Friday, December 21, 2007

More treats...

I feel like the day got away from me, today.
PDaddy and P3 made snickerdoodles. Essentially, it's a sugar cookie that you roll in a bowl full of sugar and cinnamon.

All the credit for these goes to PDaddy - they're his favorite and he makes them so well that I feel absolutely no guilt for saying, "Ok. You do it!" LOL

This is what they look like when they've been baked.

BUT, my big excitement for the day was the joint, early present Pdaddy and I gave ourselves. Backstory: When we got married, I suddenly inherited two sets of china. Now, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but...neither pattern was my style. One was 100 years old with beautiful, hand painted flowers and silver edging. The other was 90 years old, with a pine bough and pine cone pattern. Because I was too big of a wuss to hurt grandma's feelings (and mom's feelings), I decided we just wouldn't register for china. I have both sets, but I rarely ever use it. I figure I'll give a set each to the girls. Well, for our wedding, we registered for some nice flatware. But, I've always been kind of bummed that we didn't have "our china". Over the years, our flatware has slowly been broken, chipped, and faded from daily use. And, then....I found it. I found my china. And, joy of joys, PDaddy loved it, too. It's childish and kind of whimsical,'s mine now.

I'm telling myself that the cost should be aggragated over the years we've been married and the years to come. LOL I can't wait to see the look on my MIL's face when she sees this. I jokingly told her I was going to get Disney china at our wedding. If I'd only known.... in reality, she's probably forgotten that conversation (since our wedding was quickly followed by two other weddings in the family).
Unfortunately, I only got three of the ten settings. And, my "holiday sets" won't be here until after Christmas. Booo! Oh well. Next year. Good thing I'm not hosting this year.


Poodles said...

Those are sooooo cute, and don't feel too immature. When my husband and I got married he wore a Taz vest and bow tie. And our cake topper was a limited edition porcelain Taz bride and groom statue. :)

heather said...

Boy you really like Disney don't you.

Joe said...

When I got married the first time I got a set of china from China. This was in 1981 and it wasn't like today, you could hardly get anything from China in the US. Its a really nice set (gold rimmed and hand painted) that I've used about twice and have drug it into my third marriage. I really don't know what to do with it. My current wife also has a set of china from her second marriage that we've used a couple of times.

Sarah Ann Post said...

I have never posted although I read regularly. I just wanted to mention something about the china to Joe...and anyone else interested. It's something my mom lived by, and has worked well for us.

She always said that she didn't want to "save" her china, she wanted to enjoy it. So we used the china probably about once a week. It was always a lot of fun as kids to see the good china coming out, because it meant that mom fixed an "extra special" meal. The china didn't necessarily mean company, it just meant time as a family (although company sometimes as well). Sometimes that extra special meal was just something fast that we hardly ever ate.

Those are some of my fondest meal memories, and something that I really enjoyed. I recommend "using" your china for "everyday" special occasions and not saving it for that once a year or so when you have lots of formal company.

Just a suggestion...

And possummomma, I just want to say that I really enjoy your blog. My husband put it on my book mark home page once, and I'm hooked and have never taken it off.

I've learned so very much...I am not atheist, but my husband is. You've helped me to really see somethings from a prospective I hadn't thought of. I feel the same about many of your regulars and their comments as well.

I've always hesitated to post any comments because I've never been quite sure how to word questions when I'm curious about something. I really, REALLY don't want to come off like a self-righteous jerk like some of the others I've seen here!! My husband told me that I was being a coward, and that if I had something to say, to just say it.

Anyway, I love to see the strength of your family in your blog, and all that you do together (we just did a bunch of gingerbread houses it's fun to be in the kitchen with your kids!)

And I love how you are raising your children so open minded. Your daughter's essay was wonderful, I read it to my 8 1/2 year old and we talked about it. I would love to see my daughter demonstrate that kind of insight, awareness, compassion, kindness, and intelligence.

This is getting pretty long, I'm sorry about that...I'll post questions I have later.

Thanks again for sharing your life and family with us, it truly is wonderful!!

Atheist in a mini van. said...

Sarah Ann,
I hope you'll post questions and feel completely comfortable doing so. I know it may be hard, since, lately, we haven't been very patient with a certain commenter. But, please don't hesitate. Since you've introduced yourself and given us your "story", we'll know where your queries are coming from. :)

Oh, trust me! This china is going to get used every day. I feel the exact same way as your mom - better to use it than let it sit in a cupboard. We still use kids flatware for the little kids, so I'm not at all worried about using it every night. And, as a bonus, the new china is dishwasher safe. I think that was a large deterrant for us before.

Anywho... thanks for commenting!! I'd love to hear more about your gingerbread recipe. I iced about forty sugar cookies (with a star tip and a ribbon tip) today. My hands are tired.

Atheist in a mini van. said...

Those are sooooo cute, and don't feel too immature. When my husband and I got married he wore a Taz vest and bow tie. And our cake topper was a limited edition porcelain Taz bride and groom statue. :)
Awesome!! I love it when the bridal couple personalizes their celebration. I say it's your day and anything goes.

Boy you really like Disney don't you.
I do, I do.
My grandmother was one of the first female artists for Disney and I worked for the company.

I've used about twice and have drug it into my third marriage. I
Do you not use it because of it's value or because you don't like the pattern?

Atheist in a mini van. said...

Oh...and, Sarah Ann...if there's a question you don't feel comfortable asking here, I would be more than happy to field some questions via e-mail. I know it can be hard to word things for a public forum. Just e-mail me from the link on my profile.

Marcy said...

Mmm. Snickerdoodles. My mom baked some and mailed them to me. Yummy. They're my second fave, after chocolate chip.

Poodles said...

Oh and as for China, my family are cheap for the most part. I don't think there has ever been a set of China at all ever. My dishes are Ikea about 16.00 for a full set of 4 including bowls and cups. And since the mister works there we got a discount. :)

Sarah Ann Post said...

The gingerbread houses are, as far as I know, a fairly generic recipe from my mom, although I can't be sure because she tends to change a lot of recipes for the better. I think the key to the houses is that we assemble them with carmalized (sp) sugar (it's the glue), and use royal frosting (egg whites, a little cream of tarter and powdered sugar) to stick the candies on. Then just load the up with as much candy as possible! :-) My daughters love it!

If you want the actual recipe and cutting directions, I'd be more than will to email them to you! Thank you!

And I will take you up on posting a few questions personally. Thank you so much!!

ShadesOfGrey said...

My grandmother was one of the first female artists for Disney...

No kidding??! That's way cool! What did she work on? Movies? Theme park stuff?

You've (or your dh anyway) inspired me - I'm going to bake snickerdoodles this week. I bake a ton of cookies every year once cool weather rolls around (I should buy stock in Organic Valley Butter), and I'm always game for trying a new cookie, but I've yet to do snickerdoodles.

Congrats on the new china! Definitely puts the "fun" in functional. I wish someone would make a set with the Darwin fish logo; I'd buy that one.

Anonymous said...
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