Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jesus Freak Loves the Hard As Nails Guy

Remember this post where I shared my feelings on Justin Fatica? Well, apparently, he has a band of Internet mercenaries who are incredulous that anyone would see him as less than perfect or abusive.

Jesus Freak dropped by to tell me how she felt...
Please, stop bashing this man. First of all, Possummomma totally blows this out
of proportion. Have any of you actually met this guy in person? Have any of you
actually seen one of his talks? You wouldn't understand anything Possummomma
said unless it was in the right context. He is an awesome, awesome man who would
give up his life for Jesus. Try actually going to one of his talks, and then you
will understand.

I replied...
Jesus Freak,Yes. I have seen one of "his talks". The bits I saw on the
documentary were vile and abusive. I don't have to meet the man in person to see
the manipulative and abusive tactics he uses. Furthermore, he's an adult who put
his abusive activities on camera. If he were peddling that crap anywhere other
than a church, then he would be arrested for child abuse. If he were a regular
teacher, in a school, who regularly threw kids to the floor or had them reenact
a crucifixion and yell epitaphs at each other, he would be arrested and fired.
It's amazing what behavior people will look past when someone ties it up in a
bow of religion.

Well, apparently, that wasn't what Jesus Freak wanted to hear (or consider)...
Key word: Bits. From those bits in the movie, there is no way you could possibly
realize what kind of a person he is. Have you ever actually seen him in person
heard him speak in person, went up to talk to him afterwards to see what an
awesome and powerful person he is??He is a man who is very close to God, and who
would do anything, even put himself through extreme pain for the Lord. Even his
son looks up to him. Do you know what he shared with us at Soulfest last year?
He told us that when his son was still a toddler, when he was just learning to
talk, his son said, "Daddy, can you tell me what God looks like? Because I
forgot." His whole family, his whole team is just like him. They are so close to
God They could step right over you, but do you know what they do instead? They
bring themselves down to your level and pray for you. And that is what I am now
going to do for you.

Mmmmkay. So, the Fatica family is praying for me? I suppose that's preferable to zip-tying me to a crucifix and blindfolding me while pretending to whip me. Or, you know, yelling in my face like a belligerent asshat and pretending to hold some imaginary moral high ground. Because, as most reality show celebs profess: Justin must have been the victim of cruel editing. Well, Jesus Freak, let me just say this: They can't use what you don't give them. I don't care if he was doing what he did with the purest intentions and a devoted heart - NO ONE has the right to inflict the physical and mental abuse that he inflicted on those children in that movie. There's a line that shouldn't be crossed and he not only crossed it...he stood on either side and did little tap dances for the camera. If he is an example of being close to God, then your God is unworthy of worship. I have no doubt that, to some, he is "awesome and powerful". My issue with him is that he's an arrogant bully who is cloaking his abuse in religion. Power corrupts. Again, from this perspective, if your comments are to be taken seriously, it would appear that your God surrounds himself with arrogant child abusers (pedophile priests, abusive motivational speakers, etc.,.). Nice God. What is that old saying about judging a person by the company they keep? Your God isn't looking so hot.


aimee said...

ROFLMAO, that is rich (wiping tears away from laughing so hard). Oh my, I needed that.

Anonymous said...

P1 read the "soulfest" thing and said, "Is that like Lillith-Fair?"


aimee said...

Too funny. Its very scary that 1. there are people out there like that guy, but 2. that there are people out there that are defending him and putting there kids in harms way.

Robert said...

The scary thing is how right you are regarding what people will overlook if its tied with religion. Look at how careful public school teachers have to be today. I personally wouldn't even want to work in a public school system because of how little support you get should you be accused of something (unless it seems you're actually guilty, but maybe thats just me being jaded).

JP said...

He told us that when his son was still a toddler, when he was just learning to talk, his son said, "Daddy, can you tell me what God looks like? Because I

Bullshit flag, I have heard that wise tail many many times.

