Friday, September 07, 2007

McCann evidence...talking out loud.

I'm still sick, but the various news agencies reporting on Maddy have kept my attention from the pain.
I know that this is an atheist blog, but... I have been wishing for the happiest of endings (Madeleine being "found" and being alive and happy) from the beginning. I have four possums, as you all know, and the thought of any child going missing scares the ever loving crap out of me. Plus, Madeleine resembles my daughter and is about the same, I guess I got sucked in.

I was just watching BBC News on satellite - a reporter who was at the police dept. in Portugal said he heard an investigator say that Madeleine's neck was broken. !!!!?!?! OMG. Does that mean they have her body somewhere? Was Madeleine found? I'm going through every possible way you could diagnose, without a body, the method in which someone died and I'm just coming up at a loss. Sure, forensics may have shown blood on certain items within the apartment...and, we do have Kate saying that she "found" Cuddle Cat on the high shelf. *thinks*

Is it possible that Kate and Gerry, while trying to settle down an excited and rambunctious Madeleine ("Wherever she is, she's giving them trouble." - Kate McCann), placed Cuddle Cat on the high shelf? Maybe it was one of those "when you calm down and go to sleep, we'll give you your toy back." Then the parents leave for their dinner. Madeleine waits for them to leave and then climbs the shelf...only, she falls and her neck lands on the back of the chair she'd pushed up to the shelf to aid her Cuddle Cat rescue mission. Kate returns to find Madeleine with a broken neck. Being a doctor, she finds Maddy not breathing (or breathing poorly) and gives her an emergency tracheotomy...only, it goes wrong and the blood gets on Madeleine. Kate panics..."I'm a doctor and my child has just died due to my negligence!" She goes to get Gerry and the Tapas crew (doctors) and they try to revive Madeleine. All of them, by this point, are accessories (this would explain the Tapas 9 pact) to a crime. All of them would stand to lose their licenses for malpractice and negligence. Worse,...they've left their children, too. One even states that his five year old was vomiting persistently and had her jammies in the sink. Were they HER jammies? Or, were they Madeleines? Did the Tapas9 dad take the clothes from the crime scene?!? The girls are similar heights. It wouldn't look strange for a father who claims his daughter was ill to be washing some jammies in the sink. AND, since we know the PJ did a hack job of an investigation...they'd overlook it. This theory - and that's all it is- would explain sooooo many things. And, it would explain why one of the Tapas9 (Jane) claimed she saw a small child being carried towards the beach in a blanket, by a man. She told the truth...sort of, but that man may have been someone she knew. Nine adults, professionals all,... doctors, at that. It's not as if they'd be unfamiliar with the best ways to hide a body or work around death. A body weighted down in an ocean would disappear at the claws of crabs and fish (which Luz is known for) and leave no evidence. Or, did the "dark man" carry her little body to a car. The car with the blood stains in the trunk is allegedly the same car that had been rented by a Tapas 9 member at the time Madeleine disappeared. It seems logical that, when the 9 went back to England, Gerry would want to guarantee he had that car (that had transported his daughter's body).
That poor little baby girl. :( I hope....HOPE HOPE HOPE, that I am wrong. I hope that my imagination is running wild. Please...I would love to be proven wrong on this.

But, as I've said before,...Kate and Gerry have always struck me as people who weren't being completely honest. The body language (note how Gerry touches his ears and face whenever he says "she was abducted" other time. Only then.). Note Kate's use of the phrase, "THEY have taken her." Why not "She's gone!"? Why not, "OMG, has anyone seen Madeleine?!"? Or, "Madeleine is missing!"? How would she know that Madeleine had been taken? How would she know it was a "they" and not a "he"/"she"/or "SOMEONE"? "Someone has taken her!"
Why would Kate run from a place where her daughter has just been abducted, leaving her twins behind? There's no line of sight to the Tapas bar. None. That's bunk. But, she left her babies? Does that strike you as odd? I think it is. Why not pick up the phone and immediately call the front desk and get them to ring the police AND the Tapas 9 in the bar? Why not run upstairs to the neighbor who's spoken with you before this event? WHY NOT ACCEPT THE NEIGHBOR'S OFFER TO CALL THE POLICE!?! Maybe because that neighbor also heard Madeleine screaming two days prior to the "abduction" date? The neighbor heard Madeleine screaming, "I want my daddy!" repeatedly while her parents dined at the bar. Kind of blows the whole, "They went to bed easily." claim out of the water, doesn't it?
And,... as I said a couple of months ago... how were the McCann's so sure that the body wasn't in the scrub? Why did they show no emotion at the suggestion, other than to say the "notion is ludicrous..."? Perhaps because they KNEW her body wasn't there. That's not where they put it.
Why was there not a late-night, Tapas 9 inspired search of this little resort town? Maybe because they needed the attention to be focused at the apartment while the body was taken to a safe holding place or disposed of? My friend Woof and I were talking about this back in May and I was floored that Kate could even sit still the day after. I know people say you can't know what you would do in situations like these...but, I do know I wouldn't have waited two hours to call the police. And, I know that, short of sedation, you wouldn't have been able to keep me from walking the neighborhood, knocking on every door and checking in every window. This just doesn't add up! Why the European tour? Maybe because, yet again, we need to take the focus far from Luz? It's the magician's trick - "Look over here...we're seeing the Pope."

