Saturday, February 23, 2008

Years they go by.

When we first moved into this house, we only had P1 and P2. P2 was sooooo little. I want to say he was barely four if he was four at all. *thinks* Either way, he was huge ToyStory fan and wanted a Toy Story room. I obliged him by painting his walls with characters. PDaddy insisted I take pics of the wall art before he primers over it tonight. I thought you all might enjoy seeing my artistic side. ;)
There's a painting of Ham and Woody and Jessie somewhere, too. But, we have to wait until the bed is moved to take pics. It just seems so bizarre to be painting over these. But, since P1 is moving into the room, it's necessary. *sigh*


SWE said...

Awwwwwwww :)

This is fantastic to see-we just watched Toy Story with our girl for the first time tonight.

Very nicely done painting!

vamp said...

I remember when you were painting those on when you first moved in. It's sad, sooo sad, but change is good. It was a great idea to take pictures of the memories.

I regret when we lived on Sandy Lane that I didn't take pictures of the wall where we measured the kids every year when they were wee little.

Anonymous said...

I just primered an old computer desk for P1 to use as a vanity. I've been dumbfounded by what some places want for a basic, small table! We don't have the cash to go all out (nor would I anyway because I'm a cheapskate). But, seriously...I'm learning to love primer. LOL
Vamp, I'll call you tomorrow, but...if I got you some tiles, is there any chance you could mosaic a small mirror to go on the vanity? I'm going to send Mike and Lexi to the Goodwill to find a mirror...but, tiles are pretty cheap rihgt now. I even have some grout (I think). I'm just not sure I would be able to do it correctly.

Sara said...

Hi possummom,
This may be off topic but would you be willing to do a meme? When I saw the last question I knew I wanted you. Will you fill it out please? It's for people born between 1965 and 1985. This might not be your thing and I won't be hurt if you choose to not do this. Beside this meme I was hoping you'd share some menus dealing with what you eat for dinners. I am pregnant with number four. My regular menu is getting boring.

1. What is the first movie you saw and where did you see it?
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4. Name as many childhood Halloween costumes as you remember.
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Tag 5 people.

vamp said...

Sure, no problem, but we'll have to wait for the weather to get a wee bit better, humidity wise, to do the project. What colors?