather and early sunsets. Dark is good! Cold means busting out our sweaters and thick bedding. There's nothing better than lying in a cold room with only your nose sticking out from under the covers. The air just seems fresher on those nights. (Yeah. I realize how strange that sounds.)
9. I'm grateful for my fingerless gloves.
10. The smell of cinnamon and nutmeg make me happy.

Your turn.
I am tagging Vamp, Russell, Sean, Berlie, Calladus, Poodles, P1, P2, Anthro Amy, the Chaplain (from Apostate's Chapel). If you don't see your name, I still tap you.


Xena said...

Don't know if you realize this, but your link for Vamp goes to the Christmas card post. I thought for a moment that maybe Vamp was the one who sent the card. Which confused me because I see her postings here all the time. If she's just recently figured out you're an atheist, she's not been reading very closely. ;)

reddhedd said...

I'm not listed, but I'll bite:

1) my husband...who knows all about me, and loves me anyway!

2) my youngest son, who finally is old enough to keep a secret about a gift...mostly! ;)

3) my dog, who loves me and showers me with affection, whether I deserve it or not.

4) my cats, who totally remind me to live in the moment...they don't mope around remembering the bad hunts in life, and they don't obsessively fret over hunting tomorrow. They just stalk the squirrel that is in front of them now.

5) My sister and dear friend. She is always supportive, and encouraging. Even when I really need a kick in the butt, she manages to deliver it with a boot full of love.

6) Cold weather. I hate the cold, really, BUT, I love roaring fires and hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows).

7) a warm blanket on the sofa. I love to curl up under it and watch classic movies.

8) A full house. My older boys are home from college, and the house is again noisy and full of them and all their friends, all laughing and joking and just enjoying hanging out together.
I love that though they have cars, are of legal age and have other options...they all still come here. (I even love the occasional food fight!)

9) My job. First, I have one, and second, I work with special needs preschoolers, and they are so simple and sweet as they hold fast to the magic of Santa and wishes fulfilled, of trains going by, glitter glue, busketty for lunch, and mastering the simple tasks we all take for granted, like climbing a short flight of stairs or sliding down the slide. Every day, they see the joy of living.

10). Blogs like this...PM, you remind me that I am not alone..I'm an atheist who loves her life, family and friends, and finds fulfillment, meaning, satisfaction and purpose in all that. Who needs more than this?

vamp said...

Yeah, no. I'm not the xmas card person, Xena.

Crap, TEN, being such a negative bah humbug kind of person, you want me to come up with 10 HAPPY things? Okay, okay, I'll try, but it make take me a couple of days, lol.

Gramomster said...

I'm not listed either, but making the list sounds like a great thing to do...

1) My grandson's curly curly hair. Even when he is testing the very limits of my patience, or when I feel like crap, his curly hair, which has not been cut in his 2 and a half years, makes me smile.

2) My amazing younger son. Totally makes up for any crazy thing his sister does. He's kind, funny, smart, talented, and appreciative of his mom.

3) My job. I live in Michigan. I have a job, and I've been hired through May 2010 at minimum. Happy happy happy.

4) Lake effect snow. Cold as shit, but beautiful and fluffy and sparkly.

5) The sparkly purple hand-knit and felted slippers made by my bestest friend. So warm and twinkly-purple. The woman knows me...

6) Being able to take a long hot bath with a cup of tea and a Harry Potter book. Doesn't matter which one, doesn't matter how many times I've read it. Still makes me happy.

7) That I've been married for 20 years to this crazy hippie I met in the park in Berkeley. Fucking awesome!

8) Going to Yellow Springs, Ohio. Beautiful, chill, artsy town that really recharges the ol' batteries, making me a happier Gramma when I get home.

9) Little boy cuddles. I mean really. Does it get any better?

10) That the semester is over, and I have almost a month to hang out with the family, going snow playing and skating with the little one, drinking cocoa, playing with glitter and watching kid movies before meeting 200 new students. I love and honor the time that teaching allows me. *deep contented sigh*

So many more... finding pics of my youngest on his friends' facebook pages (he's camera-shy at home), watching the grandboy's glee at knocking over a reeeeaaaallllly tall block tower, or figure out a new puzzle, watching the cat stalk the doggie's tail, burrowing under the covers with a book and a boy, small curly boy in blanket jammies.... life is fucking rich, man. Truly rich.

Thanks for leading us to think about what is good and right. Too easy all to often to get caught up in the stresses instead.

Rachel said...

I, too, am very *bah humbug* this time of year. Perhaps making a list like this is just what I need to get over my sullen scrooginess? I plan to blog mine, but also like Vamp, it may be a couple days!

Thanks for the idea, PMomma, and I'm glad to see you blogging again! :)

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Cari said...

I was telling my mom this weekend how you buy matching PJs for P1-P4 and how it's getting harder and harder to find ones that suit all four kids as they get older. She said she's JUST seen a catalog somewhere for that very thing but couldn't remember the name, but anyway, when I got home I did some Googling and found several sites -- don't know if you've already seen them but here they are:

the chaplain said...

Thanks for the tag.