Monday, July 21, 2008

It's quiet...too quiet.

Note this on your calendar: For the first time since 2002, Pdaddy and I are alone, with no possums in the house. The kids went camping with the grandpossums. They will be spending four days in the high Sierras.

I have to say...this is so freakin' bizarre!! Over five years of having children in your home every day and every night...and then to have none. I am going bonkers. The house is so quiet. We ate take-out and actually took an hour to do so (as opposed to the normal routine of trying to take bites in between cutting meats/veggies and talking to/listening to the chatter of four children. We've watched a movie and played an hour of Wii. Now what? LOL

The movie was watched was "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It was a great movie until they started getting heavy handed with belief and faith. Summation: both men have terminal cancer and they make a list of things that they want to do before they kick the bucket. Being that Nicholson's character is rich, they travel the world and do things that most people only dream of doing before they die. In the private jet, flying to India, Morgan Freeman starts talking about his faith. And, I shit you was a typical pattern. Here's a paraphrased description:
Morgan: You don't believe?
Jack: No. The idea that there's something mighty in the sky who can make our diseases go away? No.
Morgan: So, 95% of the people on this planet are wrong?
Jack: 95% of the people on this planet are often wrong.
Morgan: But, what if that 95% is right...what will you do?
It was a total set-up for Pascal's Wager. Disappointing.

Anyway...I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for sending P2 birthday wishes.


Enshoku said...

I hate being in a building alone for extended periods of time, paranoia sets in. You have Pdad though, so enjoy it while it lasts, for soon they will be upon you, and then you will want another break to enjoy...

On to other thingies. Believe it or not, I hang around in a coffee shop. This coffee shop happens to serve as the base for a Christian pentecostal ministry group, that goes by the name of redeeming passion ministries. This movie has come up in conversation twice amongst other people, and the general consensus is that the movie is wonderful due to the mention of the faith, and that this is a wonderful new argument.

I don't think anyone needs told that pascal's wager is old, or how badly the argument fails. They really were amazed at the concept of the idea, as I find so many christans are. Is it me, or do theists breed as fast or faster than pascal's wagers flaws can be explained to people, because it sure seems that the atheists have made no dent in it's wide spread use.

Also, what didja play on the wii? Please don't say wii fit, as that game is frustrating...any game that yells at you for eating cake needs to go die, or get some taste buds.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Now PM,

Playing on the Wii is that a new euphamism? ;)

6 years for a breather - enjoy it while you can they will be back before you know it.

CrypticLife said...

I wouldn't mind a set-up for Pascal's wager as long as there's a complete smackdown of it.

And given how often it's brought up, in complete seriousness, I think people do need to be told how bad an argument it is.

CrypticLife said...

Oh. . . so. . . was there any smackdown? I didn't see the movie... did Jack give any response at all?

Rachel said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

Someone of 'faith' just recommended that movie to me! Glad I read your review before I rented it!

Martin said...

I got a kick out of the way Ebert trashed Bucket List. He basically pointed out that, having had cancer himself, he could testify from personal experience that the last thing you're thinking about doing when you've got cancer raging throughout your body is going skydiving. Keeping down a full meal and having a successful bowel movement are major achievements in themselves! :-)

Enkidu said...

You and PDaddy did alright before the little ones came along . . . enjoy!

Holly said...

Hi Pmomma,

I've been reading your blog for some time now and really appreciate your thoughts, comments, and perspective. I'm a former evangelical and I've loved finding the online "post-saved" community :)

I had a question for you that is somewhat triggered by your thoughts on The Bucket List. I recently picked up The Shack, the new book that's all over the NYT and bestseller lists. Knowing full well that it was a Christian or at least spiritual story (big clues being the reviewers listed on back!), I figured it would be an interesting read from a pop culture perspective if nothing else. Honestly, I'm surprised and somewhat disappointed that it's caught on to such acclaim. Not only because I don't really see anything new there in terms of "christian message", but also just because the writing is not good quality, in my opinion as a voracious reader.

Have you read the book? do you plan to? what are your thoughts? Apparently it's being embraced by some religious communities and decried by others as heretical. big surprise there. I'm not actually finished reading it yet but was curious to see whether it was on your radar and if you had any opinion.

p.s. enjoy the alone time! that's fantastic!

Calladus said...

The perfect answer would have been,

Jack: "95% of the people on the planet have contradictory beliefs about what happens in the afterlife - often they cancel each other out."

Morgan: "No shit? Maybe I need to think about this a little."

Yea, like that will ever happen.

Enshoku said...

Remember,non-belief is the 3rd most popular religious category worldwide, but Muslims and Christians together make up 58% of the world.

compare your bases, watch your sales.

him refuting pascal's wager would not make the religious folk happy, at least not any monotheistic ones.

Nicest Girl said...

You should go see The Dark Knight while you have the chance with no little ones around. ^_~ Heath Ledger was amazing.