Monday, November 05, 2007

Big John and the Scary Stalker Blog of Doom

I'm sure most of you are aware that John R. took his show on the road and settled in at his very own hate blog! Our little Johnny is all growed' up. *tear*

Today's blog, entitled "Possummomma comments" is a trip (and not in that "HMS Lollypop" kind of way). Despite the title, I've not made any of the comments he's responding to. I'll let you all decide if you want to read his manic little rant, but...I do have to comment, pointedly, on a few things he's said.

1. The girls' clothes. Apparently, in John's opinion, a steady supply of Gymboree and jeans is a one way ticket to the land of Hookers and Blow. Short of putting the girls in burkhas or dressing them circa 19th century, I'm pretty much at a loss. And, because this apparently can't be said too many times, it's not necessary to cover every inch of skin to maintain a sense of decorum and modesty.

2. The drugs. (LOL) John accuses me of being 'on drugs'. Yeah...I'm on drugs; antimalarials, antibiotics, steroids, and pain meds make me ca-razey. I was sitting here, zoning off into space thinking, "Damn. I'm sure glad I got lupus so I could take all of these drugz." NOT! I would say that John can't possibly be this monumentally dense, but... ya' just never know with John. So, here's a tutorial John. This is how life works in the world we call home, but which you refer to as the "culture of death". When people get sick, their doctors give them medications to alleviate the symptoms or cure the illness. Accepting pain medication from a reputable, controlled pharmacy isn't the same as asking Sir Drugs-a-lot, on the corner, for a bag of Kibbles and Bits or a "z". Narcotics use, while I'm sure can be fun when you're not in fucking PAIN, does not make one a junky. And, while it's tempting to cut the antibiotics with smack, I'm just not that kind of girl. I'm high off life in your culture of death, John. The only person who says "Pain pills are the easy way!" has never been in pain.

3. I can haz the power? . Just in case you all weren't aware, it is John's opinion that I am dragging you into my atheist agenda and pulling you away from a testimonkey from God. I am using you all to further my "secular agenda". Because, none of you could've been atheists before I came around...or something. Of course, because John said it and it must be so, I am going to hereby request that, from here on out, you all refer to me as "The Great and Mighty Possummomma." K? Thanks!

4. "She's high and can't drive." Well, not really. I mean, I suppose I could be totally selfish and drive around while under the influence of carefully prescribed and monitored medications, but...then, what would all the alcoholic do with their lives? I really don't want to steal their thunder. The important thing to note here, John, is that I can, in fact, drive. I choose, however, not to. Normally, that's a sign of self-awareness and self-accountability. I realize that your big sky daddy has taken those things away from you, but please do try to follow along.



Betsy said...


I grew up wearing long dresses, not wearing jeans, etc... (probably not long enough for John, but they came to mid-calf). What always pissed me off is that men could wear jeans tight enough to show their "packages", sit however they wanted, etc... and nothing was said.

As for drugs - John's ideas about pain being caused by being far from "god" is the exact reason so many women I knew as a child never asked for help when they were sick. Being sick, being sad, etc... was a spiritual problem, not a physical one. Instead they struggled on in pain and were miserable mothers and wives. The kids got the brunt of their problems because they always had to put on the perfect face when their husbands came home.

Not touching the obedience crap.

Matthew said...

Well, I do have to admit that I'm drawn to your ummm "secular notions" (and intelligence)... but given that you're a humanist I can hardly see the "culture of death" thing. That would apply more to me as a neo-objectivist. ;-)

corn said...

Perhaps you should pray to the almighty lord God that he take your lupus away. If you'd like I can put in a call to Benny Hinn so he can heal you in the name of Jesus.*

Perhaps you should also pray that he'll end the strike, pick the winning numbers for you, and get you tickets to the Hannah Montana show. If you could also put in a good word for me I've been eyeing a new Audi S4 in black.

*Limitations and exclusions apply. No money back guarantee. Void where prohibited or taxed by law. All proceeds benefit the spiritual work of Jesus Christ or the exorbitant lifestyle of his servant on earth.

Saurian200 said...


I have officially given up on him. I tried for a while to engage him. Granted that was more for my own beneift as well as anyone reading. (I hope I was at least entertaining.)

It seems no one is reading his blog. (Well, a few people from here have gone over for a look but that's it.) Maybe when he realizes the only one he's talking to is himself he'll finally give up. I doubt it. Still, I've taken this oppurtunity to finish with our *ahem* dialouge.

I neither know nor care where he'll go from here.

amarullis said...

The Great and Mighty Possummomma,

Thank you for leading me to atheism... oh no, wait reading the bible led me to atheism, knowing hypocritical members of the christian faith pulled me further, and finally the realization that not having an end all explanation for the meaning/ purpose of life is the way things are supposed to be. Sorry, you had nothing to do with it.

p.s. You are still great and mighty. I am going through some tough health issues and I can barely hold myself up. You are there for your husband and children, but your strength really shows when you stand up for yourself.

trust n truth said...

"The only person who says "Pain pills are the easy way!" has never been in pain."

I have found this to be (sadly) true. I have chronic and debilitating migraines that make some days near impossible to get through, even with medication. I HATE taking medication, and I've been seeking alternative methods in the hopes of at least lessening the amounts I take right now, but if I want to be a functioning human being and a mother and a wife, I really don't have a choice.

It took my husband many years and four-month long very horrible sinus infection before he finally understood how taxing it is--physically, mentally, emotionally--to have to deal with constant pain.

John's comments on pain are laughable. I started getting these migraines when I was two years old, and I spent the first half of my life as a very devout Bible-thumper. Being a good little Christian didn't save me from the pain--and I would like to know what my little toddler self did to deserve a lifetime of headaches and nausea--and in fact a couple of my worst episodes had me fainting during hymns or closing prayer. I gave up on praying for a "cure" long before I gave up God.

Milo Johnson said...


That is one sick fuck.

Hugo said...

Strange, the last comment on that post is under your name Possummomma but it seems that Johnnyboy modified it.
I think you can still delete it and if I were you I'd not post comments or post about that sad excuse for a human's "blog".
Ignoring it will probably be the best course of action, the only readers he gets are from you.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "modified" it? How would he have been able to post using my name at all? How would I know? There are some posts of his that have been erased and I wondered if he had done that, but now it says they've been erased by a blog administrator. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

This bloke is a classic sad-case stalker. Read this post for suggestions. Basically you ignore him.

Anonymous said...

This bloke is a classic sad-case stalker. Read this post for suggestions. Basically you ignore him.

Poodles said...

Truth n Truth,
Have you tried taking anti-seizure meds? I used Topamax and helped reduce the number of migraines I had (and was a great appetite supressant).

trust n truth said...

Poodles: I have heard so many horror stories about Topomax, I've been afraid to ask about it!

I started out taking Zomig, and took it for a year, and it didn't really do much. Now I'm taking Amitriptylin as a preventative (though I'll be weaning off of it soon because it's not preventing anything!), and Darvocet as an abortive, which has been pretty effective, but I don't want to take it every day. I'm also going to a physical therapist who has been helping me relieve a great deal of tension in my neck, shoulders, and back.

Poodles said...

Truth n Truth

I didn't have any side effects from the topamax (except the appetite control thing which was good for me). I does diminish the effects of birth control too.

My bosses husband uses oxygen to aleviate his. That is nice because it isn't a drug and is cheap.

Ian Adams said...

In regards to covering up every inch of a woman's body, it's actually rather unhealthy, increasing risk of numerous diseases, including cancer and rickets.