Friday, September 07, 2007

Madeleine McCann

I'm not going to say "told ya'", but... Kate McCann is now the primary suspect in the murder of her daughter.

I knew there was something hinky from the get-go.


Hugo said...

It's ok to say told ya!
And don't forget, these people were in the church faster than a speeding car and got to have an audience with the pope who put his magic woowoo hands on Maddie's picture. (I read some reports of psychics involved too)
Plus they raised almost £1mln, it is a shame that that money will now be used in defense of a likely suspect (the Maddie fund rules are suspiciously liberal in the use of the money)

Xzanron said...

I'm not going to give too much weight to this change in status.

Given how the police in Portugal have handled the matter so far (how many months before a forensic examination of the room took place?!!) I suspect they are clutching at straws.

The only good thing really to come of this is that the McCanns' libel action against a Portuguese paper will collapse. The paper printed that the police considered the parents suspects, the McCanns' sued for libel.

Unlike US libel law (as I understand it), in the EU it's the job of the defendant to prove what they said was accurate, which I think they've just had done rather conclusively for them.

Andy said...

Need I say more.

I've had no sympathy for the McCanns since it emerged they went to dinner and left the kids in the apartment.

I'm not a parent, but I kind of got the idea that you weren't supposed to leave them alone at that age.

guri / benguri said...

I've been very sceptical of the whole story too.

Interestingly on BBC Radio 4 this morning there was some comments made that by naming her as a suspect the police can ask some more specific questions.

The one the presenter mentioned was: "Did you sedate Maddie?"

Shonky! As we say over here.

BTW love the blog!

Poodles Rule said...


aimee said...

Can anyone say Jon Benet? Just like that case, I think unfortunately nothing will come of this.

DiVerL said...

How funny, I just sent you an email about this, apparently you got the news late last nite...hmmm, I wonder how this'll turn out...?

Anonymous said...

Not only do I share P-Momma's suspicions, but I'm with Andy 100%, and I am a parent.

What got my goat a while back is that I went to look up this story at, the couple of posters who said what Andy said were jumped on severely by nearly all the other posters who were 1) all praying to god for the girl's safe return, and 2) screaming about how those couple of posters were heartless and that they (the rest of the posters) hope that something like that would happen to these "heartless" people (some people couldn't see irony if it bit them in the ass).

Daniel J. said...

Hey, just don't start doing the confirmation bias thing when it turns out you were right all along: "Every time I've predicted some nutjob was evil when they went to pray to god about ... whatever, I was right, so send me money. I've been right 100% of the time so far"
Thank you for your podcast. Keep pointing bullshit out wherever you see it.

Psychodiva said...

Not so sure myself about this- the Portuguese police HAVE to name her a suspect or they cannot ask her certain questions as her rights are different until she is named as a suspect.

I also believe the media here has a lot to answer for by portraying them as guilty and putting out very incorrect and hyped up information - what i think has happened here is that the couple are now being hoist on their own petard as by using the media for their own ends- publicity to get Maddie back- they have become so familiar to the media hounds that the 'innocence' has worn off and the media is now gounning for them.

I do not believe until there is clear evidence, that the parents had anything to do with Maddie's disappearance- and that is speaking as a forensic psychologist who spends every day assessing crimes and crminals- unless there is some form of Munchausen's by proxy or some deeper form of psychopathology I think that these two qualified doctors could have found a much easier way of killing a child than one that got all this publicity and has ended up with them beinfg villified.

I don't think that just because they are a religious couple who have used the church to their advantage for publicity- that we should vilify them and seek to blame them where there is no actual evidence. If my children were ever hurt or kidnapped I would use everything in my arsenal to get them back and use as much publicity as I could- I think what we are seeing here are the acts of desperate parents- please odn't hang them just because they are religious or that just makes us as bad as the religious nits in this world.

Anonymous said...

I'm not villifying them for their religion. I've always said that my beef is that they left THREE children, under the age of three, in a dangerous situation. If a nanny had done the same as these parents and the girl disappeared, the nanny would undoubtedly be prosecuted. She'd be charged with neglect - probably by Maddy's parents! The "checking on the kids" and the "We could see the apt. the whole time" has been proven to be a bold faced lie and physically impossible. I'm "villifying" them because they're choices suck. There was no visible tampering or "break in" evidence. Their daughter goes missing and they wait two hours to contact the police? They traipse all of their friends through the room Maddy was supposedly asleep in because they were "looking for her"? How many places were there to hide and how many people really needed to check that room? Why would Kate run from the apt. screaming "THEY have taken her."? Why not, "Maddy is missing!" or "Has anyone seen Maddy?" or "OMG! Maddy is gone." But, no..."THEY have taken her?" The time line doesn't add up. The stories don't line up. Why have a "pact of silence" between the Tapas 9? Kate finds Madeleine missing and LEAVES THE APARTMENT to run all the way back to the restaurant to tell the group? Um. Hello!? She left her TWINS (2 year olds) alone after finding one of her children was "missing"? Why not just pop on the phone and ring up the front desk and have them summons Gerry and the PJ? Would you leave your twins? And, how did sooooooo many people traipse through a room where twins were sleeping but never wake them?
Why would Maddy's blood be on car keys that were in the McCann's possession 5 weeks AFTER her abduction?
Why would her blood be in the trunk of said rental car?
Why would Cuddle Cat (which Kate had been carrying) be a positive hit with the cadaver dog? And, more importantly, knowing such, why would Kate immediately wash it for the first time?? Singularly, none of these things screams "hinky"...but, together?!

