Saturday, July 12, 2008

Worst week?

This week has been horrible, save two or three things.
P1 got an A in her summer Geo class. She missed Camp Quest, but I saw a renewed energy in her academic drive this summer. Quest will be there next year.
P2 and P4 have birthdays coming up very, very soon. I'll be sad to officially move out of the toddler phase for the last time (until one of my kids decides I would look good as a grandma). It's bizarre (moving out of the stage). We've been going through baby toys and clothes (Amy and Mary, the 23rd is fine. Make sure you have room for a box.). Putting away the Jack-in-the-Box that I bought P1 made me sentimental. Same with the stacking rings. I was more than happy to get rid of that popcorn popper push toy. I wanted to light it on fire and dance around it but I guess that would be a chemical waste hazard...nice to know kids can gum it, though.
The rest is not worth talking about.
But! I did get a chuckle when I noticed that PZ caught the eyes of a local, Catholic holy roller. :)


SWE said...

Bummer about the rough week-hang in there.

We left toddlerhood behind but kept the stuff in case we could have a second. As we can't, everything gets re-homed before we move in 2 months. Yikes! Hooray for big kids, but I am so with you on the strangeness of the transition.

Humanist Mama said...

I've recently been looking back through pictures of my kids when they were babies. It kind of makes me sad that they are getting so big :( But I also enjoy the stages they are at right now. Although, sometimes I wish they were younger again so they couldn't talk back :)

Poodles said...

When I was little, my mom took apart that popcorn popper toy and took out all of the popcorn, put it back together and gave it to me.

My mom suffered horrible migraines (and hangovers) so she took out most noise making things from my toys.

I really should need therapy.

I hope this week is better.

reVAMPed said...

PM, yep, sad, truly sad. Littles ones are getting bigger. Bigger ones are getting older....

Poodles, that's so sad. No Popcorn, that's just wrong.

Whoa, there's quite the storm of headlines on "Eucharist crackers" on Google. My favorite title so far is: Catholics go crackers over Christ Crispie kidnapping

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Wishing you a better week PM.

We have the Popesical in Australia at the moment. You say anything about catholics in the public forum and you're in danger of being labelled a bigot.

I have been tempted to film a video of myself, masked and threatening the beheading of a cracker - in poor taste perhaps?

Maybe we need a cracker challenge? Just like the blasphemy challenge?

Enshoku said...

you wanted to wipe the popcorn popper pushy toy from the face of the earth...amen to that. The bubble blowing lawn mower toys need to dissipate too, they make such a mess.

Psychodiva said...

I feel for you with regards the popcorn cracker- in my case it was a push-along hoover- that just kept rattling!!
there sdhold be a ritual fire for all toys such as those :)
and I'm still waiting to become a grandma :(

reVAMPed said...

After Sean's comment, now I'm picturing a blindfolded wafer holding up the local paper showing the date on it, so you know "it's" still alive....