Friday, August 01, 2008

Pajamas and junk

The quest has begun. Every year, I buy the kids matching Christmas pajamas. But, this year, I have to find jams that will fit a four year old and a girl who wears a women's small. I should probably just stick sporks in my eyes...because, I fear it's a useless pursuit. I thought I'd start early this year, though. Maybe I'll get lucky. I'm disappointed that my mom doesn't really sew anymore. If she did, then I'd buy the fabric and make them. (But P-momma, why don't you sew? - I used to. Now it kills my wrists now.) If anyone has any cool ideas on where I can find family jammies, then please leave a comment. Thanks!

PZ has really stirred up a hornet's nest here in Bakersfield. LOL Not only did he offend many of the Catholics in this town with CrackerGate08; he also managed to skew a poll ran by the Californian. Some locals are saying that he "violated" them. Boo-to-the-hoo. It was a bullshit poll anyway. The question was:

Should atheists be barred from public office?
Yes - 3%

No - 97%

Total votes: 4076

What's funny is that there are people scrambling like mad to try to say the poll was just a joke. If that's the case, then there are a bunch of people pissed off and "violated" over a joke. But, I think the poll's author was being quite serious as we've recently had a KHSD (Kern High School District) Trustee who said, on air:

“I think it’s impossible for an atheist to support and defend the Constitution
of the State of California and so maybe we should have a religious test,...An
atheist can’t even believe the preamble to our Constitution of the State of
California.” - Chad Vegas

If you want to hear it, then make with the clicky! CLICK. Keep in mind, this is the same asshat who tried to have "In God We Trust" posters put in every classroom in the county. He also was part of a smear campaign against an AP English class reading the Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison. This guy is a class-A, religious bigot.

What disgusts me more than anything is that he's sending a horrible message to district students. Not every child is a Christian. This town has a very high population of Sikh, Muslin, Jewish, and secular families. But, here you have a trustee of the largest high school district in the United States telling the non-Christian kids that they shouldn't even try to become active in State politics or run for office.

Barks (radio host) gave him an opening to say he’s not really supporting a
religious test for public office, but he instead said he absolutely would — not
for federal office, because the U.S. Constitution prohibits a religious
test.“They can’t actually say they’re thankful of the Almighty God. They
can’t,” he said Tuesday in an interview.But he said he’s not pushing for
such a test to be enacted here.

Right... dry that out and you can fertilize the lawn. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy would love nothing more than to see Bakersfield purged of any non-Christian influence. Actions speak louder than words. Of course, he claims he's been taken out of context. Because, as he explains, he was "trying to get the school board to pass an ordinance against gay marriage." What the hell that has to do with educating our kids is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Matching PJs = Hanna Andersson!

(I have a few pairs for myself, very soft and comfy).

Rachel said...

PMomma - I just googled "family matching pajamas" and found more sites selling matching jammies that I ever thought could exist! Happy shopping...

Brigit said...

I think JCPenney sells them at reasonable prices.

CrypticLife said...

That would have been a terribly irresponsible "joke", since it had nothing facetious close to it and the original was brought up in all seriousness.

Additionally, prior to PZ's boosting the numbers looked pretty close.

"I think it’s impossible for an atheist to support and defend the Constitution
of the State of California and so maybe we should have a religious test"

I'd love to know how you take a clear statement like that out of context. Unless he's Edward Current on youtube.

Robin L. said...


I wish that there was something more effective to do than just crashing polls, but I am not a voter in your town, so I can't help you get that idiot off your school board. What a terrible message to give to students. Schools should not encourage anyone to give up their dreams.

Psychodiva said...

imagine if somebody replaced 'atheist' with- well any religious belief you can think of- or imagine replacing the word with 'woman' or 'black person'? what a hullaballoo there would be then! and the christians think THEY are being got at and marginalised?

and I'm sorry- matching jammies lol- is that a yank thing? I keep seeing the brady Bunch in my head! My kids would have had a fit if I had tried that one lol

kelahamilton said...

There are lots of matching PJs at and

BTW, I think that this is a very cool tradition and something I might start with my little one this year.


Corbie said...

I did a little googling as well and found "Snug as a Bug". They've got matching holiday jammies to fit everyone in the family.

Not affiliated, nor have I ever done business with them, but it's a place to look at.

Enshoku said...

How in the hell does your area end up with a 97-3 split for public office, while America as a whole has a 44-56 bend for presidency. Something is gimped somewhere...

Jim said...

Enshoku, PZ bombed the poll. Just the latest in many. I am proud to have assisted. ;-)

Katie said...

you could always commission a seamstress through an alchemy post on etsy, an independent craft site for artists all over the world.

Joanna said...
I think the matching pj's are such a cute idea!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Let me try that again:

Theo Bromine said...

Nights in White Flannel ( )
sells high quality pajamas in all sizes (and has the coolest name, for those of us of A Certain Age).