Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thanks guys

I realize it's not quite her birthday, yet. But, this is what I needed video creation suggestions for. :) This is going to be her surprise movie on the 13th. It's her "golden birthday": 13 on the 13th.


fdqpink/Baal's Bum said...

Great job
Well done for your movie
Well done for your family

Autonomous said...

From her posts and essays here you are raising a bright, witty, kind, and gentle young lady. Happy Birthday to her and congratulations to her. You are both inspiring.

Autonomous said...

I meant congratulations to you. Oops-guess I'm not so bright and witty myself. I did get to nearly run over a Duggar with a shopping cart the other day though.

aimee said...

Pmomma, that was beautiful. It's not even my kid and I had a couple of tears. Maybe because it made me think of my babygirl growing up someday (too soon). You are such a thoughtful and caring parent. Your kids are very lucky to have you two as parents.

Anonymous said...

I did get to nearly run over a Duggar with a shopping cart the other day though.

I'm jealous. :)

@autonomous - thank you so much.

fdq - Thanks

Aimee - The time has flown by too fast.

Josh said...

woah! That's my birthday too!

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Good work on the video. I hope she and the family have a great day.

Gina said...

That was beautiful, She will absolutely love it!!!
congratulations, your kids are amazingly beautiful

susanbrown said...

That's great -- although with it being on the internets, are you sure it will be a surprise?

Anyway, that is a wonderful compilation -- and your daughter is just precious!

Gramomster said...

What a lovely girl! Happy 13th to her, and happy Birthing Day to you, P-Momma!
I too got a little misty... my baby girl is going to be 18 on the 29th of March... I just got her!
I wish you the smoothest of years approaching.

Autonomous said...

pmomma-my wife works at the Wal-Mart that they frequent, so we see them quite a bit.