Thursday, May 22, 2008

Children to be returned to flds.

Well, according to three appellate judges in Texas, the removal of all the children from the YFZ Ranch was unjustified and has ordered the children removed to their parents.

What a crock of shit! First of all, how do you return children to their 'mothers' when these 'mothers' didn't want to acknowledge all their children? Look at the kids' daily schedules on the FLDS site. Note the term "care taker". I have heard so many ex-FLDS women tell tales of their children being taken away from them after weaning and redistributed throughout the community. The child is assigned to a care giver who takes care of them. Remember Unibrow and her comment? "This is my room where I take care of three little girls." - Unibrow/Maria. Three little girls? In the interview where she was fake crying, she said she had one little girl and named her "Marva". When the Bishops list was released, we see that Maria did have ONE daughter. So...who are the other girls in her room? Why are they not with their mother?

Second of all, polygamy is banned in fifty states. Whether we agree with it or not, this is the law as it stands. I've said it before...I do not have a problem with polygamy when it involves consenting adults. But, as the FLDS practice it, teens are married to eighty year old men against their will.

Third, marrying off an under aged minor is illegal.

Fourth, look at the stats - the numbers of boys-v-girls is close to even... until age 10. Then what happens? Look at the chart (made by the FLDS): the number of boys drops pretty dramatically. So, where are those boys?

Five, the "prophet" they follow is a convicted child molester who sanctioned the rape of Elissa Wall and other girls. Warren Jeffs played a shell game with teenage girls - directly defying the Mann act - by shuttling them off to Canada, Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Idaho. The FLDS on that ranch will follow Warren Jeffs to hell if he told them to. Jeffs actually tried to make them believe that he was NOT the prophet. In a prison visitation by his brother, Jeffs claimed that he'd never had the priesthood of God and grabbed the presidency from his dying father. But, even with that admission, the people at YFZ Ranch REFUSED to accept his statement.

But, these judges found that none of these was dangerous? I guarantee you: these children will not be there when CPS goes back. They will scatter.



Badger3k said...

How come when it comes to a foreign kid who had a biological, identified parent with NO abuse (Ellion Gonzales, excse the spelling) these mouthbreathers want to keep the child away from the father, but when you have a huge amount of children raped and abused, with no family identified or known (these kids), the cry is "the children must be with the family!". I think part is religion, but I think that part of this is a hatred of the government.

This is a sad day for those kids. I hope the worst that happens is we'll have to treat the victims of this abuse, rather than find the bodies hidden on this cult's compound. (no, I'm not saying they have killed anyone, but given how f'ed up they are, who knows what will happen now - since someone ratted them out, I figure a purge will take place).

At-The-Water-Cooler said...

I understand FLDS practice blood atonement. Johnny who was a member of the FLDS died June 14, 2006.

Nicest Girl said...

I would say 'unbelievable'... but it's not. It's typical.

Cogito said...

I appreciate everything you've said on this subject, and if I were supreme overlord of the world, I would take children away from these psychos.

However, given that our authorities are only slightly more trustworthy than the cultists, I want to err on the side of leaving children with their parents.

Of course, if a specific case of abuse is supported by evidence, that is one thing. But the wholesale removal of children from their homes is not a good precedent.

Remember, the people deciding which kids to take from their parents probably find atheism almost as obnoxious and dangerous as the FLDS.

Jess Wundrun said...

I watched a documentary on WE (I think) that showed an ex FLDS woman taking her camera to a makeshift graveyard where the FLDS buried their babies. The woman commented that there were over 100 graves there. That's a huge number for a community of 5000.

The most shocking allegation made in the documentary was that a Lost Boy claimed he ran away rather than stay in the community because he had been given a job to help build a crematorium.

Possummamma, have you ever heard about these charges? They almost seem too fantastic to be true.

And, does the federal government have a right to go in under RICO statutes and try these people?

Anonymous said...

Possum, regarding the polygamy, I read an article on the weekend which stated that the men are only married to one woman. They aren't actually married to the other women they have. Not only does this prevent them from being prosecuted for bigamy, but also means the women can get single parent benefits.

If I find the article again, I'll send you a link, my print version is now in the recycle bin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Oz,
Yes. That's how they do it. The first marriage is generally the marriage that is recognized by law (unless the bride is underage and then it's a "placement"). Every subsequent marriage is a "spiritual marriage". Usually, the girl finds out less than three days before she's to be married. The excuse given is that this short time period keeps both parties from getting cold feet, but I think it's more about making it harder to run before the wedding.

The welfare fraud in this group is outrageous. Almost every wife claims that she is a single mother and, thereore, qualifies for welfare. What most don't realize is that that money goes into a united pool and a tithe is taken out. So, really...the money's not even going to help children, it's going into the church's coffers. Why the states don't crack down on this is beyond me.

The other issue is that all the children become eligible for state provided health care (for free). And, because of the incest and interbreeding, there are several congenital diseases that have popped up. One of these is called fumerase deficiency. Prior to the eighties, there were only four known cases in the world. From 1980 to now, there have been fourteen within the FLDS - and that's just the reported cases. Basically, they've penned it down to a marriage between to of the founding families. Now, almost everyone carries that recessive gene.

Godless Geek said...

I'm in a true, consensual polyamorous relationship, and what these people are doing is nothing of the sort. These are simply forced marriages of minors to maintain devotion to the cult and fulfill the selfish needs of the men.

These guys would not agree with my relationship situation anyway. My girlfriend is married and both relationships, both with me and with her husband, are strong and loving. Myself and her husband are good friends and the arrangement works for us. It is very difficult, and not for everyone, but the rewards are amazing. The idea of a woman having multiple husbands/boyfriends would no doubt go against their teachings somehow, though I would like to see how they would justify it.