Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sara's Meme

I was tagged by Sara to do a meme. I'm not normally all that amused by memes and would rather not do them on this blog, but Sara asked so nicely that I didn't want to disappoint. So, enjoy this glimpse into the Pmomma of yester-year.

1. What is the first movie you saw and where did you see it?
I'll assume you're asking for the first movie I remember seeing? I'm not 100% positive, but I think it was "Any Which Way But Loose" with Clint Eastwood and Clyde. I'm also fairly sure we saw it at the Drive-in. My parents had an El Camino with a camper shell and they'd frequently go to the drive-in and let me sleep in the back.

2. What television show(s) did you like in the 70's?
Little House on the Prairie, Schoolhouse Rock, and the Muppet Show are the shows that immediately come to mind. I'm kind of biased at the moment, though, because P3 and P4 have been watching our Schoolhouse Rock Anthology DVD. I love that my five year old can give you the preamble to the constitution and my three year old can sing the times tables. He has no clue what they actually mean, but he can sing them. Little House was my favorite show for quite a long time, though. And, I'm still a fan of the Muppets.
3. What television show(s) did you like in the 80's?
*thinks* There were quite a few. In the early 80's, I liked; Little House, CHIPs, WKRP, That's Incredible, Bosom Buddies, and Tom and Jerry cartoons. In the late 80's, I liked; the Simpsons, ALF, the Tracy Ulman Show, Cosby Show, and Night Court.
4. Name as many childhood Halloween costumes as you remember.
1978 - Oscar the Grouch, 1980 - A witch. 1981 - Indian. 1983 - Pioneer. And, that's about all I can remember. I think there may have been a cheerleader costume in the late 80's, but no one can prove it.
5. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
Oh! I actually know this!! I bought myself a green, Kermit watch at the SwapMeet. I still have it, too. It was $1.49.
6. What was your allowance at age 10?
$2.50 every two weeks, I think?
7. Was/were there a(n) political event(s) you remember from the 70s and 80's?
I remember when the hostages came home during the Carter administration. We tied all these yellow ribbons around the poles at school. I vaguely, vaguely recall Reagan getting shot. I'm sure there are more,...
8. What religion were you raised in?
Roman Catholic Church
9. Are you still in that religion?
*points to the blog title* Um. No.
10. What rules did your parents have that you hated?
I don't know that there were too many that I absolutely hated. I'm sure there were some I was periodically unfond of, but...I think my grandparents had the strange rules that made me the most angry. They had this one rule about eating any kind of melon- you had to have salt on it and I, to this day, never understood it. That was the rule that led to my grandfather and I not speaking for two weeks. The other one at my g-parents' house was that you couldn't play in someone elses house.
11. What's the first song you made out to?
No clue.
12. Who was your first kiss?
The first time I received a desired kiss was with this guy named Mike (not the Mike I married). He was such a jerk.
13. How many schools did you go to as a kid?
Only four.
14. Which place(s) did you live growing up?
Ojai and Ventura, Ca. My parents had the same house from 1977 to 1995.
15. What color(s) was/were your room growing up?
I think my first room was pink. Then, I switched rooms with my brother and dad painted the room a god-awful, pastel yellow. In Jr. High, my mom put up floral wall paper and I think the bedding was blue.
16. What was your favorite book in the 70's/80's/90's?
Honestly...there were too many. I read so many books that I couldn't begin to tell you which ones were my favorites. If it was published, I likely read it. I guess I had an affinity for anything historical.
17. What was your favorite movie(s) in the 70's/80's/90's?
Well, let's see...I think I almost drove my parents to the loony bin with "Annie". I loved "Top Gun". And, the 90's became similar to the books in my life- too many. My friend Robin and I had a thing for anything with Whoopi Goldberg and Mike Meyers.
18. Who was your first "best friend"?
19. Do you still know him/her?
No. I wish I did.
20. What was the farthest you rode a bike as a child?
