Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Word from the Den

J here.
P-momma isn't feeling well today. She's in a lot of pain. I called her to ask some questions about other ways to help and read off some comments from the last entry. She said she spoke with Vamp and maybe Vamp will weigh in with her thoughts. I'm worried that Chris sounded defeated. I wish you knew how grateful she is. I don't expect her to be online today or tomorrow (from the sound of things). Maybe I can help answer questions that need answering.
For Perpetual Beginner and Morgan Cain- She wears a size 7.5 shoe. I'm a guy - don't know what that means in women's socks. I have observed that she likes them the funkier the better. P1 was telling me that she used to have a pair of monkey socks which means she's not picky. On fingerless gloves I don't think she's picky. P1 and Pdaddy have been looking for them, that much I know.

Bonnie she does have an Amazon wishlist. P1 updated some things for her today to include a list of books she had on the library list. Chris would be too shy to ask for this stuff or give me a link so I had to go through possum channels. DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER, CHRIS.

Carla, I think they not to eat processed foods, but that was a good idea. P1 said Chris has allergies to pineapple, MSG, and strawberries.

This is cool in many ways. I can't think of a more deserving family. I wish I could do more.


Milo Johnson said...

Hang in there, Pmom. Bad days get followed by good ones sooner or later.

fdqpink said...

rest up for a few days come back fighting .wishing you the all the best.From me and mine to you and yours.

Poodles said...

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes. I look forward to reading more of your posts when you feel up to writing again.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon.

Can I have P's address to lesliepear @

Jen said...


wineymomma said...

sending love and hope that you feel better soon!


Bonnie said...

Thanks for posting that info, J - I hope Pmomma is back on her feet soon.

She's got a box of books headed her way!

Berlzebub said...

Tell Chris that I'm thinking of her, and that I might be able to get a couple of barstools for her, too.

Vamp said...

I know one thing she wants --- she wants this over with. She's done, stick a fork in her.

But there's new ideas her rheumatologist has been shooting around. One idea was chemo *cytoxan* but that's been put on hold.

They've discovered there's an underlying condition, possibly a strep infection inside her body somewhere and it's not responding to antibiotics. If she took the chemo it might do the unspeakable.

So they need to address this strep issue and get that figured out. This means they have to take her off all her medications and do many blood tests.

The sad fact is, she's gonna have to get worse to get better. And that's a scary road to go down.

Keep up with the well wishes, I know she appreciates it.

Chris, I hope I got my facts right, and I hope you don't mind that I shared. And that I gave Leslie your address.

reddhedd said...

So sorry, Pmama...but maybe now that a problem has been identified,(strep) you'll be on the road to recovery soon.

Best wishes.

Saurian200 said...


Oh, man! That's terrible. Talk about heaping it on. Here's hoping it won't take too long to het past this.

Just remember, I'll be praying for you.



That's what I like about the internet. It's okay if you can;t keep a straight face while saying something, no one knows anyway.

Here's hoping you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize she was reading disaster lit until I added to her list. You might need prozac to look at it. P3 is yacking today from the stuff P2 and PDaddy had last Tuesday. Fun, fun around our house.

Betsy said...

Wow, that is so much for one person to take! Thanks for the updates.

Best Wishes, PMomma - your attitude and bravery are inspiring to me. As is your mothering. Your blog was the first atheist parent's blog I found after deconverting. It helped me so much to know I wasn't alone!

To whoever is monitoring the comments for her - Is there anything we can do for the kids as well, to help them cope? This must be terribly hard for them too.

I would love to have PMomma's address to, to, but I'll understand if you'd rather not give it out to a perfect stranger. Thanks!!

DCameron said...

Is there anything we can do for the kids as well, to help them cope? This must be terribly hard for them too.

The younger kids don't know a different lifestyle. She got very sick during Owen's pregnancy and their life changed after that. The older kids miss the involvement that Chris used to have in their school and activities. Shockingly, the family unit is stable by far (considering the situation). It's a testament to Mike and Chris. I have talked to Chris about this at length and I don't think she would mind me sharing. Since they can't go out as a family they do activities in. They try to order take-out and watch a movie once a week. I asked her about the expense and she said that it was cheaper than movie tickets and a trip to the ER later. I know Applebees is a place they like (serves vegetables). Heh! Things like that help them keep a semi-normal family life. I would think Scouts keeps Jake active. They were talking about putting Owen and Grace in gymnastics once a week but I'm not sure if that's still a possibility given the finances. I don't know what Lexi does. Chris has been worried about them being sedentary because she can't get out with them anymore. They still play basketball in the dark (weather permiting). I would think it must be hard on the kids, I don't know what would fix that or help though.

karen said...

