Saturday, August 04, 2007

Podcast #2

In this episode, we answer some listener mail, talk about the ACLU and an LDS Missionary, and take you on a "creation vacation".
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There's a kitchen sink in there somewhere. ;)

Music: Baba O'Riley, by the Who

For the next episode, I'd love to hear from people living outside of the United States. How do you feel your country deals with atheists? Is your country "atheist friendly"? E-mail us at or leave a comment here.


Anonymous Economist said...

I'm from India. Here too there are a very few people who openly declare themselves to be atheists while organized religions have a large following. What's even worse, many of the scientific and technological elite are themselves religious. Being an atheist is not too uncomfortable socially, but that is because it is so hard to get anyone to take a declaration of atheism seriously. "Oh, you must be a secret believer. Or you will convert on your deathbed."

But, to compensate, there is one interesting indigenous strand of anti-religious thinking. India has had the caste system where social discrimination, including untouchability, was justified by religion. As a result social struggles against caste have often been anti-religious too. A few of them rejected all religions and were openly atheistic. Many others sought to replace organised Hinduism and its scriptures with vague 'mysticism' and universal love. One of the greatest modern leaders of the untouchables, Ambedkar, publicly renounced Hinduism and converted to Buddhism.

Also, the communist movement continues to be influential in parts of India and pressure from the communist parties and their cultural organizations often force the mainstream centrist parties to take positions against fundamentalism and religion-based politics.

smellincoffee said...

Skeptoid is a neat podcast that I've started listening to recently; their shows aren't very long (typically around ten minutes), but very informative.

I live in Alabama, and we are a state happily mired in the 1960s; atheists who let their infidelity be known are putting themselves at risk for hate crimes.

Steve said...

Another good podcast. I hope AJR comes forward.

I don't think going on a "creation vacation" would be very much fun, if you only go to see artificial things that someone else made, instead of recognizing them for the natural wonders that they really are.

Pablo said...

I'm from Spain and I've never had any problem when talking about my atheism, and I don't know anyone who's had any kind of problems. Well, just my 2 cents ;)

Btw, I've started recently to read this blog, and it's already bookmarked on my feed-reader :). Greetings from Madrid!

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Only one complaint PM it was too short, I only managed to get through half my shopping while listening to you ;)

Another good podcast, may I ask what set up you are using or would you prefer me to email.

Jack Jackal said...


We use two Shure mics plugged in a Behringer 802 mixer that is then plugged into a computer via the line-in jack. We then record and edit using Sony Sound Forge software.

Thank you for your consistently kind comments.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


...and thank you for a quality show. I have been pimpin' it on the Forum I administer, so hopefully you get some more Australian listeners.

I am thinking of doing my own podcast using Audacity and just a usb mic - know nothing about sound mixing but the last three days have been enlightening.

Do you have to do a lot off editing? You know, when PM has a break to smoke some fags
(in Australia this means take a cigarette break, in America I believe it could mean shooting homosexuals)

And does PM really smoke or is that voice the result of hard liquor and a life of debauchery, led by so many Atheists.

Anonymous said...

And does PM really smoke or is that voice the result of hard liquor and a life of debauchery, led by so many Atheists.

LOL!! Actually, it's from years of singing and, now, a chronic strep infection (no, seriously...I'm on three years) that won't go away. My throat's just thrashed now.
I think you should do a podcast.
And, thanks for pimping this one out.

WayBeyondSoccerMom said...

Hey, I have a question that maybe you can address in your next podcast: how to teach your child about puberty and sex, from a non-religious perspective.

My daughter is ten, almost 11, and about to enter 5th grade. She has never shown much interest in learning "how she was made and how she got out of me". Just telling her I breastfed her for a year is enough to make her walk out of the room. But, I know I need to load her up on facts before her friends start feeding her misinformation.

I contacted the local Planned Parenthood but was only given the name of two books to read to her. I have searched on the internet, but keep finding Christian based articles.

