Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Concert

Just in case people haven't figured it out, yet,...there is a method to all of this slide show madness. I've been asked, numerous times, how an atheist family spends their holiday season. I figured that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...so, why not write a novel. It may be boring, and feel free not to browse the pics, but I seriously want to be able to point people to all of these entries and say, "See. Not that different from you."

Tonight was the annual "Christmas Concert". The kids did fantastic! It's always neat to see all the kids dressed in formal wear and working together to create something beautiful. It's a shame that band isn't mandatory in all schools. Where else is it possible for every child to have a chance and for kids of every social class, academic prowess, athleticism, race, creed, etc.,. to come together as one and encourage each other on the path to making art? If adults had to act like we were in an orchestra,...think how much better society would be. If you tuned up your neighbor's instrument or put it in a case...or helped carry the burden of someone else? What if we all volunteered to help our fellow man through a tough piece of music? What if, for one night, the entire earth put on their best clothes and sat together to create? What if the outcome of our lives was a symphony? Shouldn't we all strive for that?

Enjoy the pics...


ang said...

Great pics of the concert!! My son had his last Christmas concert on Sunday. And I understand what you mean about band. It should be a requirement. My youngest started marching with the high school band when he was in 6th grade. It has been a great experience for him. And he's a drummer too!! He also marched 2 years with an indoor drum line. Now, he is thinking seriously of studying music in college. In fact, we have another campus visit tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing your family with us. It is nice to see other families enjoy the holidays (and life) without religion/gods.
I wish you peace, happiness and health in the new year!

Katie said...

P-Momma, it makes me so happy to now I am not alone, especially as an atheist, with feelings that the arts are extremely important. I wish not just band was mandatory but all of the arts were mandatory starting at the youngest grade up until their high school graduation. The arts can change the life of a person who might not have a future in a place where have a skill in anything is a major advantage.

SWE said...

What I really wish is that it could somehow be mandated that everyone enjoy playing in the band and/or orchestra as much as I did back when I was in school. The kids who were there because they "had" to be were a real pain, but the rest of us had a blast.

And yes, Virginia, there is a lovely season of celebration without gods/religion. It exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. (To alter and reapply the words of Francis Church.)

Stacey said...

Yup, except for the poor Jehovah's Witness kids who have to sit there with their clarinets in their lap because playing the songs is evil and pagan. *rolls eyes until they pop out*

(poor kids)

Eight Hour Lunch said...

I didn't know she was a trumpet player! I played through high school--eventually ended up first chair. I have a lot of great memories I owe to band. (Un?)fortunately none of them were the, "and once, there was this time at band camp" kind. :)

Nomoxian said...

i don't want to sound like i'm complaining about the pictures, but i'd like to hear their playing.

and in response to stacey's comment: there was a witness in my (non-manditory) keyboarding class in highschool... maybe some families are more strict though. it would be interesting to see what doctrine, if any, they base 'music is evil' on