So sorry to hear you're feeling SO bad! I hope they can figure out a way to kill the strep. Take it easy and go ahead and complain a little bit, for cryin' out loud-you deserve it! ;) Nobody can be the "strong soldier" all the time! Seriously though, if I could take away some of your pain, I would. Feel better soon.

bananabethanna said...

Hello p-momma friends,
My name is Bethanna. I've corresponded with a few of you on the net. I am outing myself so I can share what I know with you. I am her temple crashing buddy. I've known Chris for a very long time.
Is holliwud Robin? I think she went to High School with Chris.
I had a chat with Chris. She sounds exhuasted and burnt out. It's scary to hear her like that. Vamp is right. I think she's "done". Her infectious spirit wasn't in her voice and that worries me. Could you check on her tonight, Vamp?
Betsy, you are sweet to think about her children. P1 sounded fine when I rang her up. I disagree slightly with dcameron because I think this is hard for Alexis, Jake, Grace, and Owen, and Michael to cope with. Mike and Chris are pillars of strength for the kids, but there's no way they are unaffected. Lexi is a stalwart girl who worships the ground her mom walks on. I think seeing this enormous presense in your life in constant pain would be emotionally draining. Still, I know Chris and Mike will be thinking of that and trying to keep Alexis positively focused. Jake is harder to read. He's the strong, silent type of boy.
Grace may be old enough to understand what is going on. DCameron is spot on about the Bedells doing everything to make the kids have normal lives. The littlest possum, being three, has only seen his mommy like she is now and Chris keeps him very close. Emotionally then, I don't worry that much about them. When I visited them last spring, I notice they love family games (on top of movies). All them play board games in mom and dad's room. Maybe we can do a movie or game basket?
I will e-mail you her address Betsy.
Sorry that I ramble, I'm worried which makes me ramble. My e-mail is bananabethanna at yahoo. I may make a pfamily wishlist at amazon for a basket.

mayyoursoulsleep said...

Money buys not health nor happiness. Only our almighty creator and father can give what you need. Banning coop and heather was a bad move old miss possum. They are as loved as you with defenders as you. Let us look at the record. You were a believer who was given four souls to protect and give care. Four years past you allowed your faith to slide. Even when your fourth child was born in a hospital where you lie sick you did not ask the lord for help but turned your back on HIM. This goes not unnoticed for GOD is always aware of your sins. You value science over Christ our Savior and Almighty God. Do you understand the term corrolation? Is it not worth observing the corrolation between your failing health and the degree of which you have removed yourself from your creator? You chided a lady for not seeing a corrolation between food and her health. Yet you are blind to similar evidence. You will be in pain until you accept Jesus Christ as your savior and our father as your creator. Adventists see character of man and God. God's character is love. He is taking a tough love approach with you. Deny him. It matters not. You are his child. What you are doing is damaging to your eternal soul. God keeps a family album-and your picture is in it. God loves you and has a plan for your life. He will do what needs doing to show you the light: even if that means sending punishments your way to test you. Accept his gift and you will need not money or books which you put too much store in. The people offer you books and money when you need only God. These are not friends. Heather and Coop were friends.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're not so well lately, hope the window tint can help in some way.

Hey WineyMomma good to see you here, noticed your funky socks, how about sending P-Momma a pair?

fdqpink said...

@ mayyoursoulsleep
I say may your brain wake.
To me Friends are people who will whether asked or not, stand by you through thick and thin. Friends will give what is necessary whether it is space, money companionship when it is necessary and ask nothing in return. A Friend is not someone who says you can have but only if you do this for me. A Good Samaritan is someone who will help a stranger and expect nothing in return.
Un like the two individuals you claim to be friends. Read back through their comments and see the ridiculous and hateful statements they have come up with. If you still agree with them I feel sorry for you. I also think when somebody is feeling unwell or needy in any way everybody should do what they can.
The last thing people should do is try and sell them something. Especially at this point in time where in the last 100 years we have learned more than throughout any known history. Why not just for a laugh use the tool in front of you to find out more about your imaginary friend you say you love and more about the tent dwelling society that invented it.
you say PM is gods child and he is testing her
well I am a father and would not do that to my children. so as one of your gods children I divorce him he has failed by my standards as a father, a friend and an example.

Dingle said...

@ mayyoursoulsleep

So your God resorts to torture and extortion to achieve his ends? Pray tell why you find him worthy of your worship?

Your religion supposedly preaches love and understanding. You do yourself no favours by using a post about the possum families well-being as a soapbox for your religion – and thus showing you have no love or understanding whatsoever.

I would like to send my best wishes to the possum family at this time, and my hopes that Pmomma feels better soon.

