Monday, November 05, 2007

Must. Not. Be. Sarcastic.

This picture, found here, made me think of PZ.

"An Indian girl born with four arms and four legs is to undergo a 40-hour operation tomorrow as doctors try to give her a chance at a normal life."

Octopus, Shiva, or parasitic twinning? You decide.

And,...I think this is the coolest CT scan I've ever seen.


AlisonM said...

Looks like parasitic twin. Having watched so many medical shows, I think they shouldn't have too much trouble fixing this little girl. This is, however, the very kind of "random mutation" creationists are looking for to "disprove" "Darwinism". Sorry for all the quotation marks. I'm just trying to indicate that these are creationist/ID words with their attendant definitions. I see stuff like this and think about the genetic problem (usually in the Hox 6 for this one, I think, but I'm certainly no expert) and I'm amazed not only at the complexity of beings that reproduce sexually, mixing and matching and sometimes bringing recessive things like these into dominance, but also by the scientists and doctors who are figuring out why and how this happens, and then learning how to fix it.

Carlie said...

To me that looks like two arms and six legs.
Actually, that's a perfect example to use with evolution - it looks like the kind of thing that would take huge amounts of mutations to cause, but really it's only one master control gene that's gone awry (the Hox) and switched on leg genes in more than one section.

Carlie said...

Oh, wait, now I see - it's another upside down body attached at the spine. Weird!

truth n truth said...

I remember whtn Lakshmi was first born, and wondered if she would survive. And then I wondered, given how people reacted to her as some sort of reborn diety, if he parents would seek surgery.

"I believe that Lakshmi is a miracle, a reincarnation, but she is my daughter and she cannot live a normal life like this."

I am so glad they are putting the life and future of their daughter ahead of their beliefs and doing what they can to make sure she has a good life.

And also...That is such a pretty baby!

Vamp DiVerL said...

Me, too! Bravo to the parents for setting religion aside for the humanity of life itself.

I'm also trying to resist saying anything snarky about a baby that looks Vishnu, on the lines of sounding like Abu from The Simpson's....Tank you, come again.

Anonymous said...

My question was, "How?" did that mother give birth? Since they're basically peasants in a caste society: how did that mother birth that child without complications? I would hope she had access to a c-section, but...I'm guessing she delivered vaginally. Can you IMAGINE!?

And, I agree with everyone who's saying, "Good for her parents!" It's nice to see that they are thinking about her future....and not worrying about superstitious villagers.

trust n truth said...

It's hard to tell from the picture how all her limbs sit under her, and I couldn't find any other pictures or articles about her (though I know there were TONS when she was born). From the CT scan, it looks like it might not have been much different than delivering a regular child, just...longer and with more limbs, that could have been stretched out or curled up while being born. If she was a small baby, the extra thickness where the extra limbs are attached may have been difficult, but not impossible without complications.