Thursday, November 22, 2007

Inside the Possum Den #5

Episode #5 of IPD.

Wherein Jack and I discuss; the resolution to the "In God We Trust"-posted-in-schools fiasco; "myths of atheism"; and topics I can't recall.

Enjoy! And, Happy Turkey Day.


Mark said...

I'd love to listen, but where's the link? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeebus. Can you tell I'm tired? Thank you for letting me know!! May the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you with an extra piece of pie today.
I'll fix it right now.

Mark said...

A few comments about this episode:

Regarding the book you read about Jesus's "lost" years: I understand that the book is supposed to be comedy, but Jesus giving Islam a try? Islam didn't turn up until 600 or so years after Jesus's death.

Regarding your comments about the Holocaust: It's quite a bit of a stretch to put the responsibility for the Holocaust on the church, or any religious institution. Certainly the general hatred for Jews in Europe at that time had a religious background, but Hitler, while being at least a member of the Catholic church, was not motivated by that. It's the same kind of fallacious argument that people use with Stalin and atheism.

Still, I enjoyed the podcast very much and am looking forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mark.
I'm not sure that we "put the responsibility for the Holocaust on the Church". If I remember correctly, we talked about the sanctioning of the Holocaust by the Catholic Church. That's quite different. Hitler and genocidal ambitions were responsible for the Holocaust. The Catholic Church, however, had a chance -and, in my opinion, a responsibility - to blow the whistle on the Nazi concentration camps and Hitler's ideas about Jews. They didn't. They, instead, took a position of "do nothing" and even "did nothing" when they had opportunity to intervene. There ARE a few priests who broke ranks and helped hide Jews and other minorities in various European countries, but... there are widely reported incidents of Bishops, Priests, Cardinals, Nuns, and other Catholic officials who blessed crowds of Jews before leading them into gas chambers. There are records of Catholic priests trying to get CONVERSIONS in camps - despite the fact that, even if they converted, they would be killed for "ethnic cleansing" purposes. The Catholic Church didn't actually round-up the Jews and give them to Hitler, but they didn't abide by the laws of humanity or morality and intervene. You are totally entitled to your opinion and I can respect it, but... I don't know that I can, in good conscience, overlook what I see as a massive failure of the Church.

And, we saw this repeated in Bosnia... only, it can be argued, that the Church was undeniably aware of genocide committed because of religious, "ethnic cleansing". They didn't exactly hop in to tell Catholics not to slaughter Orthodox or Islamic Albanians, Serbians, Croation, and/or Bosnians. Instead, they stood back and even retreated. That's inexcusable, to me.

And,... hahaha...yeah, the Lamb book is completely fictional. I may even be wrong about the Islamic years. I recall that there was a harem keeper who took in the fictional Jesus and Biff and he espoused many of the characteristics of the Muslim faith. You're right, though, of course, about the dates. ;)

Mark said...

In your first comment about the holocaust you said in the podcast:

The holocaust, where one religion [] decided "we don't want this other religion to be there, so let's just get rid of them".

That made me a bit uncomfortable.

But you are certainly right that the Church failed massively during those years, by any reasonable standard, not to mention the high moral standard they claim for themselves.

Chakolate said...

What player is used to play the podcast? Firefox tells me there's a plugin missing, but when I ask it to install the plugin, Firefox tells me it's an unknown plugin.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Thanks for another episode. I will listen to it on Sunday while i am doing the shopping.