Why did the Catholic priest stop seeing the McCann's? Why is Kate now buddy buddy with an Anglican priest and his wife? The confessional is sacred. Did the priest hear more than he bargained for? Did Kate's guilt or Gerry's guilt come out in the sanctuary of the confessional? And,... my biggest "wtf?" moment; The McCann's have been the epitome of silence. Gerry stormed off a television show saying, "We CANNOT talk about this investigation or suspects in this case. We CANNOT tell you if Madeleine was sleeping or awake when we left." He was adamant that, due to secrecy laws in Portugal, that any information might compromise the case. However, the instant the critical eye turns to them, the McCann family can't seem to shut up! So much for secrecy laws, huh? So much for not wanting to contaminate an investigation.

Ok. I'll stop.
I love children. I *HATE* knowing that some people would treat their child with less care than they'd treat a purse with a $100 bill tucked inside. I'm sorry guys... I just needed to vent.


Psychodiva said...

It's a quite coherent rant / vent tho :)
good to say it out loud - sometimes when I get back from watching yet another litle girl's video-interview about what happened to her, or from another court appearance where the molester got away with it I throw a few things around the office and yell a bit- and it helps lol

Stew said...

Many have said that the Portuguese police are hopeless, and perhaps they are.
I wonder tho if they may have been doing a "Columbo" all along.

"er, just one more question Mrs McCann . . . ."

B. said...

I was wondering the other day how Mrs. McCann could, as you said, be sitting still and not out looking. Going to church, touring Europe, visiting the Pope of all things? My son was missing for 1/2 an hour after school a few days ago; he didn't get off the bus at the right stop; the bus driver claimed he never got on the bus, and I was frantic, calling people, driving around, running down the streets bawling my head off with all sorts of horrible scenarios running through my mind. We found him thanks to an older kid who walked him to a cop's house, but - I don't see how you could NOT be absolutely nuts.

DiVerL said...

I'm woof on another blog, but here I'm diverl.

Pm, I too hope your imagination is running wild. You gotta understand the media can twist things around pretty hard.

My husband's cousin is a teacher and recently had her named drug through the media as a child molester. There were similar cases happening at the same time here in our area. She lost her job because of it. The media made her out to be some horrible person saying things that weren't true. Come to find out months later the media quietly said she wasn't as guilty as they had thought.

She's able to teach again, but she'll have a hard time getting hired because of what the media did to her.

Still, I would've been frantic. These people were just to calm, I don't care if they are "professionals", maybe being able to guard their emotions. When your kids is missing, it's not like you lost you lost your dog. Wait, I'd even be frantic about that too.

Remember, the media is always out for sensationally over dramatizing broadcasting.

Chakolate said...

I'm sorry, I have to say it: I think your speculation is unconscionable. The McCanns may be lousy parents but so far I have seen *nothing* that looks like real evidence. Blood 'found' months later? The sample must have been extremely degraded.

Police are not above cooking evidence, especially when they believe they know what happened, and there's media pressure to solve the case.

As for believing they know what happened, well, we all know what idiocies belief leads to.

I don't know if they did it or not, and it's not my place to judge. But rampant speculation will make it impossible for the McCanns, should they be charged, to get a fair trial.

Erp said...

I agree we have to be careful in judging whether the parents are guilty. The police are under a lot of pressure to solve this and may grab whom they can in order to solve the case.

Consider the case of Kennedy Brewer who was convicted of rape and murder of his girlfriend's 3 year old daughter. The conviction was put aside when the semen DNA turned out not to be his. The police instead of looking for the man (or actually men since the semen seems to have come from two different men) who actually raped the girl are retrying Brewer for the crime.
The only direct evidence against Brewer were 'bite marks' on the body. However the expert witness on that is controversial and other expert witnesses state that there weren't any bite marks much less bite marks that matched Brewer.

