Monday, January 14, 2008


I just wanted to take another moment to thank everyone who is trying to help our family. I don't know that words can accurately express how thankful I am. I've been dealing with this disease for eight years now and, in general, have been extremely lucky in pulling together the resources needed to fight it. There have been wonderful people who have helped us out, be it watching the kids while we travel to an appointment, or sending dinner, or making a friendship quilt, or just listening to me kvetch. But, this....this just breaks a whole new level of generosity and effort...and I'm not sure what to say.

I was hanging out with P1, earlier, and we were talking about how our life has changed. She told me that, even though we have a solid relationship, she does miss the mom that "could go places and do things without getting sick." When I told her that you guys were trying to get some special film for the windows, she immediately understood what that would mean. She said, "OMG! You'd be able to sit with us in the living room and watch movies again." For the last year or so, that's been too long to sit in the family room. She was so excited about that small improvement. As she listed off the things this might enable me to do, she finally said, "It's freedom." I've been telling Berlzebub that I can't wait until I can sit in the nursery with the little ones and play or watch them play. I don't know how to thank you for that.

I'm usually the person, in my community and family, who organizes these things. But, I kind of suck at being on the receiving end. So, if I fumble these words up, please know that what I really want to say is: From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


You are an inspiration. I only wish I lived close enough to help in person.

Jen said...

Possummomma, I just found your blog through Pharyngula. I'm looking forward to perusing your blog more. In just briefly looking over your most recent posts, you have a lovely attitude and a great sense of humor.

I'm sorry that you're feeling so bad at the moment. I don't know a lot about lupus, and I had no idea that sun sensitivity is such a horrible problem with the disease. I just donated a modest amount through
website to help with the cost of the UV film for your windows.

Hang in there. Take care of yourself so you're able to take care of those little possums!


Coop said...

All you had to do was trust my wife and be nice to her and this ear bashing would have been done a long time ago. Now you're not within cooee of getting back on her good side. Too bad for you. I can say that you missed the moolah. The SDAs in your area were willing to absorb the cost of the install. Bad luck you.

How are we to know your really sick any how?

Autonomous said...

Everyone-please ignore Coop. He's pathetic and just needs the attention. We know his wife wasn't interested in anything but being rude.

P-Momma, I hope you feel alright.

Chris said...

So much for christian humility and charity. **rolls eyes**

PM: As sean said, you're an inspiration. You've helped us, commenters and lurkers, in ways you might not even know,'s your turn now :)

Anonymous said...

Coop, as with your wife, you will no longer post here without being deleted. I think I'm a pretty tolerant person: that's why I gave your wife so many chances. However, the two of you have refused to participate in interesting dialogue or mutually beneficial discourse. For the record - I *do not* want YOUR help. Your carrot is not wanted here. And, if I were you, I'd quit while you're ahead: you are not making yourself, or your faith, look good.

Also for the record...there are AT LEAST 20 people that read and post here who can confirm my illness. Stop trying to be an ass. Go find someone else to bother.

Poodles said...

I wish I could have done more (stupid broken dryer). Hopefully next payday.

fdqpink said...

Coop said... /translated
...All you had to do was trust my wife and be nice to her
All you had to do was trust in jeebus and pay him/her/it oral service
...and this ear bashing would have been done a long time ago.
And we would have left you alone
...Now you're not within cooee of getting back on her good side.
WE ain’t gonna invite you to any wife swappin’ parties now.
... Too bad for you. I can say that you missed the moolah.
The idea of giving through compassion is alien to us, help has a price.
...The SDAs in your area were willing to absorb the cost of the install.
The Stupid Dumb Asses in your area might have helped if you come to jeebus
...Bad luck you.
You deserve all you get

...How are we to know your really sick any how?
Because you’re not a good christian you must be lying

Well thanks coop we know where yourself and hater stand. All alone on your moral highground while us atheists demean ourselves by actually doing something.

Perpetual Beginner said...

coop - why on earth should I trust your wife, who I don't know from a hole in the ground, and not trust Pmomma, whose blog I've read for over a year now, whose friends I've seen on-line, whose family I've seen through photos and on more sites than just this one, and through all of this has had a consistent outlook and background?

Before you even think anything about religion, please remember that a) a lot of con artists are publicly Christian precisely because people will trust them without checking them thoroughly, and b) Christians are no less prone to sin than other people.

Actually for some anecdotal data, the worst person I've ever known for keeping his word (not the worst, period, but specifically for keeping promises), was a devoted Christian. He would make an agreement, then afterwards he would go pray about it, and if he felt God told him to do something different instead, he would ignore his prior promise. Somehow his God seemed to not want him to keep many agreements, and particularly not those that he personally would benefit by breaking faith.

Autonomous said...

If I recall correctly, Possummomma didn't even mention her illness here until a fundie 'outed' her. Which would make for an odd con.

Another Jen said...

