Thursday, November 15, 2007

Los Angeles

I had a very good day, but I'm tired.
We had to go to LA, today, to take care of some things. I wish I could share everything, but I can', instead I'll share that we went to Westwood Cemetery and roamed for a bit. It was just what I needed to get some sort of perspective on Aaron's death and my own health issues. We saw the following graves:
Heather O'Rourke (little girl in Poltergeist)
Mel Torme
Marilyn Monroe (someone had hung their silk boxers over her flower holder...who does that?)
Rodney Dangerfield
Walter Mathau
Truman Capote
Burt Lancaster
Jim Backus (Mr. Howell from Giligan's Island)
Ray Bradbury's grave...although, he's not dead yet.
James Coburn (he played the greedy poker guy in Maverick)
Dominique Dunn (older sister from Poltergeist)
Eva Gabor (to which my husband said, "Who?" *disapproves*)
Merv Griffin
George C. Scott
Brian Keith (I actually teared up for this one.)
Don Knotts
Dean Martin (hubby was all fan-boy!)
Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker)
Donna Reed
I'm sure there were others that I just didn't see. You wouldn't believe how small this cemetery is and how tucked away it is. We drove around the block four times before we finally found the entrance. And, once you're in it, there are a lot of small plaques for those who've been cremated, rather than interred. What really interested me were the graves dating back to 1907. If you have ever been there, then you'll know why it's so bizarre to see graves that old there. It's, quite literally, surrounded by HUGE buildings - right off Wilshire Blvd. It boggles the mind to think that those stones were there before any of those buildings. And,...I forgot my camera. :( What struck me, as well, were the lack of crosses in this cemetery. Of course, there are a lot of Jewish people buried there...and it looked like quite a few Muslims, too. But,...still...I don't think I saw one cross. And, I love the idea of just having a tiny plaque instead of a huge stone. It's very intimate.

We had an exceptional dinner on the way home, sans children. It's the first time out alone in probably six years. Yeah...I know. It was almost too quiet. But, we had great conversation and company. I got to do some fangirl swooning of my own. LOL

Oh oh oh... on the way back, and this is what I came here to post about (duh), we saw a church sign that said: "Monday lecture: Why Atheism Is Bankrupt. Bingo! - Friday Night. Pre-marital financial counselling - Thursday."
Again...and me with no camera. *pouts*


Hugo said...
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Hugo said...

Had to see what it was like so here's a page from someone that did bring a camera ;)
Westwood Village Memorial Park
(this time with a clickable link)

ShadesOfGrey said...

I didn't even realize some of those people were dead (Burt Lancaster??). Sounds like it was a good trip overall, despite having to grapple with a friend's recent death.

I want to share a church sign with you (and I didn't have my camera either). Idiots at this church had put up "Evolution isn't science. It's science fiction." Like they would know science if it bit them in the gluteus maximus. The kids got a good laugh from listening to me rant all the way home after seeing that.

ShadesOfGrey said...

Oh, and thanks, Hugo, for the photos! It was like having a personalized tour without having to travel. :) Loved some of the quotes. Didn't know that Dorothy Stratten (who hailed from my hometown, so I remember the grisly ordeal with her murder as the Vancouver news kept rehashing it) was buried there too.

AmberKatt said...

I'm with you, shadesofgrey -- there are a lot of people there that I didn't know were dead now!

- Rodney Dangerfield
- Truman Capote
- Dominique Dunn (that's creepy, both girls from Poltergeist being dead now....)
- Eva Gabor
- George C. Scott ???????

ang said...

Speaking of church signs, I was pretty ticked at a local church recently. During Fire Prevention week, a church that has a sign right across the road from the schools, had this to say:

"Stop, drop & roll won't work in Hell"

My son is a senior in high school and found it amusing. If my children had been younger, I would have been greatly offended. In fact, I was offended anyway.

Stan said...

Did you see Bob Crane's stone? It's the only stone I've ever seen with a Darwin fish on it:

ShadesOfGrey said...

Did you see Bob Crane's stone? It's the only stone I've ever seen with a Darwin fish on it

Way cool!! Thanks, Stan!