Stew said...

I once read that praying is the act of doing nothing and feeling good about it.

It's great that so many people are actually doing things.

Pmomma, I look forward to reading your posts again soon, because you've given us so much through your blog.
But if you never posted another thing, I would be happier still to hear that you are feeling better.

Rest up. Get well.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


Get well soon. I am distraught to hear things have taken a turn for the worse. Get well.


you actually make me physically ill, and that takes quite a lot - you are, sadly, a poor excuse for a human being. The good thing is that your insipid evil provides such a wonderful contrast to PMomma's good.

Perpetual Beginner said...

Feel better, Pmomma! (((Hugs)))

On the warm sock front. I notice the request for cotton gloves - is there a problem with wool generally, such that I should go for non-wool socks, or are they okay?

Brigit said...

Oh Pmom, I hope you get to feel better soon. I really enjoy your posts, and wish you all the best.

J- Is there any way to add some gloves to be shipped with the stuff from the Amazon wishlist?

@mayyoursoulsleep: Hello death cultist. Did you know is rather rude, crass, and nasty to preach about a silly, hateful, god of "love", that smites all of those who disbelieve with complications on pre-existing conditions? Your comment is a perfect example of the kind of mess that comes out of a diseased mind.

Berlzebub said...

@ mayyoursoulsleep:
Do you understand the term "corrolation is not causation"? And no, money can not buy health, but it can buy the medical treatments that will return a person to a better state of health. What alternative would you suggest? Prayer? Your suggestion that P-Momma's lupus is from her "backsliding" is so laughable that it's pathetic. How would that explain the Christians with lupus? Is your imaginary friend testing their faith?

Concerning Heather and Coop, I don't believe you even bothered reading some of their comments. It seems that your reaction is "OH NO! She banned Christians!" However, if you would bother to look, you'd see there were other Christians who told Coop and Heather to drop it, and numerous times at that. They weren't adding anything to the conversations, and were also being rude and insulting.

So, you can go pray to your imaginary friend, but the rest of us will actually do something productive. Like give P-Momma what she needs in order to enjoy time with her family.

Milo Johnson said...


---You are a malevolent bag of shit of a human being. Take your passive-aggressive superstitious lies somewhere that it will be appreciated. I'm sure you can find one of your dens of fellow morons in your area. Go there and impress the other idiots with your ability to ignore reality. I can't wait until the day we are rid of the last of you ignorant fools. If any of the lunacy you spout were true, I would rather fry for eternity than comport with scum like you.

wineymomma said...

Well, I guess the theory that if you ignore them they'll go away doesn't hold true on blogs.

I just sit and shake my head because these people could not possibly be reading the same book I am. Where's the LOVE people. This is a person who is suffering. That's it. PERIOD

What is wrong with you?

I wonder if you can show me where it says spew venom and judgement in the Bible. If you can maybe I'll give it up and find something else to believe in.

Love to all (including the trolls)

Techskeptic said...

Dang It Berle!

You beat me to it.

Eamon Knight said...

So, mayyoursoulsleep, your god is the kind of thug who, when you try to leave the gang, he sends round a coupla o' de boyz to make baaad things happen to yez. But only for your own good, understand?

And you call this psychopathic behaviour "love". That is not "love", unless you include the kind practiced by the classic abusive husband/father. If you think that's "love", and your petty, selfish god is worthy of worship, then your moral compass is seriously degaussed.

HolyAtheist said...

I'm gonna stop lurking now to say that I hope Pmomma gets well soon so that she can spend time with her kids and the vultures for christ can STFU.

kstorm said...

What mayyoursoulsleep really meant to say was "Nyah nyah, we're not gonna help you and neither is our god."

Honestly, are they all 12 years old? Seems like it.

Jim said...

You know, I've often thought that the main reason that the religious right would love to kill stem-cell research is precisely because it could potentially, one day, cure aliments like Pmomma's and a myriad of others.

And where would that leave their god?

Science works and one day *will* arrive at a cure for lupus.

Praying does not work. If you are of the sort who thinks that it does, let me refer you to this site

Chris said...

PM: Sorry to hear about the recent developments :( I really hope everything starts getting better. I don't say that out of some greedy want for more posts, but because you really don't deserve anything like this.

sean: Good to know I wasn't the only one that felt that way when I read that. Do these people honestly not know what they're saying, how they're saying it or that a lot of the times what they're saying is completely unappropriate for the situation? Sheesh...

