Friday, December 14, 2007

Happiness is...

...the giddy feeling you get when all of the science projects are done for the year. Yes. Yes, my fellow parents; it's a heady, wonderful it not? *smile*

I'm proud to say that this year was comparatively drama free. Wooooot! No tears. No meltdowns on the part of the children...or the adults. No one lost an eye (always a plus!). And, no one will be kicked out for having an experiment that could put the general population at risk. Good year. I'll take pics on the night of the actual fair. And, THIS YEAR, I'm going to take pics of all the Jesus-based science projects. As I've said before, the kids are at a school that is quite heavy on the ID'ers. One year, a kid did a "science project" about the type of wood he thought Noah's Ark was built with. But, it wasn't even a science project because all he'd done is gone down to the lumber yard and got chips of different kinds of wood and then hypothesized about how each would would've been used. It was lame...and I usually don't criticize the work of children. I just don't think Noah, if he was an actual person, had access to pine and ash or, the my favorite from this kid's board, balsa wood. The next year, the same kid did a "science project" on how dinosaurs lived with man. He ACTUALLY used pictures of the Flintstones on his board and said, "dinosaurs and man have depicted for centuries in art." *giggle* You know...I had this unicorn folder, as a kid, and it showed a unicorn with a naked half-goat guy standing next to it...that must confirm the existence, and co-existence, of the unicorn and "goat guy". Where's my science fair ribbon??

Happiness is...having a five year old who's not afraid to look like a bad 1980's, travestite version of John McEnroe. :) Amy and Mary...I know you're jealous of her style.
For those who can't see the detail in the pic, she's wearing; a tie-dyed shirt, a rainbow headband, yellow safety goggles, and a red track pants with a white stripe down the side. You go, sista' friend! Dare to be different!


aimee said...

Glad you all made it out alive : )

When my sons had their first science fair (kindergarten and 1st grade), this kid in the kindergarten class had a shoe box, some dirt, and rocks spray painted red, and called it Mars. That kid go a freaking 1st place ribbon. I was a little ticked. My son had a poster board with a model of the International Space Station with pictures and information. It wasn't 1st place material, but it was sure as a hell of a lot better than spray painted dirt!

Heather Nardell said...

I'm a Seventh Day Adventist. People might wander why I read this blog and other atheist blog people. I don't know why I do. I don't agree with you for sure. I mean how can you think there is no God? I don't even remember a time when I might not have believed in our wonderful father in heaven. Were you not instructed in Him? Have you prayed to receive God in your heart? The atheists I know want to make Him tangible so they can reject Him. I understand that. But what if He is beyond you or your perception? Do you believe in only things you see or touch? How does this happen? You seem very angry about catholicism and cynical about God. I think you have cause to be mad at catholics. I'm not mad or trying to be judgemental because I think you are a good mom and good person. I don't know how you can not believe I guess.

Why are you so cynical about the kids who do Bible based science projects? I don't understand your motivation. Does it matter what they do? Do you think it's impossible to be smart if you believe? That is what turns me off of atheists and I want to like you.

I'm an expatriot living in Australia. I have read Sean's blog and found you. Sean does not have children it seems, so I wanted to ask you these things.
Don't you believe your children are blessings?
Do you feel bad for taking credit away from God for them? They are wonderful children by all evidence. You don't think God had something to do with that?
Sincerely in friendship,
Heather Nardell

Perpetual Beginner said...

Heather - I can't answer for P-momma, especially as I'm not an athiest per se, but I think I can answer at least part of one of your questions.

The problem with Bible-based science is that the Bible isn't scientific. If you believe it is the infalliable Word of God then it is not disprovable, and if you don't, then it is not evidence. In neither case is it science. When children attempt to do science based on the Bible, the result is almost invariably really bad science. This doesn't necessarily have to be. The "What wood did Noah use for his ark?" question could conceivably be well done, if one took into account conditions (like what woods would Noah have had available to him - balsa and oak do not grow in the same kinds of conditions), and done some serious testing of their various properties. But even in an instance like that, the scientific question would be something like "What temperate climate wood has the best properties for building a large ship?" All Noah aspects would be, at best, pure speculation.

The second problem is that the effort of trying to add the Bible to their science tends to blind people (I don't except adults from this one) to the weakness of their evidence. The Flintstones is not good evidence for the co-existence of man and dinosaur. In fact even rudimentary investigation would have shown that the first named dinosaur fossil was found in 1824 - a bit short of 200 years. Before that, the occassionally discovered huge fossil bones were attributed to ogres, or manticores, or other such beasties - hardly support for a cultural memory of dinosaurs!

Is it possible to believe and be smart? Certainly! But many, many people let their belief trammel their wits, which is no way to convince smart unbelievers of anything.

Atheist in a mini van. said...

I'm going to use your comment to make a, hit the main page of the blog to see my response.

Poodles said...

*Giggle* That is cute.

erin said...

Do Science fair projects have to be approved by the teacher? It's asinine that a teacher would let kids do topics like that, especially since I spent the last two weeks turning down reseach topics such as "What was Jesus like?" and "What is Heaven like?"

Incidentally, I only remember one of my science fair topics. It was "Why do bubbles form in water after it's set in a glass?" I don't remember my hypothesis, but I do remember that when I chose the topic, my teacher very snarkily said, "Um, water is carbonated, I think you mean pop." If only I'd been enough of a smart ass to look at her and say, FAIL.;p