Sunday, December 16, 2007

Help needed!

Ok. I have a question for all of you who are far more techy than I. Every year, we write a Christmas newsletter. much as I'd LOVE to send everyone a snail mail version, I'm not sure if that's feasible. So...what are my options as far as uploading a copy of the newsletter to a website (for free, ideally) so that you can all see it? I'm going to post the official 2007 kid picture to this blog, but...I'd also like to include a link to the newsletter. I suppose I can always e-mail it to everyone...but, you'd have to e-mail me if you want a copy. I love you all so much and you have no idea how you guys keep me "up". With my illness and it's limitations, it's very hard to feel connected. You guys are like my own little posse of friends. So, THANK YOU!
(More sappy stuff coming on December 20 with the official holiday post). So...any ideas? How about this? If you want to receive an e-mail copy of the newsletter, then e-mail me. But, if someone knows where I could host a copy for free so that people could just click and read, please tell me when and how. :)


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


I can host it for free on my domain my bandwidth is robust ;)

Just pdf it and we'll post a link.

Klaxor said...

Likewise, I have loads of free space and bandwidth on my account.

Your more than welcome to use it.

AlisonM said...

That's so nice, PMomma,and already you have two people jumping right up to help, proving your point. Offering my own space at this point would be redundant, but I'd be happy to host as well, just as an FYI.

Taki said...

Wouldn't it be pretty easy to register another Blogger account and put it up at or something?

Stan said...

You could just upload it and link to it like a picture. It's just a file.