Sunday, February 03, 2008

MIA & That Game That Everyone's Talkin' About

Sorry I've been MIA. This week has been horrible from a health standpoint. I have "walking pneumonia" which is an interesting term because walking is impossible (you have to be able to breathe to walk). I know it's a secondary infection/illness, but holy crap... I know some of you get wp frequently and you have my sympathies. To top that wonderfulness off, we had to take P3 to the ER by ambulance last night because we thought she had appendicitis. There was a fourteen hour wait, even though she was brought in by ambulance. Joy of joys, we got ahold of her "god-mommy" (who is a pediatrician) and she evaluated her so we could go home. Apparently, there's some horrible gastrointestinal thing going around. And, it's different from what plagued the family two weeks ago. But, it's better than a hot appendix.

Oh! There was a really jacked up comment on the science experiment blog entry. Apparently, all of us atheist bloggers should just go commit suicide because we're godless AND jealous of that kid's mad scienze skillz.

I love my family. With the exception of Mr. Possum, none of us really care about football. BUT - we love commercials!! So, here we are...halftime. And, the kitchen is abuzz with the creation of yummy goodies and snacks,... in preparation for the post-game episode of HOUSE (which I think you all should go watch) and the commercial wrap-up. So far, the commercial with the lizards doing "Thriller" is my favorite. Although, I'm not sure I can patronize any company who puts money in Michael Jackson's hands.

Another word on the Superbowl...does God really care? I've seen players praying. And, I'm sure there are people sitting in Vegas, right now, praying that God will see fit to make sure that they get their kids' college fund back. And, this is, of course, not limited to Vegas, but... I think the stakes are probably higher there. But, does God really care about the Superbowl? If not, what do the praying masses expect? And, if so... does it not affect them that their God would concentrate on a football game when there are multiple wars and genocidal conflicts raging across the globe? Screw world hunger and crushing poverty,, God is all about the touchdowns.


sacred slut said...

Well, back in the days when I was a theist, we would have said the players could pray for god to help them to their personal best, which I think makes some sense, at least. Not for god to favor one side over the other or solve our problems for us. This doesn't answer the question of why we still have catastrophes, disease, and wars.

Hope that you and p3 are feeling better. Thank science for doctors.

Heathen Mommy said...

Where has this blog been all my life?! :D

Atheist in a mini van. said...

Where has this blog been all my life?! :D
Waiting for you, of course. ;)

Poodles said...

My favorite commercial was the one with the mouse. Oh and did anyone else catch one of the commentators about 30 min before the game started drop the f-bomb? We had to rewind the TiVo to be sure, but that made the night for us!!!

floridamom said...

We haven't watched the Super Bowl in several years, not even for the commercials. But here's my take on the god thing. His all time favorite team is the '72 Dolphins. That of course, is why he helped the Giants win -- to keep the Pats from matching the Dolphins Perfect Season record. /snark

Psychodiva said...

we don't actually care about the superbowl over here lol- bunch of sissies with all that padding on- no! we are watching the six nations rugby matches- real men!! no padding!!

:) :) ;)

and I haven't watched an advert since I got Sky Plus and started fast forwarding things :)

AlisonM said...

Go ahead, I think they're all there.

Midnight_RN said...

Missed reading your blog, glad you're feeling better

Was there a game on yesterday??? ;)