Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day Tripper and Nature's Beauty

I know these pictures are big, but I really wanted to share the scope, detail, and color with you guys. So, I hope every one's cool with that. I didn't say anything yesterday (mostly because I happen to like the possessions in my house and it's not wise to say, "Hey! I'm gone! on the Internet). But, I had to go to see my Rheumy at UCLA -Santa Monica today. She used to be on campus, in Westwood (an enclave in L.A.). Now she's in Santa Monica which adds like six miles as the crow flies but forty-five minutes of driving in La-la-land traffic. Oy! What sucks worse is that I can't just hop in the car anymore. Mike put a double sized air mattress in the Odyssey (glad the back row folds into the floor), in the back, and I had to lie under blankets the whole way there and back). I now have shitty kidneys AND vertigo.

HOWEVER, one the way there, we had to go over the Grapevine and I was astounded by the colors. There's a reason why California is called the Golden State and it's not entirely about the Gold Rush. Look at these BEAUTIFUL splashes of orange poppies!! The purple swaths are lupin. The pink patches are wild Checkerbloom. The lighter yellow patches are, I believe, Hellianthella (but they were too far to really examine and I've not seen them very often.) This pic was taken east of Lebec. The picture above this one was looking south east, towards Lancaster, from I5.

This is why I love the coastal range of California. It's like looking at an artist's pallette.

This was just south of Gorman, elevation @3000 feet. You can see the backside of Topa Topa, for those who hike the area. It's also nice to see that the area is recovering from the Day Fire damage. I'm in awe of how quickly nature repairs the ecosystem when given a chance. I think these are wind poppies, as opposed to California poppies.

. Anyway, my appointment was okay. I'm going to have to have more tests to investigate a lump on my parathyroid. And, she had no explanation for the kidney stones I'm experiencing since they're not normal stones. This brings me to a plea for information - if any of you are physicians with knowledge of urology or nephrology, then please e-mail me. I am fairly well educated in medicine, but not in nephrology (and since I have calcification of the kidneys, urologists punt my stone issues to neph.).

The celeb count for today was two.
Loretta Swit (from Mash)
And, possibly Judge Reinhold. Though, he looks very different from the last movie I saw him in. Seems hard to believe he was in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
Anyway,...I hope you guys enjoy the scenery. I'm a wild flower junky. I want to find a book that has all the California wildflowers categorized by colors and area. Any suggestions?

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Psychodiva said...

oh I adore wild flowers- but only know anything about the ones over here - but last time I was over in the US I bought a whole load of seeds for Cal poppies and Columbines- they are all beinglovely in my garden right now - I should take some pics lol

I'm sorry- but your description of lying in the back of the car with a blanket over you made me think of James Masters (Spike) in Buffy- when he used to use that awful car for getting around :) It made me chuckle and I apologise for that :)

Rachel said...

I can only remember Judge Reinhold as the "Close Talker" on Seinfeld... Great pictures.

Amy said...

Have you read about what happened to Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter?

I'm sure many Christians will say it's terrible, but is part of god's plan. To me that's just sick. Too bad god wasn't around to stop such a tragedy :(

Sharon Crawford said...

I'm awaiting parathyroid surgery now. A benign growth
on a parathyroid gland (you have four) causes hypercalcemia which in turn causes kidney stones, hypertension, depression, fatigue, and other lovely stuff. Lots of information at http://parathyroid.com/
Also just Google hyperparathyroidism.