Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'll apologize ahead of time for the sarcasm. I'm in that kind of mood today...

MTV's "Made": a show where high school kids decide that they want to be made into something they are not. Which, if I remember high school correctly, was pretty much the wish of everyone enrolled. No? But, MTV has (for a few years now) found teens who are willing to be publicly exposed and humiliated on national, cable television. While the idea is sort of fun and entertaining, I've noticed that they never take people who have an iota of experience or talent in the area they want to be "made" over in. So, you get the 400lb kid who wants to run a marathon. You get the prissy, "Cheerleader Barbie" type girl who wants to ride BMX. You get the kid with no dance talent who wants to be on Broadway or join the Kirov.

What happens when the camera turns off and the "coach" goes back to his/her world? High School is a lion's den. The camera and editing crews can, usually, only barely avoid filming outrightt contempt and vitrol on the part of the kids not being "Made". What kind of parent says, "Yes. Please let me sign my child's health, safety, and dignity away so that you can film him/her crying and sweating and suffering on MTV. "?

Wanting to try new things is a noble trait. Being courageous enough to put yourself in an uncomfortable position for personal growth is admirable. But, real growth comes from sticking things out beyond the six weeks of Made coaching. All that said, here are the MADE episodes I want to about life changing experiences...
MADE: I want to be...a Nepalese Sherpa!
MADE: I want to be a... Catfish Noodler!
MADE: I want to be ...that guy who empties the Port-o-Potty.
Frankly, anything less is a weak commitment and I question their desire to be "Made". ;)


Jim said...

I suppose it beats MTV MADE: Do you want fries with that?

Seriously, does anyone remember when MTV played (gasp) music videos? As a teen I remember LUSTING for MTV and had to make do with NBC's Friday Night Videos...

Anonymous said...

I do remember that! I remember when they had a library of, like, thirty videos and they played on an hourly rotation. Thus began my summer infatuation with David Lee Roth. ;)

What I find totally funny is that they created MTV2 to play videos and now even THAT channel is showing reruns of Pimp My Ride and Wild and Out. Remember when VH1 was all "adult alternative" and "pop ballads"? I remember being so sick of Martika's "Toy Soliders" song and the Paul Simon video with Chevy Chase. Good times! ;)

How about...
MTV MADE: I want to be a crack dealer.

Berlzebub said...

My memories are of Kim Wilde's "You keep me hangin' on", Samantha Fox's "Touch me", etc. Those were my *ahem* formative teen years, so sue me.

Now, MTV should change their acronym to TATV (Teen Angst Television). It seems that every show is about teens not fitting in. Well, duh! When you're a teen, you're trying to figure out where you fit in.

Someone should write a song called "Reality killed the video star".

By the way, the Chevy Chase/Paul Simon song is "Call Me Al". What do I win?

Psychodiva said...

I grew up in Germany so have no memories of MTV until the British Forces TV fianlly realised there were teenager sand young adults out there with their soldiers lol- and that was late on in the MTV growth!

I used to watch it a lot as it was the only decent music show we could get in Europe (have you seen the awful German, French and other European 'pop' music- screech!!_ and their shows were worse!) anyway- I stopped watching it a while bacj for the very reasons you mention PMomma.

Psychodiva said...

typos much!!

Berlzebub said...

typos much!!

*Whew* I thought *ahem* someone was sockpuppeting your name there for a minute, PD.

Poodles said...

"Someone should write a song called "Reality killed the video star"."

That has Weird Al written all over it!

I remember watching when MTV first came on the air.

I dare say though, myspace music and youtube have taken over for new music finds from what MTV and VH1 once were. Our parents hated MTV and couldn't understand why we didn't listen to the AM radio so much like they did.


Berlzebub said...

"That has Weird Al written all over it!"

Now I've got to find the lyrics so I can rewrite it.

Also, one of the newer artists was actually discovered on Myspace. I can't remember who it is, though.

aimee said...

The show I cant stand is Sweet16. Those are the biggest spoiled brats I have ever seen. Especially the ones that get a car, but it isn't the one they want and throw a tantrum, OMG!!! Of course now they have the spanish MTV channel that shows the party the girls get when they turn 15 or whenever the hell it is, almost as elaborate as a freaking wedding. Its regoddamndiculous.

aimee said...

Poodles, since we didn't have cable, (my parents JUST finally got it almost 2 years ago!!!) I didn't get to see MTV. The show my brothers and I never got to watch was Saturday Night Live, back when it was good!

Luckily our cable now has 'on demand' so we can choose videos we want to watch. Maybe after an MTV5,
they might consider actually showing videos again.

Anonymous said...

I still listen to AM on occasion. Where else can I hear the hillarity that is SwapShop??? I'm not sure if it's strictly a Kern County thing or if it's statewide, but it's a show where people call in and describe an item they want to swap. It's been on forever (used to listen to it when we were camping around here). It's like Craigslist or FreeCycle with a DJ. Of course, it's all older people calling in. The conversations usually go something like this:
Host: Swap or shop?
Caller: Is this swapshop?
Host: Yes, Ma'am.
Caller: Swap.
Host: What is it you want to swap?
Caller: I have a 1972 model washing machine. It still runs. I need to get rid of it because my kids are making me get a new one. But, it still runs.
Host: What are you looking for in return?
Caller: A dryer.

