Sunday, August 10, 2008


P3 got to go to Disneyland and California Adventure, today. This will make the third kid since October to go without me. I'm officially throwing down the "no fair!" card. :) Just kidding. P3 went with her "boyfriend" (which, to her, is exactly what it sounds like, "A friend who's a boy"). It's strange. When P1 was her age, I thought she was so old and ready for experiences away from us (like this). So, why am I having such a hard time with letting go of P3 and P4? Why do I feel like they're babies? I know, in my head, that they're far from babies. Maybe it's because I'm not out with them as much as I was with P1 and P2. I'd like to hear from other parents on this. Did you feel differently about your youngest than your oldest?

I also want to say a few words to someone who posted in comments. They called themselves "Concerned" and I've deleted their comment for reasons I will get to in a minute.
You posted to this blog using an option that allowed you to comment anonymously. You chided me for not taking my children's safety seriously enough because I accidently let a livejournal link slip through to a post from 2001. I do thank you for pointing that out. And, because of the LJ set up, you can't go back and do massive security changes (as I tried to do). So, I had to delete the blog. However, I think you were a bit out-of-line for saying that having that link was "handing it all out". For, you see, most people didn't care to read more than the post that was linked. That you did is interesting. That you read back far enough to see the name of one of my children's teachers (from the year before last) intrigues me,...if you were truly concerned, then why not e-mail me privately the moment you found the error? Instead, you took advantage of it; read other entries; and THEN left a public comment. Furthermore, you suggested that there was a lot of personal information. You're right. Perhaps that would be because it was a personal blog from 2001 until a few months ago. And, most of the entries were locked. Yes. I've cracked down on security. And, yes, I made a mistake. Like I said, I appreciate your concern. But, your concern would've been much more appreciated without the snippy-ness.


Anonymous said...

Are you off LJ now :(

BC Cook said...

Dunno about "Concerned" but I wouln't have the foggiest notion how to send you a private email so perhaps "Concerned" didn't either.

KevinGreene said...

On the left hand side of the home page where it says contributors click on Atheist in a mini van.

This will take you to a profile page which has contact options and an email button on the left hand side.

Anonymous said...

Re your question for parents: Yes, I do feel a bit more protective for ds#2 than I do ds#1, partly because, at 10, he is still very huggable so he "feels" more like he's my baby, but also partly because he has mild autism, so I think I may always treat him a bit differently than I do ds#1 (not intentionally; I try very hard not to do any special treatments).