Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stupidity abounds at Focus on the Fam

Focus on Family: Sexual orientation can change
By Electa Draper Denver Post Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 09/18/2007 06:15:17 AM MDT

Focus on the Family, the Colorado Springs-based Christian media ministry, on Monday endorsed a recent study finding that it is possible, through religious mediation, to change one's sexual orientation.
"This study bolsters our position of advocating for people's right to self-determination," said Melissa Fryrear, director of Focus' Gender Issues Department, in a statement.
Focus on the Family is a worldwide media ministry broadcasting in 26 languages.
The results were more promising than expected, with 67 percent of study participants reporting "a change toward heterosexual orientation or ... successfully continuing to work towards that goal," Fryrear said.
Study findings were first released last week in a book, "Ex—Gays? A Longitudinal Study of Religiously Mediated Change in Sexual Orientation."
The researchers Stanton L. Jones of Wheaton College and Mark A. Yarhouse of Regent University tracked men and women who had undergone a program of group discussions, counseling, journal writing, Scripture reading and prayer to change their gender orientation.
Study results are comparable with the success rates for dealing with "other difficult issues," such as depression, Fryrear said.
The American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association state that homosexuality is not a mental disorder, but a normal variant of human sexual behavior.
The associations recommend against any practitioners' attempts to change the behavior.
The study disputes this, said Fryrear, who previously self-identified as a homosexual.
"This study was very biased and very slanted," said Ryan Acker, director of the Pikes Peak Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Colorado Springs.
"People should be very skeptical about this study," he said.
Acker said he found it frustrating that Focus on the Family does not accept and respect people for who they are regardless of their sexual orientation.
"If someone has unwanted same-sex attraction, it is their right to seek alternatives to change," Fryrear said.


Poodles said...

That probably won't be the last time stupidity and Focus on the family are used in the same sentence.

aimee said...

These studies drive me crazy. My husband and I were talking about this last night. It wasn't that long ago that the PRESIDENT of one of those organizations that would turn gays back into straight said himself it was a bunch of BS. I will try to find this and post it later.

I think all they do is brainwash and guilt these people into 'thinking' they are straight. This leaves them very unhappy because they aren't free to be who they are and be with who they want to be with. So they marry a woman, have kids, and ruin several lives instead, or commit suicide.

It's like my husband said, there isn't anything you could do to make him NOT be attracted to women anymore and then make him be attracted to men instead. You like who you like and it pisses me off that there are people out there that think this has to be dealt with. That gay people are going through a phase, it's a choice and they are just in need of some godly direction.

Humanist Mama said...

I wonder if their main subject was Ted Haggard? You know, he used to have the gay and now he's straight :)s

Anonymous said...

*sniff* Is that bad science I smell?

Ditto what Poodles said.

badger3k said...

I guess that Focus on Everyone Else's Family would be comfortable with this:

"If someone has unwanted other-sex attraction, it is their right to seek alternatives to change,"


(side note - don't you hate it when blogger/google uses unreadable font for word verification?)

yuyay (formerly Sarah) said...

Sounds like that 67% are just closing the closet door again and will maybe try to use stronger locks this time. Doesn't change what's behind the door.

Betsy (B.) said...

A cousin of mine was forced to try one of those programs, not inpatient, but counseling, journaling, praying, etc... at the time he really wanted it to work. With his religious upbringing and religious family, he was destined to lose everything if he couldn't change. He did everything they told him to and has now been living happily - and monogamously -with another man for 4 years. His family barely speaks to him, won't visit, and refuses to meet his partner. It's a load of crap.

My guess is that 67% is so frightened of losing what my cousin lost and more - friends, family, jobs - that they, as yuyay said, just go back in the closet with stronger locks and a better cover, like wife and kids.

Milo Johnson said...

The corollary would then be that it is possible to change one's orientation from straight to gay, right? Now, I can only speak for myself but I'd be no more interested in sex with men than I would be in sex with Bassett Hounds or ostriches, no matter how much "christian" intervention I received!

Welcome back, PM. STAY better this time, okay?