Poor poor little girl. :(

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my crappy grammar...I'm in the hospital and not concentrating well.

DiVerL said...

I had just tried to call you and Possum #2 answered and said you weren't home...I thought that was unusual...I was thinking you having another go around with the school...sorry to hear your in the hospital.

Another news the DAD, Gerry is being considered a suspect too, per CNN.

All I can think about is when we talked about this right after it happened. It hadn't even hit the US yet. We, being parentS, would've been scouring the neighborhoods ourselves if our children were missing. But these parents, were what, off to church? That was the first clue to us, WASN'T IT?

I'd've been walking around all NIGHT screaming out my kids name----ALL NIGHT!

DiVerL said...

My crappy's you're in the hospital, not your...I hate when others do that, and I just did it myself....AHHH!

Just so you know I'm not trying to slag "church" either...I can think of other ways to get the media's attention that going to church...

Psychodiva said...

I do see that the evidence is building up against them- but still I think I will wait until everything is laid out- innocent people have been put in prison before on eveidence such as this- maybe it is because I work with the police and courts every day that i don't want to judge until all the evidence is in- and we are only getting information through the media- i know from personal experience of taking serious cases through courts that the media very very often portrays a slanted view of the 'evidence'.

Yes I agree their choices suck and they should never have left the kids on their own or done many of the things they have been accused of doing or have admitted to doing- However, I disagree that because she didn't act as others would have acted and maybe as i would have acted- and didn't say the things you or I would have said that that makes her sound guilty- again personal experience of taking cases through court has shown me that people react in ver different ways t serious and heart rending situations.

I know you are not personally getting at them just for being churchgoers- and you are not responsible for comments made to your posts but the impression given by them is that the mcCanns are being blamed for going to the church - I am an atheist and would never rely on the church for anything- i beleive these people used what they knew and that was it.

as for Jon Benet - a slightly similar case but much more went on with that one - maybe more will come out about the McCanns- I don't believe so but like any true scientist I am waiting for the evidence and will change my mind when and if that evidence proves my hypothesis to be false

I don't think we can read anything into what they are doing until all the evidence is in.

Anonymous said...

but like any true scientist I am waiting for the evidence and will change my mind when and if that evidence proves my hypothesis to be false

And,'ve exposed my weakness. I can be objective in many aspects of my life, but not when it comes to potential child endangerment or harm. Unfortunately, I lose all objectivity when a child's life is treatened or at stake. Couple that with deep seated skepticality and you get...well, me. My mind will go in nine directions. I'm not saying they should be arrested or anything based on my paranoia and imagination. Far from it. I just hope that I'm not right. And, if they are responsible...I hope that there's such concrete evidence that they can't pull an OJ Simpson or a John & Patricia Ramsey.

Psychodiva said...

Completely understand what you mean

I deal with abused and neglected - and severely sexually assaulted kids every day- it's one of the reasons I get so stressed and depressed - but I have to remain objective and wait for the evidence or I would ruin a court case entirely and the offender would get away with it. I don't have the luxury of losing objectivity.

I hope along with you that maddie is alive and well- I very very much doubt it tho- experience and contact with police officers who have dealt with such cases tells me she is probably dead - experience and reasearch also tells me that most children are hurt and abused by their own family members and stranger danger is extremely rare- so I wouldn't be suprised if the parents had something to do with it - I just can't stop being the professional criminologist that i am and waiting for the evidence :)

Copie said...

Please help me to help the McCann Family in its time of crisis by sending them a Family “Blessing from God” certificate from the website

The McCanns will gain great strength and comfort when they receive one of these tasteful Blessing from God complete with your personal best wishes.

God bless you
Reverend Thomas

Anonymous said...

Copie...what's that old saying, "If you can't say something nice...". I hope you were joking about a bunch of atheists sending the McCons warm, fuzzie prayer mail.

Here's my version:
Dear Drs. Mc-Con,
Hope the tapas and wine were worth it. You have a board of trustees set up to monitor your money, but your daughter was on her own. That says something...