Friday, December 21, 2007

P3 (Grace) is hysterical.

Tonight was Grace's night for special dinner with mom and dad. Every now and then, we try to take each child out individually and give them some one-on-one. G chose Chinese food. We've been going to this place for twelve years, so we know the owners well and they usually stop to talk to us a bit. Anyway, G and I went in while PDaddy parked the van. P3 walks in the door and notes that there's no decorations for Christmas and says something to the owner. The owner says, "I'm sorry, Miss Grace. We don't celebrate Christmas."
Grace says, "Oh."
The owner says "We are Buddhist and don't believe in the birth of the baby Jesus."
Grace says, deadpan, "My mom doesn't, either,... but we have a Christmas tree!"

ROFLOL. I think it's one of those "you had to be there" moments. I just loved how casually she dropped that bomb.


Allyson said...

hahaha! Priceless.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Heh. We still have Jack Skellington's head in the front room window over the Xmas tree. I'd take it down, but it's kind of on theme, and I like I like that it confuses the neighbors.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Interesting, I don't think there is anything that precludes a Buddhist from celebrating. Indeed the "good will to all men (and women)" is right up their alley. But I suppose there is Buddhism and there is Buddhism. Meh

Nice and Blue said...

Hello, Possummomma-
I am one of your seemingly numerous anonymous readers, and I must say that your blog in particular has inspired me to begin my own blog.

I also must say, as someone who grew up with less than the best family possible, to say the least, I am very reassured and inspired by how well you have integrated atheism and parenting together.

Also, I must say I am enjoying all of your posts about your Christmas activities, especially this one.


Iron Girl the Geek said...

I was just wondering about that. We have a Christmas tree, too, just because I think it's fun, but it's a 3' job that pops out of the box with the lights and stuff already built in. We also exchange presents, again because it's fun, but neither of us buys into the whole birth of Jesus thing.

Anonymous said...

My aunt is Buddist and heartily celebrates Christmas.
She also believes that Jesus was born and exisited. To not believe that is to be ignorant of proven history.

Anonymous said...

The birth, life, and death of the Christian Jesus is anything but "proven history."

And, if you can't read the rules regarding anonymous posters, then I'll have to delete your comments.

Anonymous said...

Heh, not being part of one of the three major religions (or combination thereof) doesn't stop people in japan from celebrating the festivals for all three.

Anonymous said...

We have a tree, and while it started as a Christmas tradition (because my MIL was a Methodist and my mom is a gung-ho Catholic...funny how both my dad and my FIL are atheists...and pretty much expect that we do Xmas too), we now semi-jokingly call it our Pagan or Druid tree. ;) It does brighten this dreary time of year (for those of us not in sunny CA), and the boys would miss decorating it.

So was the store owner taken aback? LOL!

Anonymous said...

We don't either, but we have a christmas tree, and an advent wreath, and a menorah!

It's called "any excuse to light candles".

(I'm posting a bunch because I finally figured out how to make comments. If you have cookies blocked from "", the captcha doesn't show up. In fact, it returns a 404 error code, which is very confusing.)

Eclectic said...

Oops... sorry about the above. I MEANT to pick a pseudonym...

It seems that after picking "Name/URL", I have to hit "preview" to make the "Name" box show up. Typing into the "Google/Blogger" box doesn't work.