Friday, March 21, 2008

Nice days

To all our family and friends,
It's beginning to look like spring! The bikes have been dusted off. The flowers are blooming. The kids are being silly.
As always, you can read captions if you click on the link and go to Picasa.


Brigit said...

Lucky lucky you Pmom! It's still snowing in Ithaca :(
And I'm going in late to the lab 'cause I was hooked in the 'expelled from Expelled' thread over @ PZ's. Great stuff.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

We are just sliding into autumn over here. Beautiful days.

Cari said...

Jake looks so grownup in these pics! When I first started reading your LJ, he was about to have his surgery and was conducting his postcard project ... he was still a little kid then! I can't believe how big he (and his sisters and brother, of course) is (are) getting!

Those pics of Owen sleeping in he payhouse are adorable.

Anita said...

My observations.
Brown rice.
Leafy greens.
A library of books (behind the indoor slide structure).
Kids engaging in physical activity outside in unstructured play.
Children taking an interest in botany.
Smiles and healthy glows on little faces.
Family gathered for meals.
Kids in appropriate safety gear (admittedly I don't get the flag on P3's bike. Explain please?).
They say a picture says a thousand words. You have a lovely family. Good job momma possum.

Psychodiva said...

it has just started snowing here in England- not the nice white stuff you can ski on- no- the particularly awful wet yukky stuff we get over here - yuk yuk yuk- I'm stil waiting for pring as I want to plant my veggies!!

mrs jj said...

@Anite --> ITA. When she posts pictures I start to think about how different my childhood could have turned out. I teach 8th grade. It applaud her for letting her kids (especially P1) look like kids are supposed to look. I have about 71 girls filtering in & out of my classes and 70 of them have thick mascara or trowled on foundation. It's nice to see a fresh faced child for once. The Possum-kids look loved. If I ever have kids I want them to be like PM's brood.

@PM ---> How do you do it? How difficult is it to keep P1 grounded about her appearance? Beyond that simple observation I am envious of the relationship you and Pdad share with the kids. How do you do it with four? Can you tell us what your secrets n' techniques are for raising wonderful kids?