Saturday, April 05, 2008

Catching up

March just flew by. Wow! I feel like time is going by too fast. There are only thirty days of school left! So, anyway...I should've known that the boys had an ulterior motive when they volunteered to steam the family room and study. They really just wanted to move the small sofa in the kitchen so that they could play RISK in comfort.

But,...I'm not above bribery. If that's what it takes to get the carpets shampooed, then I'm all for it.

P1 was watching Forrest Gump in her room. To use Matt Dilahunty's phrase...I was "stalking" the children.
In other news, P1 and I were reading our local paper's blog section last night. There was this one creationist chick who kept saying things like "No one has given evidence that living things adapt." and "Why don't we ever see macroevolution where fish come from dogs." I was heartily impressed when P1 became indignant and started ranting. My favorite rant was when she said, "No adaptation? No adaptation? Ok. Sure. Because, we see polar bears in the Mojave all the time." The apple does not fall far from the tree. Seriously... it scares me that there are people in the world who are not only ignorant, but outright opposed to having an INFORMED opinion.

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April said...

I heard on NPR the other day about how chimps somewhere (sorry, the details escape me) are using drumming and spears and other means to survive that we've never seen before.

Love P1's rant!

The blob said...

For some reason I've never played risk even though I remember reading the wikipedia page on it at least three times in the last year. I'm downloading it now to play on my computer and see how it goes.

Can I have P1's autograph :). When I was thirteen I was much too shy (still am) to confront obviously wrong people.

April: I never heard of that before. So I searched and found found several nice articles, one national geographic video and a peer reviewed paper. (Search google; chimp, spear for the articles and google scholar for the paper.) They all only came out again in February/March so it's great to know we are still learning so many big things about out chimpanzee cousins. There are also many older (circa 1996) papers about our closer cousins the Bonobo using stone tools extremely well, and the more distant cousin, the orangutan also producing and using their own tools. (Very interesting subject, but could only spend a minute researching. Will do more after I finish about 200 pages of scanned history texts I need to catch up on. Also it's getting on to 1am here so I have to sleep soon.)

Sorry for the pseudonym, I don't want my parent to find out I'm not a catholic like they are just yet (will possibly email details later, to annoy you for advice about that and other slightly related issues if it doesn't bother you)

Berlzebub said...

"No adaptation? No adaptation? Ok. Sure. Because, we see polar bears in the Mojave all the time."

That's the best laugh I've had all week. I've gotta remember that one.