Monday, October 29, 2007

Nice weather - NOT!

That's the pisser about discussing tornados. They find you. DOH!
So, as you can see from the pics, we are having an exciting evening. I'll put captions in, since it looks like the worst has past. Fun, fun. I think we lost some tree.


john said...

How can you be such a student of the natural world and gods creation but not give him the credit. You take lots of pictures of clouds with gods heavenly lights shining through but you won't accept that it's gods creation your admiring. Your taken some nice phots but ripping off the creator. He gives you those clouds and sun and wind and rain and what you love. He has given you a special talent and you won't thank him. It makes me sad.

Chris said...

A bit unrelated, but this post reminded me of it, especially considering it was the last page I was viewing before checking up on this blog (no, really):

The oldest known photograph of a tornado

That's kind of creepy, actually. Can you imagine a time before photographs of other states or countries were easy to obtain via newsreels, newspapers, tv or the internet? And then can you imagine seeing that image for the first time, finally putting an image to the tornados you might have heard stories about? **shudder** If they wanted to get across it's a freaky occurance, this should have done it.

Chris said...

John: So you say, but once again you do not back up your claim about god at all.

The way I see it, it's the fuzzy-naveled, blue heffalump that created all this (Thanks PM). Prove me wrong, not using any of the failed attempts you've been repeating over and over.

Anonymous said...

Did you just compliment me? I think I might pass out. :)
Unfortunately, your compliment had to be accompanied by your ecumenical agenda. :(
I love the natural world. The fact that there's such solid science behind everything in the natural world makes me love it all the more. It makes ME sad that you won't take the time to learn about the science behind the beauty.

Chris, that pic is amazing!!! And, you made an extremely interesting point about how that picture must have been viewed by previous generations. And, you're welcome for the fuzzy heffalump reference. :) It's kid friendly.

Anonymous said...

Fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes! Californians get all the fun.

Those are great photos, BTW! Just wish they weren't spoiled by John's comments....

tina said...

The tornado in the link is scary as hell.

Bwian said...

"You take lots of pictures of clouds with gods heavenly lights shining through"

Am I the only one having a mirror-universe Star Trek moment?

Cue Lt. Uhura:
"They don't worship the Son of God. They worship the Sun, of God. Ra. They're just starting to worship Ra."