Friday, December 07, 2007

Earliest Memory Meme

About a thousand years ago, I was tagged to do the "share your earliest memory" meme. While I'm sure it looks like I just blew it off, that isn't the case. It was more of the problem of trying to figure out which memory was "first" or "earliest". I'm still not exactly, I'm going to share three memories that stick out in my mind.

1. My parents were very granola-crunchy for the first few years of my life. We did a lot of hiking and camping. One of my earliest memories is a trip we took to the Needles. I don't remember the trip, but I remember when we hiked and climbed to one of the points.

I remember that on the top of one of these "needles" was a forest service or Dept. of the Interior, copper disc that was used for surveying the up-ward progression of these huge pieces of granite. Well, I saw this copper thing and, being three at the most, I ran over to see it. I fell. I heard this collective gasp from everyone and I was, quite literally, hanging on the edge of the rock. The copper disc thing was under my chest and my face was off the edge of the rock. I was paralyzed by fear. I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. I remember the sick feeling in my chest and being completely terrified. My dad grabbed my feet and drug me back to a safer place. In hindsight, I'll never know how I ended up loving climbing so much! I wonder how this didn't make me a complete acrophobic?

2. Somewhere near this time, I remember being in my little pink gingham (ah, was the 70's) nightgown, watching Our Gang comedies on our gargantuan television. This one particular morning, I was pestering someone (probably my older brother). He, or someone else, chucked a pillow at my head and I was laughing so hard that I got the hiccups. I don't know why I remember that.

3. The third memory that might be the oldest is steeling a neighbor kids' Green Machine and tearing off down the road. We lived in an orchard area and, at the end of our road, was the street the big trucks used. I just remember the kid who I stole the GM from was crying and my dad was running after me. Now...I have been told that he caught me about five feet from the busy road and busted my ass all the way home. But, strangely, I don't remember that part. LOL I just remember feeling totally free and feeling like I was going faster than I'd ever gone before.


Joe said...

>>I just remember feeling totally free and feeling like I was going faster than I'd ever gone before.<<

That's a good description of what motorcycle riding feels to me.

Anonymous said...

Then I can understand how good that must be for your outlook on life. :)

Chris said...

Wow PM, thats wierd. One of my earliest (not *the* earliest though) is close to one of yours. I was chasing a lizard at the grand canyon and didn't realize until after I lunged at it that it was sitting on a bush that was hanging pretty far over the cliff edge.

My love of climbing did not recover.

samuel said...

My younger brother got a Green Machine for Christmas the year I got my first bike. It was almost unfair having to spend so much time learning to ride the bike when the GM was immediately and immensely fun. We had the perfect driveway for the GM, just enough incline to speed toward the house and hit the levers and brake to spin out and stop at the very last minute.

ang said...

I always wanted a Green Machine. Never did get one. I had the old (probably rusty) metal tricycle. It did not seem nearly as much fun as a Green Machine