To bring this back to atheism, the controversial expert witness claims his rate of error is "something less than my savior, Jesus Christ."

Gramomster said...

I gotta say, I would have been madly looking for this child as well. I've had the unenviable experience of having a little brother abducted. He was found several hours later, but let me just tell you... the instant my sister discovered him missing (she was 14, had him at the park with another little guy), she went to the first payphone ('83), called my mom, called the cops, found me, and we ALL, along with other friends who we ran into, looked into every bush, public restroom, tree, play structure etc in that park, scoured the neighborhood, called his name, whatever we could think of doing, for about 6 hours. Just as the sun was going down (summer, so about 10pm), this little blond guy just appears in the park, holding a creepy porcelain cat. My mom was so freaked by this time, she couldn't believe it was really him. He still hasn't really talked about it (he was 5 then, 29 now and a father of 2), other than an occassional reference to 'that guy in the park'. For me, it was the singular scariest episode of my life, and it has colored every moment of my parent years. My kids are now 22, 17 and 15, and I'm still anxious, though less so. It sucks. Waiting for someone else to do anything would never have entered any of our minds.
b., I feel you. My youngest, when in Kindergarten, got left at school twice by the bus driver. The second time, the after-school care person called me to make sure he'd gone to school, as he hadn't gotten off of the bus, and his sister was adamant that he'd gone to school, and was hysterical. I worked 30 minutes away from home, and this was an hour and a half after school let out, due to the length of the bus ride. Talk about feeling helpless. My little guy was found quivering under a slide at school by one of the daycare workers who rushed over to the school to look, tear-stained and traumatized. Very shy boy, too scared to come out and find anyone before the teachers left for the night. I quit my job that day.
Missing kids suck. It consumes every thought, every bit of energy until a resolution is found. This thing with Maddie is unspeakable sad, and the likelihood that she's okay drops every day.

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Don't forget to email paypal and ask that the million pounds they've collected is returned to their rightful owners.

Nicholas said...

I have no idea what happened here. I do know that in murder and reported abductions, the close relatives are always the frst suspects. Now that both parents have been officially named as suspects, we have to believe that the Portugese police have something to base that on. I am surprised that they allowed the McCanns to leave the country. The interesting thing will be whether the McCanns go back to Portugal when they are required to do so, or try to stay in England.

Jennifer said...


I feel for you, I really do, but I'm afraid I have to echo the caution given by chokolate and erp. I understand you were venting, but I must admit I was kind of disturbed reading this post. You've basically done nothing more than pulled an imaginary story out of thin air, based on a minimal amount of evidence. If there's any one quality which should exemplify an "atheist blog," I would hope it would be examining ALL the evidence available before drawing a conclusion (even if your emotions are drawing you in a certain direction).

Child abduction/murder cases, because of their nature, are understandably very difficult to remain calm and detached over. This case is especially terrible, too, because even if the McCanns ARE innocent, they still are "guilty" of leaving their kids unattended (indeed, I realize that that's probably where a lot of your anger is coming from).

But let's just focus on what we do know for now--the McCanns are being questioned as possible suspects, but that doesn't mean they've been convicted. If anything--as another poster mentioned--it seems to me that it's very unusual to NOT assume the suspecthood (is that a word?) of the people who see a victim last and/or the people closest to the victim. The fact is that if you were murdered tomorrow, Mr. P would be the first suspect until he could provide an alibi. It's just the way the system works (if anything, I agree with what was said, that they should have been suspected sooner, simply because of this fact).

Anyways, hope to hear some more from you soon.

fejkat said...

I've got to agree with Jennifer - a caution on media prejudice in this case similar to our own 'Azaria Chamberlain and the Dingo' - where media speculation destroyed this innocent family's lives and sent mum to jail. See the comparison in today's Sydney Morning Herald -

Vincent said...

Yes, your imagination is running wild. Until we have some release of evidence, we have no way of knowing what happened in that room that night.

I agree though that the aftermath has been disturbing to say the least. You said:

"And, I know that, short of sedation, you wouldn't have been able to keep me from walking the neighborhood, knocking on every door and checking in every window."

Heck, I couldn't find my CATS one day and was frantic running round the neighborhood knocking on doors, peering behind bushes. (they were hiding in the closet the whole time)