"They are so close to God They could step right over you, but do you know what they do instead? They
bring themselves down to your level and pray for you. And that is what I am now going to do for you."

Bring themselves down to my level? What level would that be? What do they see you as, cow dung?

Anonymous said...

The other thing I want to point out is this guy's hypocrisy. In the movie, he says God made him a minister. Yet, he's Catholic? So, apparently he'll die for God and change his life to reflect a love for Christ, but he's not willing to sacrifice some sex to become an actual priest in his church? Why not go into the priesthood? Why carefully craft a role in which you can be a 'roid raged jerk, have sex, AND choose to suggest that you're one of God's chosen leaders? I hate to defend priests, the very least, they've committed to some limitations on life in service of their God. This jackass just makes shit up so he doesn't have to change.

Chris said...

jp, I call bullshit on that, too. I've heard that tale a number of times from different sources, and like all the others, there's no way to verify it. So really, you're supposed to take this guys word for it, a guy who's using it to sell himself and his god...

It's amazing how often lines like this are used within the theist ranks, though. I come from a fundamentalist preacher family (I believe pentacostal, though I could be wrong...definately starts with a "p", though), so I overheard a lot of stories like this over this winter break while visiting family. One family member would tell it to another, like it was fact (and really, thats most likely how the teller was first told it anyway), and the people listening would buy it completely, without missing a beat or asking any questions. If there was an obvious natual explanation for it, one you could easily catch if you weren't looking for a supernatural explanation, or if it was nothing more than a coincidence, or if it was obviously bullshit...doesn't matter, it was always attributed to god and his miracles. I swear, a number of times I actually saw family members tear up and / or cry, saying things like "thank you jesus", after hearing these stories, thats how much they believed them...

As for this Justin guy...scary, and you're right for calling him on what is nothing more than abuse. He's not surprising, though. PM, have you ever heard of Hell Houses, the church alternative to Haunted Houses? I forget if you've mentioned them before...but if not, then what I've seen of them sounds similar, at least with regards to how they can scare (and scar) children. And like this Justin guy, that's exactly what these guys want.

If you haven't heard about them, check out Dawkins documentary "Root of all Evil?", he visits a church preparing for one. Damn good documentary, too. You'll even get a glimpse of the ACE school program, which I attended for a few years :D

fsmismyhero said...

A few jackasses like him were inflicted on me as a pre-teen. The religious/psychological abuse lead to an anxiety disorder that I am still dealing with 10+ years later. This guy should be arrested not revered!

Jim said...

You owe me a new keyboard. "belligerent asshat" made the coffee leave my mouth and enter the keyboard. ;-)

Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent- Pick Two

Jim said...

Jesus Freak, your boy sounds like the type of guy who if I did have the misfortune to meet in person...well, I'd laugh right in his face. Then I'd tell him to find a nice big sandbox, a sledgehammer, and go pound some.

Fatica would be no more than a laughable jackass if so many gullible idiots like yourself weren't so enamored of him.

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds a lot like a Juggalo (Insane Clown Posse fan): ignores the reality of the situation (shitty music by guys in clown paint/abusive "catholic minister"), defends the personality cult leader violently, and refuses to see that they're jackasses.

Milo Johnson said...

"Epitaphs?" Bit of a Freudian slip, no? I'm guessing it was "epithet," but the belligerent asshats distracted you...

Tom Foss said...

If you haven't heard about them, check out Dawkins documentary "Root of all Evil?", he visits a church preparing for one.

There's also a documentary called "Hell House," which is kind of like a softer, somewhat less scary "Jesus Camp." The best part of that particular film is how out of touch it shows these fundies to be: there's a five-minute clueless debate on the name of "Magic: The Gathering," and wait 'til you see the "pentagram."

Psychodiva said...

the worst thing is that people in my profession end up dealing with the fallout of this crap for the kids- the amount of kids I have seen over the years with anxiety and depressive disorders, personality changes, ptsd and definitely substance use just boggles the mind!