Saturday, December 29, 2007

P4 and his hooka

I have to share these pics. Oh my gosh, we were rolling in laughter.
P4 was premature. He really doesn't have any preemie related problems, EXCEPT for his RAD (reactive airway disease). Although it's similar to asthma, it's not asthma. Basically, when he comes in contact with a virus, his lungs and bronchi go into this bizarre state of hyper activity (almost like they would with a true allergy). He's rarely ill. But, there's something going around and we had to break out the nebulizer for him (first time in nine months,...I'm pleased!). He used to hate it. Last year, he was more tolerant, but...not exactly cooperative. So, when I heard him wheeze tonight, I thought, "Here we go..."

Apparently, he's in no way opposed to the nebulizer.

He sat on my lap and drew really long, deep breaths off the vent.

When the machine stopped aerating the meds (because the chamber was empty), I told him he was done and he argued with me. Weirdo'. Anyway... I know it's probably not funny to you guys, but he was grooving off his Zopenex.


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I was expecting him to be wearing a fez(is that what those hats are called).

I have smoked a hooka before (and I mean the smoking instrument - not to be confused with gunning down ladies of the night)

Poodles said...

Did he finish off bag of Doritos when he was finished? :)

Lexa said...

My younger sister has terrible asthma and has to hit the nebulizer a lot. That's exactly what we call it too -- the hookah.

Mephitis said...

It's good that he's grown to accept his medication. I have never felt worse than when trying to get my son (and before him, my daughter) to use their inhalers against their will. (My daughter's asthmatic and son suspected asthmatic). When they finally come round to it, it's such a relief.

Vamp said...

zWhy do I here "Jefferson Airplane" in my head....

"Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call
Recall Alice
When she was just small..."

AlisonM said...

Oh, that's quite a picture there. maybe you should give him some sharpies and let him decorate it, too, just for a more groovy effect. Heh.

Carlie said...

Is that a Pari? We have the same one! Well, a Pari mouthpiece hooked up to el cheapo from the pharmacy nebulizer. My child is similar; asthma that only acts up now when he's sick, although when he was a tiny tot it was constant. All I can say is thank the world of science for Xoponex. One time in the hospital I had a memorable conversation with an ER intern that went something like this:
"He takes Xoponex, not albuterol."
"That takes a primary physician's orders."
"I know, but it must be somewhere in his file, he's been here before. Really, don't give him albuterol. He overreacts to it."
"Obviously, the Xoponex wasn't doing enough, or you wouldn't be here, would you? And I'm giving him albuterol".
Fast forward to four hours later, at two am, when the two year old is racing up and down the halls at top speed and won't stop. Gaaa.

Anonymous said...

Did he finish off bag of Doritos when he was finished? :) But, he did keep saying that the xopenex smelled like pizza. I have no idea where that came from.

When they finally come round to it, it's such a relief.

Isn't it though? He did it again tonight with no problems. This is going to save us soooooo much time and drama. I want to go out and find him another mask, though. I noticed that he is breathing through his nose during some parts of the treatment - we used to have a cool fishy mask, but it's incompatible with this machine.

Is that a Pari?
Yep! The best!

All I can say is thank the world of science for Xoponex
No joke!! I actually pay out of pocket for xopenex. Our insurance doesn't cover it and it's hella' expensive. But, like you, I hate the albuteral. It makes my kids shake like leaves. said...

Better keep an eye on that one. Har!

But there's something else I noticed in the second pic...that is ONE HUGE FREAKING CROSS over the fireplace. I knew you were just kidding us about your lack of belief. :)

Eight Hour Lunch said...

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