Actually, that's somewhat of a rhetorical question. I came from a fundy preacher family, so I already know that sometimes they do know, but they think it doesn't matter...they're doing "gods work". Says a lot about their god when they think he wants them to be a dick.

mayyoursoulsleep: I'd love to hear your explanation for the sickness any of your loved-ones have, or that you may get at some point. We're human, we get sick, atheist and theist alike. Please note, though, that when most people get sick they goto doctors and usually get better. Those that view their sickness as a test from god, or punishment from him, and resort to praying? Ever notice how they very, very rarely get better? I think your god failed medical school.

aimee said...

Bethanna, I would also like her address if possible? Maybe we could also send gift cards for Applebee's (to help with the cost of their family night) or if there is a board game they've been wanting, add it to the amazon wish list or here.

Jesus christ on a cracker!!! Where do you people come from? Do you hide in a corner somewhere just waiting for people who are suffering to spew your hatred?
Seriously, you, heather, coop and the like need to get a life. Your comments are not wanted here. We dont give a rats ass about your silly little prayers and your preaching. Unless you have some REAL SUPPORT to offer, you and your little gang of haters can find some one else to bother.

Maggie Rosethorn said...

Pmomma--keep your courage up. You are the strongest person I know. This has been a very tough start to the year. You are in my thoughts and wishes. ((hugs))

aimee said...

I realized I forgot to leave my email.

karen said...

You value science over Christ our Savior and Almighty God.

Hey, I value belly button lint over your Christ your savior. At least belly button lint is real. Now why don't you take your self-righteous crap and preach it to yourself in the mirror, because you shouldn't inflict that vile hatred on anyone else.

PM, hang in there, and don't let the trolls get you down with their message that "god beats you because he loves you or is testing you". I know you know it's all utter nonsense, but it is infuriating when the *good xians* come to hit you when you're down.

Country Wife said...

Best wishes to Pmomma and family. Pmomma, I love your blog. You are intelligent, kind, witty, and have touched the lives of many, many people in a very positive way.

@mayyoursoulsleep: I doubt anyone will EVER say anything even remotely like that about you!

Calladus said...


Are you on crack? Meth? No, I'm being serious here, because the only other thing that explains your level of insanity is real mental illness.

You have blamed a natural phenomenon on a moral philosophy that differs from your own.

Do you blame Buddhism when it gets foggy? How about blaming Zen for a person's warts? Hey, I wear glasses - I've had astigmatism from birth. Was it due to my sins in the womb?

It doesn't matter what I say to you, I could call you any name in the book and it wouldn't be half as hateful as what you've just said.

Jim said...

Pmomma, you've got more than a few people cheering you on from the sidelines. Best wishes and better days.

@calladus: Are you surprised though? I mean it's this sort of thinking that led Jerry Falwell to blame 9/11 on America's failure to totally embrace his god:

I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way -- all of them who have tried to secularize America -- I point the finger in their face and say "you helped this happen."

As a born-and-bred New Yorker (and as someone who knew a few folks that died in the World Trade Center that day) this comment, as you might imagine, left a bad taste in my mouth that lingers to this day. At least Falwell is gone now but his Fundie attitude is, unfortunately, thriving.

And it's that attitude that brings around the heathers, coop, and mayyoursoulsleep's.

And my response to them is similar to yours: why is it that GOD so POWERFUL and OMNIPOTENT in your eyes always uses the most mundane methods to achieve what you believe are his ends? Jets piloted by terrorists, genetically inherited diseases - wow, those are all really signs of godly displeasure.

To quote Carl Sagan, "He used to chat with patriarchs and prophets every second Tuesday, you believe. He's omnipotent, you say, and omniscient. So it's no particular effort for him to remind us directly, unambiguously, of his wishes at least a few times in every generation.

"Where are the burning bushes, the pillars of fire, the great voice that says `I am that I am' booming down at us out of the sky? Why should God manifest himself in such subtle and debatable ways when he can make his presence completely unambiguous?"

Their answer, of course, will involve something about a test of faith or not being able to know the mind of God.

Ask them about 9/11 and all the truly, utterly sincere prayers uttered that day by the hundreds millions of people that watched it all live on TV. Or on the ground in Manhattan. Or from the 105th floor offices of Cantor Fitzgerald. Or said in ten seconds of freefall.

They'll probably quote you something to do with Job and God's will.

It isn't faith or belief that leads a person to these sorts of inane cognitive dissonances but rather a simple subordination of reason. And in most cases these folks are willing participants. Try to make them see reason and they will view you as a minion of Satan sent to pull them away from their god's "loving arms".

It's really like banging your head against a brick wall.

So to the heather's, coop's, and mayyoursoulsleep's of the world let me tell you that anything can be a sign of godly displeasure if you look hard enough. And I've heard that the sun has these spots on it. Surely the end times must be upon us. Why don't you go outside at stare at the sun for awhile. Look hard.