That's the norm. But, occasionally (and I live for THESE gems) you get stuff like this:
Host: Swap or shop?
Caller: Swap
Host: What do you want to swap?
Caller: 1867 China, 12 place settings, gravy boat...the works.
Host: And, what would you like in return?
Caller: For my daughter to stop insisting I give my China to her when I these days...rant, rant, rant. Now she can stop asking. I'll take a dollar in return.


I also have to listen to AM in LA. It's got the best traffic reports. KNX1070.

Anonymous said...

P1 and I love the Sweet 16 marathons. We get to sit and snark for an entire afternoon. :)

We throw popcorn at the little shits that throw a fit about not getting the car they want, so mom and dad buy them TWO cars. *rolls eyes*

Country Wife said...

Urg. They are filming one of those Sweet 16 thingies locally. The girl is getting a freakin' CIRCUS and a LANDROVER for her sweet 16..along with 300 of her closest friends at the big doo.

Most people don't know 300 people, period, let alone have to choose the 300 closest friends. *rolls eyes*

And here I thought we were in a recession. *shrug*

I remember the first day MTV aired. Wow..I'm old.

BTW..Adam Ant still rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Great. Thanks. Now I'm going to have "Goody Tow Shoes" stuck in my head. Woe is the Adam Ant reference. I remember the first day it aired as well...I think that was back in the times of manipulating the cable box to get premium channels. LOL I remember that very, very shortly after MTV came on, my brother grew his hair out and adopted the Dee Snyder look. Long, curly blond hair, tight leather pants, and LOTS of blue eye shadow and blush. I think that was probably the day my dad kicked him out. The weird thing is, brother really DOES look like Dee Snyder now. *shrugs*

Jim said...

Ah good old Dee Snider! Perhaps the most articulate rock n' roll frontman ever. I can still remember him befuddling Tipper Gore's PMRC while Al was busy inventing the Internet.

love luck said...

That's the most I have heard you talk about your family. I don't believe you talked about having a brother or sister. Are you close? What does he think of this blog & your religion?

Berlzebub said...

"I can still remember him befuddling Tipper Gore's PMRC while Al was busy inventing the Internet."

Then, insinuating that Tipper is a perv to Al Gore.

SENATOR GORE: So it is not really a wild leap of the imagination to jump to the conclusion that the song is about something other than surgery or hospitals, neither of which are mentioned in the song?

MR. SNIDER: No, it is not a wild jump. And I think what I said at one part was that songs allow a person to put their own imagination, experiences, and dreams into the lyrics. People can interpret it in many ways. Ms. Gore was looking for sado-masochism and bondage and she found it. Someone looking for surgical references would have found that as well.

Jim said...

For some reason now I'm left with an image Al Gore chasing a manbearpig in Dee Snider's clothing.

Katie said...

MTV Made once came around to my high school (this was 5 years ago) but since I was to old to audition I bribed a friend who was much younger then me to go in there instead with "MADE: I want to be a teenage mom!"

Sadly enough this one is actually easy to accomplish where I live.

aimee said...

Pmomma, what is irritating about Sweet16 is that you cant help but not watch, its like a car accident, you have to look. What is pathetic is that these kids will probably grow up and be useless members of society like Paris Hilton because their parents are loaded. They have no idea what it is to grow up in the real world. And how come when they show the boy's sweet16, at least the ones I've seen, they come off as gay? Not that I care, just seeing a pattern here : )

Oh, and what about that other show where the parents interview other people for their kid to date. The ones they are currently dating (usually the boyfriend) are just awful to the girl, and her parents. How proud the boy's parents must be when they see it aired.

Quality TV at its finest folks.

Jim, manbearpig was a great episode! "I'm cerealll" (in a whiny Al Gore voice). Wow, I haven't seen South Park in a long time.

Maggie Rosethorn said...

I'm probably really dating my self, too, but I do remember when ALL MTV played was music videos. Even their early shows were music based and fairly enjoyable

(I remember the music trivia show- although I forget the show's name. My husband was appalled that one contestant couldn't name a single band that Eric Clapton had played in. I looked at him and said "He played in a band?" I thought he'd have a heart attack right then and there. But I always admitted to knowing songs but not artists.)

Haven't watched MTV for a long time because it's boring. My kids don't even watch it.

Anonymous said...

@Maggie, I think the show was called "Remote Control".

What I remember most is the Veejays: especially, Martha Quinn.

Country Wife said...

Martha Quinn was my favorite, too.

Do you remember when MTV went pro wrestling? Lou Albano (sp?) and Cindy Lauper were involved. Whatever happened to Cindy Lauper, anyway?

Maggie Rosethorn said...

Remote Control! Yes, that's the name. That was a fun show to watch. And yeah, Martha Quinn was the best.

Katie said...

I realize I was just a lil kiddie, maybe 5 or 6, when it was on but Remote Control was an awesome show to watch.

Country Wife said...

Is MADE the show where the kids get drastic cosmetic surgery to look like the star of their choice?

Anonymous said...

No, CW. It's basic structure is that a kid writes in wanting to be "Made" into something. Usually, it's stuff like; "A LaCrosse player", "Prom Queen", "A Broadway Dancer", "Ballerina", "Cheerleader", "Actor", and stuff of that nature. Then, MTV sends a "coach" who's usually a name (though, not a BIG name) in the particular genre of what they're trying to be "Made" into. The coach takes them on for six-to-eight weeks. Normally, this training period is documented and punctuated by a crap load of complaining, crying, and flat out teen angst. The person being MADE is probably going to lose half their friends and their significant other, too. All so that they can fill five minutes of film, shown at the end of the show, where they've maybe accomplished some part of their original goal.