Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let us pray!

This news story makes me cringe.

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- As Georgia descends deeper into drought, Gov. Sonny
Perdue has ordered water restrictions, launched a legal battle and asked
President Bush for help. On Tuesday, the governor called on a higher
power. He joined lawmakers and ministers on the steps of the state Capitol
to pray for rain.

Praying for rain during fall and winter is kind of like praying for it to be sunny in the summertime. Isn't it? And, who are they to question God's plan to bankrupt the state of Georgia and abate the mosquito population by drying out every mud puddle in the state? Faithful flock, my ass...

While public prayer vigils might raise eyebrows in other parts of the nation,
they are mostly shrugged off in the Bible Belt, where turning to the heavens for
help is common and sometimes even politically expedient.

"Might" raise eyebrows? Oh no...we're way beyond "might". I love the slip, though. Prayers are shrugged off in the Bible Belt? Exxxxxcelent. Politically expedient? Well, I guess if you vote based on who throws up their hands and publicly appeals to prayer when the going gets tough, then this might be politically expedient. In my book, however, it just makes the politician look like a giant douche'.

"Christianity has more of a place in the culture here than in some other
region," said Ray Van Neste, a professor of Christian studies at Union
University in Jackson, Tennessee. "And it's only natural, in a way, for the
public to pray for rain."

No. It's only natural that there will be cycles of draught. And, if you're going to ask millions of people to pray for something, why not pray for a cure for cancer or an end to poverty? Oh. That's right...it's not politically expedient to show the world that prayer is useless. It's much better to pray for something that is likely to actually happen anyway.

The loudest opposition to Perdue's move came from the Atlanta Freethought
Society, a secular group that planned to protest at the vigil.
"The governor
can pray when he wants to," said Ed Buckner, who was organizing the protest.
"What he can't do is lead prayers in the name of the people of Georgia."

You go, Ed Buckner!!
"We need to try a different approach," said Rocky Twyman, who organized the
OMG. It's USA for Africa, all over again. Different approach my ass. *cough*FarmAid*cough* Please tell me that they didn't produce an album.
"We need to call on God, because what we're doing isn't working. We think that
instead of all this fussing and fighting, Gov. Perdue and all these others would
come together and pray."

So many problems...so little time.


Chris said...

Dear God,

Please stop being a dick. I know you have some plan and all, but really, could you please stop trying to kill us all the time? None of us really knew Adam, anyway, so the whole "guilt by association" thing is getting pretty tenuous at best.


Paul said...

I presume, in an effort to not promote one religion over another, the governor will be donning a headdress and performing a rain dance, too?

Vamp DiVerL said...

Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing. Where are all the indians? Forget God, ask the indians to dance for it.

Shit, they have pipelines for oil, gee, why don't they start making pipelines for water instead of sitting on their asses and praying about it...get the fuck up and do something about it, sheesh...

Adam H said...

shrug. while i agree with everything said so far, i honestly don't care if they do this. our situation is getting desperate here in georgia, and in these times irrational people will do irrational things. if i still believed in the invisible sky pixie i'd be praying for rain too.

Kat said...

You know if I have to hear about "pray for this" or "pray for that" for much longer I'll go crazy.

Paul I like your idea.

Flippingj said...

Great Blog PM

Why can't Christians just accept it as part of gods perfect plan? If he really wanted it to rain it would. There is no reason to pray for it. I am sure if the rain is really needed god would understand the gravity of the situation and the rain will come forth.

Joe said...

Or, God has decided to expand the Mojave Desert a bit towards the east and the people in Georgia better get used to it.
Either way, I'm sure the sky daddy is paying attention.

Jennifer said...

I live in Savannah, GA, and heard about this on the radio this morning. I was irritated, but not really surprised. The radio DJ's only comment was, "So are they going to give God credit if it works?" Of course they will, dumbass...they'll give him credit even if it doesn't work...or it "works" five years from now.

As for mosquito abatement, I work for the county mosquito control out here, and although drought can indeed cut down on your nuisance mosquitoes (which tend to prefer floodwaters, or nice freshwater lakes and ponds), it can actually create *worse* conditions for your West Nile carriers. This is because they like to breed in mucky, dirty, standing water--an environment perfectly created by the urban storm drain system. Without regular rains flushing out the sewers, you get huge numbers of Cx. quinquefasciatus...and a big public health problem. So God's plan apparently also includes infecting people with encephalatic diseases. Deal with it, people...who are you to question God's will??

tina said...

I like Chris's comment. :) Why don't they just admit it, god works in mysterious ways and who are they to question? *snort*

Tlaloc said...


Rain God here. I'm not bringing forth any rain at all until there are some human sacrifices.

I'd like to see James Dobson, Pat Robertson and that creepy little Reed fellow, please.

Until then, nothing doing.

Tlaloc, the Aztec.

Hound Doggy said...

I won't defend my comment too strongly....but...I'm not sure there is anything that they can do to solve their problem. People need to do something to make them feel that they are not completely out of control.
If they want to pray, so be it.
If this will make them feel better, go for it.
This doesn't hurt anyone.

Steve said...

I think we need a new governor for this state.

redd said...

I'm here in Atlanta...and I had to work or I would have been with the AFS protesting!

What really sucks, IMO, is that, although he had clergy from the Jewish, Muslim and Hindu faiths join him, only the Christian ministers were allowed to pray into the mic. After all, we can't have Jehovah think Atlanta isn't a christian city...

Now I'm in the odd position of hoping it doesn't rain for another week, just so our idiot governor can't take credit for it.
(Yeah, yeah, I know; he will anyway, but the longer the wait between him bothering god and a downpour, the more pathetic his claim will seem...)

AlisonM said...

If I were a really angry atheist (which I am, some days, but not today) I'd be all uppity about separation of church and state. As it is, though, I just have to shake my head that people like this are the best and the brightest we can elect into office. *sigh*

Smart, innovative people could spend their time better coming up with solutions rather than praying for them to drop from the sky (heh), but let's get real. . .if these politicians were smart and innovative, they wouldn't be thinking of praying in the first place. Heck, if they were smart and innovative, they probably wouldn't be in politics. I guess that's why we have so few smart, innovative people in government.

Now I'm a depressed atheist. *SOB!*

steelcobra said...

Well, they got one storm despite their pointless efforts, but it was something like 1/12 of what they actually need to happen.

So it's more like Nature is teasing them. :P

Anonymous said...

1/12 of what they needed!!! The big sky daddy obviously is not impressed with their efforts..time to sacrifice a goat. And if that still doesn't work, they better start making some human sacrifices, that should appease him...may I suggest starting with the governor?