P-Momma, I'll just second what everyone else here is are an inspiration to us all, better than most (atheist, Christian, or otherwise) in that you actually tend to go out there in the world and try to make a difference, as opposed to just sitting around talking about making a difference, like so many of us are guilty of doing.

kstorm said...

Holy Moly, coop and wife are pathetic!

P-Momma - I emailed you a link about IP blocking for blogger - wondered if you got it?

Berlzebub said...

@ the P-Family:
There's no thanks needed, but you're all very welcome. I can only imagine how it must feel to be so restricted in your movements.

@ coop:

Yes, I know you're banned here, but I'm hoping you'll read this, anyway.

All you had to do was trust my wife and be nice to her and this ear bashing would have been done a long time ago.
Trust her for what, coop? What has your wife offered that P-Momma would need to trust her for?
Now you're not within cooee of getting back on her good side. Too bad for you.
How so? Because she said that she was trying to help P-Momma, without actually doing anything. We've raised a boatload of money to help the P-Family, and even Christians have contributed.
I can say that you missed the moolah. The SDAs in your area were willing to absorb the cost of the install. Bad luck you.
Well gee, we'll really miss that. [/sarcasm]

The money that we've collected will not only go to the purchase of the film, but to paying for the installation. Plus, all of the money over and above will go to the P-Family.

How are we to know your really sick any how?
We have more proof that P-Momma's Lupus is genuine than proof that you and your spouse has even tried to help in any way. Honestly, if you and your wife are any indication of the SDA, I'd rather it be this way. Maybe you should have them collect enough for you and your wife to buy a conscience and some manners.

fsmismyhero said...

I still just can't believe that heather and coop want proof of P-momma's illness yet when we ask them for proof of their deity they get offended. The hypocrisy runeth deep.

wineymomma said...

fsmismyhero-you stole my thunder!

What I was going to say is that I accept on faith with no need to prove the religious ideas that I have.

Pmomma owes no one anything in the way of proof.

I wish I could do more but the stupid van eats money almost as fast as it eats gas!

lol and feel better!


Saurian200 said...

Hey P-Momma,

Thought you might like to know that PZ Meyers has started sending people your way from Pharyngula.

Actually it looks like Jen already mentioned it. Still here's the post:

Check it out.

Sarah Ann Post said...


Also echoing so many others. You are an incredible woman, and I say this from only reading your blog and having received one email from you. I am amazed at your strength of character with all that you endure from your illness and the way some people treat you because you don't believe as they do. If only more people in the world could be like you!!

You show by the way you live, raise your children, and endure "verbal" abuse that religion has nothing to do with whether or not you are a "good person".

Thank you for all that you do and the example you set. I'm still working on my email back to you.

Stardust said...

I posted about you on my personal blog, and at God is for Suckers about Berlzebub's fundraising efforts.

I also have Lupus, (was diagnosed in September)along with having RA and a few other problems. So far, I have been very fortunate not to be confined to my house, much less to certain rooms in the house. I can't imagine. Hang in there, and know you have friends who want to help.

Boo for the "loving" xians at this site. Typical.

TL said...

help me help me
i got liver cancer and diabetes my wife died from hepC
my back is broke
my ssi is 870 rent is 871
i got no pad like you got
i hatez the rich complainin cuz they getz no starbucks when they sick pity me pity me send moniez dont send to rich bitch

Sister Sassy said...

I hope you start feeling better and the needed materials makes it to you soon.

Saurian200 said...


Looks like you're not just getting new readers but undesirables as well.

TL is a troll from Pharyngula. His(Her?) whole gig is to spam comment threads with posts like the above.

Pretty annoying, but way more transparent than posters like Heather and Coop.

Jim said...

Pmomma, while you are awaiting the installation of some kind of UV screening on your windows, have you checked into any of that UV blocking clothing (Solumbra, Coolibar) I had mentioned in an earlier post? It's pricey, but it might be a good stop-gap for the short term.

Coop and Heather - I am sure Jesus would be so proud of you because he was known for dangling carrots in front of those whom he might deign to help. You are horrible people and I truly hope that you sow what you reap. Bite me.

bint alshamsa said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your blog but I know it came from someone's reference to the fact that you have lupus. I have systemic lupus (SLE), so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try and offer a bit of encouragement to a fellow lupie. I'm smack dab in the middle of a big flare-up right now, so I can only hope that things aren't as bad for you as they are for me. At any rate, I am glad to see that you have so many friends around to give you support and I hope that you feel better soon.

Joe said...

PM, Aw shucks, it was nothing. You're welcome.
Next time I'm out your way I'll reach out to you and we can shake hands.

aiabx said...

P-momma, I just want to say I'm impressed by your positive attitude in the face of serious illness, and I hope that sight of the world rallying around will reinforce it and help you get through everything in one piece. You're a good role model for us godless heathens, and I'm proud to help out in a small way.