Oh man...I was always on my bike. I think the farthest I rode was probably to my high school and back (maybe five miles?).
21. Were your parents strict?
Yes. But, I have to cut them brother was hell on wheels and I think they wanted to do everything in their power to prevent my behavior from even remotely approaching his.
22. When were you allowed to date?
I don't know that there was ever a firm age where I was magically allowed to date. But, I want to say that there was a general understanding that I wasn't going to date one-on-one until I was 16.
23. What pet(s) did you have before you were 18?
A german shepherd, a pitbull, two cats, a rabbit, several brother had a bird.
24. Did you get good grades in school?
Very good grades.
25. What hobbies did you have as a child?
Rock climbing, reading, sticker collecting,
26. Did you play sports?
Oh yeah! I was a tomboy.
27. What was your favorite food as a child?
28. What food did you hate as a child?
I liked almost everything, but the two foods I couldn't eat then and won't eat now are liver and shelled peas. *gag*
29. Are your parents still married? If so, how long?
Yes. I think they're on year 42.
30. Who was your favorite teacher in K-8?
Mrs. Stewart
21. Who was your favorite teacher in High School?
Mr. Pease
22. Did you ever steal anything as a kid?
I shoplifted a pack of Fruit Stripes gum. My mom caught me though and made me give it back.
23. Did you ever cheat on a test?
No. I don't think it ever occured to me that that was an option. If my mom and dad found out I'd been cheated, I'd have been unable to sit for a week.
24. Where would we find you on your elementary school playground?
25. Did you have a job before you were 18?
26. Excluding family, who have you known the longest that you still have contact with now?
Robin, Abi, David, Jason,...
27. Did you go to any concerts when you were a child? If yes, which ones?
This is going to be embarrassing. Yes. Menudo, the Bangles, and Kenny Loggins.
28. What fad(s) did you just have to have?
Puff Paint
29. What fad(s) did you hate?
Those flippin' jelly shoes that gave you blisters.
30. It's Friday night in high school: Where are you?
Watching movies and/or playing Pictionary with friends...did a lot of beach volleyball, too. When I was working, it wasn't uncommon to work on Fridays.
31. Did you ever copy a celebrity for your hair style?
Dorothy Hammil was my mom's idea. Later, I wanted Kelly McGuillis hair from Top Gun.
32. What song was played at your high school graduation?
I think it was Boys II Men, "How Do I Say Goodbye to Yesterday".
33. What was the dumbest thing you did as a child?
the list is long...that's what childhood is for.
34. How late were you allowed to stay out?
My curfew fluctuated with my dad's perception of how late I needed to be out. But, it rarely went beyond midnight.
35. What was your first car?
1978 Horizon
36. Is your life what you thought it would be?
Nope. It's better!! :)


Eclectic said...

Que? (Sorry for the pun; I couldn't resist.)

eclectic said...

(Just to explain the now incomprehensible comment, for a little while the post consisted of just the one-word title "Sara". I wondered what it meant, and couldn't resist asking "what's up" and referring to "Que sera, sera" with another single word.)

Brigit said...

Oy! I actually had LP's of Menudo I danced to as a kid. Then again, how could you not like songs about a spaghetti pool with tomatoes and long-haired, guitar-playing whales that rocked to the Rolling Stones?

Angela said...

I realize this question is in the wrong section - but I loved your wall art from the previous blurb. I wanted to ask what kind of paints you use, since I do lots of things to my walls too, but I use those little bottles of acrylic paint from Michael's and some of the coverage is bad - have to put on lots of coats!

Poodles said...

I think I still have a Menudo tape around here somewhere. Sad, very sad.

Country Wife said...

Um..suddenly I feel old.

KatieKat said...

Hi there! :) I was pointed toward your blog a while ago by a friend, and I've been lurking about (not in a creepy way, though, heh).
I really enjoy reading your posts, but I just had to comment and say that Annie was my FAVORITE movie ever. My parents were ready to kill me after the 5,000,000,000th rewind... LOL