Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back log of questions...

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. I don't know what happened this week, but I've got about ten loads to do this weekend. I'm sure you're all jealous of the relationship I have with my washer. *smile*

Ok. So...the last few months have seemed crazy around here. And, considering everything that has happened, it has been exhausting (emotionally and physically). Some of you have asked questions via blog or e-mail that I've either dodged or not had time to answer. Since I'm in between loads and the kids are all out-and-about...I'll try to answer as many as I can. Oh! I've been jotting the questions down in a paper journal, but I didn't write down names. Sorry.

What happened that made you go dark on the kids public pictures?
I still don't want to get into too much detail because of the nature of the experience. It's something I may never be able to talk about here. But, essentially, there was a boundary issue that was, once again, violated. Three such incidents in two years suggested to me that it was time to be less personal. On the heels of that, I began considering the rights of my children. I thought a great deal about their privacy. I mean, really...their lives were being displayed here and I'd never asked their permission. It felt strange. When I started considering it from their point of view, even though they've never expressed any negative feelings, I realized that I wasn't respecting their privacy as well as I should. Added to that, Pdaddy had concerns that I couldn't ignore. He is their father. So, even if I disagree with some of his observations and concerns, there's a point at which those disagreements become a matter of respecting your spouse/co-parent and not being right/wrong.

Turning Nancy and Thomas in was wrong. Disagreeing with you shouldn't make people fear a child services investigation.
I agree. And, I would hope that those who read this blog regularly would pick up on the fact that I've disagreed with many, many people over the last two years. I never called child protective services on them. The decision I made had nothing to do with Nancy or Thomas opposing atheism or the way I parented. I made the call because there was cause to do so. It can't be said enough: it was one of the most difficult choices I've ever made. I lost sleep over it. In the end, I won't ask people to agree (though many do and I appreciate that) with calling. I just want to reiterate that it's not retaliatory.

How's the window film during the summer? Did it work?
I think it made a huge difference! For one, moving around the house is something I can do without worrying. That, in itself, is liberating. So, yes...I think it worked. Thank you!

How is your lupus?
It's no better. But, with lupus, you get some odd cycles where different parts of the body crap out. Then, when you correct that part of the body, there's another part that goes wonky. It's frustrating! But, we're trying to keep tabs on it. I do appreciate e-mails wishing me good health. I try to respond to them via e-mail. Someone asked why I don't post them here more often and I don't have a set reason. I think I don't because posting them would turn the blog into something it's not.

Read any good books? /What are you reading now?/ Why did you stop the book list?
Yes. / A few things./ Life got crazy. :)

Any chance of the podcast coming back?
I think there's always a chance. But, it won't be the same as it was before. "Jack" got into some other things and had some major life changes that prevented him from being able to do the show. I would love to ressurect it. But, it did take a substantial chunk of time. I've spoke with another person about trying it again...with some changes, but there's still the issue of my home-bound state and putting together a quality podcast. If you have ideas, then I'm willing to hear them.
I will say this, though. There are many, many good atheist podcasts. At some point, I wonder if over-saturating the cast world is a good idea? Basically, we all have the same things to say. I would like to recommend a few great podcasts that I listen to. All can be found on iTunes or by googling the name of the show.
1. The Non-Prophets
2. The Atheist Experience
3. Skepticality
4. Nightline
5. NPR (various casts)
6. Pat Condell's Godless Comedy
7. Quackcast
8. Point of Inquiry
9. Skeptoid
10. This American Life
11. Plane Madness
ETA 2 I forgot to include
12. The Infidel Guy
13. PBS Now
The last is an aviation related podcast that I've developed a weird affinity for. :) Enjoy!

Are you on IM?
I have accounts with AOL and Yahoo, but I am rarely logged on. I'm afraid it would become a monkey on my back...and I already have four monkeys. E-mail is always a safe bet if you want to chat privately.


Sean Wright said...

As a teacher I was required to report suspected abuse if I noticed potential patterns. I want to commend you on your action. They emailed you with an admission of their actions - I think that you did the right thing the only thing a reasonable person could do.

Many would have hid behind the uncomfortable situation and passed it off as not wanting to get involved in others business. Better safe than sory with children at stake.

On podcasts, maybe doing something like the format presented in anothe goddamned podcast might be easier.

Anonymous said...

My mother in law said there is one you can do like a radio like show but from your phone, I'll have to see if I can get some info on it.

Enshoku said...

You don't have the infidel guy on your list of podcasts? BLASPHEMY I SAY!

on a side note: I'm glad this npz thing is done. The last that remains of it is what I have archived(and bugsoup too), and the pending investigation. I don't find it likely that they will lose their kids, however.

Unknown said...

Hey, you love the guys on the ACA. They guys on the ACA love you. And Matt's got a phone line working in his studio. Volunteer to be a semi-regular guest on The Non-Prophets! You don't have to commit a slew of time to it, you can piggyback on existing excellence, and I'm sure they'd love the female voice. Whatdoyasay?

Anonymous said...

It seems that Lilly Allen wrote a song to Tom and Nancy. Don't play this at work. Be warned, if you listen to this you will be singing the song in your head for the rest of the day. Very pop-perfect.

Anonymous said...
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Milo Johnson said...

Sorry, anonymous, and you are welcome to create a pseudonym and re-post, but Possummomma's policy is that no anonymous posts are permitted.