Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dead prophet.

The president and modern day prophet of the LDS Church has died.

"With the shrewdness of a politician, Hinckley downplayed the more controversial aspects of LDS history. He welcomed the world to Utah for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, promising everyone they could get a drink here and accepted one of America's highest honors - the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He highlighted Mormon commonality with other Christians, forging alliances with other faith groups while scolding LDS Church members for being too clannish, self-righteous and unfriendly to their neighbors. "

To quote Yoda: "Always two, there are; no more, no less: a master and an apprentice." Was he the Sith Lord or the apprentice?


Anonymous said...

Well, if he's dead, then his apprentice must have killed him and become the master.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Good riddance. Lengthy rant on this sleaze to follow tomorrow.

Hinckley's probably been out of it for a while. My guess is that Monson has been been the defacto president, and has been throwing his weight around.

This would explain a lot about the church's interference in local politics over the last couple of weeks. The LDS church has made two very direct official statements to the mostly LDS state legislature with the intention of swaying policy. Here's hoping for serious backlash.

Poodles said...

I'm with Eight Hour lunch. I think Monson has been in charge for a while. And I am scared too because of all of the church interference lately.

Poodles said...

Oh and I noticed today that the head of the Greek Orthodox church died also. God must be PMSing this week.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Promised lengthy rant published in perpetuity as a post at my place.

I'm sure it's the lack of sleep that's causing me to alliterate. :)

Scott L. said...

Come on now...Hinckley didn't really die. He just became more powerful than you can possibly imagine :-)