Anonymous said...

@Sean - I wish you lived closer, too.

@Jen - Thank you for the lovely note. My possums are a constant source of reasons to hang in there.
I know that all lupus patients have to deal with sun issues to a degree, but...what I'm experiencing is on the severe end of the spectrum.

@autonomous - These last few days haven't been very pleasant, but I'm pushing through it. Thanks! And, thank you for defending me (in regards to the con). I very much appreciate everything you guys are doing for me (to the point of tears). But, I've never been one to constantly harp on my illness.

@Chris - I'm starting to realize that. But, it's still hard to believe that so many people want to help. It's very humbling. I hope that, in return, I can help each and everyone of you someday.

@poodles - Don't even worry about it. You help me by being a friend. And, WHAT is with washers? Part of what's got me stressed this week is that our dryer quit on Wednesday and the washer felt ignored and broke Friday. All of our laundry had to be hand washed and is now hanging in our garage (where I'm pretty sure it will be freeze dried by morning). PDaddy had to go spend money we don't really have at our disposal (we have a great retirement and college savings for the kids, but not much liquid cash) to buy a new washer and dryer. The old ones WERE eighteen years old. After four kids, I guess they deserve to be retired. But, jiminy crickets... I had no idea how much appliances have gone up. I feel your pain.

@fdqpink - You should go to work translating for the armed forces. ;) Who knew one could be an expert on the elusive language of "Bone-headed, Aussie Fundy"?

@Perpetual Beginner - I guess I can understand the skepticism. After all, as atheists, we're supposed to demand evidence for claims. But, you mentioned, this would've been a intense con. AND, why would I post pictures and information about my life if I was trying to scam people?

@another jen - thank you for your support. I'm glad I've been a positive force in someone's life. That's really the best legacy we can leave, isn't it?

@kstorm - I did get the e-mail. Thank you. I plan on investigating it tonight.

@berlzebub - I love you, my friend. You've done so much for us. OH! And, I'm mailing the bows for the munchkin as soon as PDaddy gets me a priority mail box from the PO. I've had so much fun making them for her.

@fsmismyhero - NO JOKE! Although, I do understand that it's hard to reserve skepticism. I just can't think of what would constitute sufficient proof of my illness. There are people reading here and commenting here that know me in "real life" and, all I can say is, they've taken me to appointments and seen the chaos.

@whineymomma - thanks for the support. I, actually, think I do owe proof to you all (just because, as atheists, we should expect evidence for claims made). I just don't know what that evidence would be? I mean, my husband's work info is pretty easy to find (it being public record because he's a state employee). And, the phone numbers of his colleagues and boss are also public record, so if someone really needed proof, they could call any of the other professors and ask them about what's going on. *shrug* Beyond that...I dunno'.

And, to everyone, I did see the link on PZ. I'm honored and touched.

@Sarah Ann - *you guys are going to make me cry* I had no idea how many people read this blog and cared about what I have to say. I have to say that the strength you're referring to comes from the fact that I *do* have such a great family. A mother and wife couldn't ask for more. It's cliche', but they really are a reason to wake up every morning and try to be positive.

@Stardust - I'm so sorry to hear that you have lupus as well. :( If you ever need help or someone to vent to,...I'm here for you. Please don't hesitate. I hope you never, ever get to this point. *hugs*

@TL - I'm sorry you feel as if I'm a "rich bitch". I'm not rich. I won't feign poverty, because...we aren't impoverished. And, all of our daily needs are met (which is more than some have). Apparently, you're in a very bad place right now and I sympathize with you. In a way, I really hope you're a troll looking for attention and not a real human being who has such horrible circumstances to deal with. But, given what I've read on pharyngula/PZ, I suspect you're a troll. get to a point where you have to make attacks on people you don't know and draw attention to yourself in the manner you've chosen - I pity you.

@sistersassy - thank you.

@Jim - I answered your question on the most recent post. Thank you for your ideas!

@bint - I'm so sorry to hear that you're flaring. It's a horrible disease. The one thing that gives me hope, and maybe it will do the same for you, is the knowledge that, as this experience has shown me, that there are many of us out there. We're in this together. We're not alone. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you or if you just need someone to listen.

@Joe - I look forward to it.

@aiabx - To borrow a biblical phrase: my cup runneth over. Thank you.

the watcher said...

Did my daughter contribute to her "sister"? She has always been more interested in securing wealth for herself, even if lies are in order, than acting in a genuine fashion. Lying to her children's school about income to secure free lunch is unethical. Her best friend needs help and she goes on a beach retreat. She fabricates a philosophy from others on god while sending her daughters to a church. Have you discovered that she will use you to her gain and dismiss you as quickly? Do not dream that you are sacrosanct to her. She borrows style and form for her blog. Vampire is right. Never has her self-evaluation been so spot on. Ask my attorney about her greed and avarice. Disavow yourself of her.