So, how have you done it, had the talk? Did you just talk, or did you use any written or video material to help you?

jazz fan said...

You are a miserable human with Satan's tongue and ways. Going through the temple is a sacred experience and you befouled it. Heavenly Father should cast you into outer darkness for hearing the sacred words of Moroni and participating in our holiest of holy rituals. You only look like a sad atheist, bereft of Heavenly Father's guiding hand. Do you remember the punishments that you heard for those who would commit such acts of apostacy? There will come a day when Christ will return and reign for hundreds of years. You have already taken up the sword of Satan. Your record will show your acts of disregard for His ordinances. D&C 76:82 is your fate. You are a daughter of perdition.

Terra said...

Jazz Fan,

Well, we certainly are a breath of fresh air, aren't we? No wonder people "turn to" atheism. With friends like you, who needs enemies, right? Just so you know, threatening atheists with things they don't believe in is not a solid argument.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Hey Jizz Fan

We already have a blog troll - position's taken, please move along.

Russ said...

Hey Jazz Fan,

Are those your sincere sentiments about PMomma?

If so, you are being a simpleton. You are aping the mistakes of so many other religious believers: you assume that non-believers can be influenced by your goofy threats and warnings. Such attempts at coercion can be expected to be effective only if those being harangued consider your blather to constitute legitimate threats, that is, if you can demonstrate that the threat is real by laying out evidence. Atheists, faced with the ever continuing absence of such evidence, see your claims as hokey nonsense.

You would do yourself a great service by recognizing and accepting that atheists are not afraid of your non-existent god, and, so, are not afraid of any possible outcome resulting from living their lives ignoring it as a threat.

You said to PMomma, "You are a daughter of perdition." I contend that no sane normal person could make such a statement. If you listened to the podcast and applied but a smidgen of intelligence to thinking about it, you should have been able to understand that PMomma, just like the rest of us, is trying to make sense of the world, trying to fit the pieces into a consistent whole, trying to better the state of human affairs through some effort on her part. Perdition in the sense of eternal damnation is a human creative construct only; perdition is no more real than is the reprehensible god you wish to bow to.

Jazz Fan, you should start connecting to and engaging reality in a more constructive way. Using your bible as a lens to the natural world or a guide for moral decision-making can only - as we see throughout Christianity - make you less well prepared to see the world as it really is: that is, 100 percent supernatural-free.

Maggie Rosethorn said...

To Waybeyondsoccarmom: for a kid who doesn't want to ask questions about sex, buy "Changing Bodies, Changing Lives", written by the same group who did "Our Bodies, Our Selves". It is a fantastic book about puberty, sex, love, marriage, homosexuality, and gives all information very clearly and judgmentally. I recommend it to all of my friends. I just left it on the bookshelf and my kids read it when they felt like it. I was available for questions but it made them happier to just read about it.

Maggie Rosethorn said...

OOps....should have double checked my typing, I guess...I meant the information is given in a nonjudgmental way.

Thranil said...

Just quickly looking for information on the supposed bat fossil in a stalactite in carlsbad.... Well, the only references I can find to it are from young earth creationist websites... Kinda makes you go hrmmmm...

Psychodiva said...

wonderful podcast- great to put a voice to the blog- keep it coming.

I am in England- and espite our 'state sponsored religion' I have had very little trouble with declaring my militant atheism- apart from a few misguided people who think I MUST be a Christian because I'm English LOL - however, I think I have little trouble because of the company i keep - maybe I should go out on the streets like those darn evangelicals do and start giving away tracts? mm - now there's an idea :)

slinky2004 said...

I live in Australia and until the past 6 months have felt comfortable with my "Brightness" however with a federal election looming there is a disconcertingly christian fundamentalist-like miasma leaking into the political atmosphere. I suspect the leaders of both parties have spent too much time watching US Presidential campaigns and I fear for our future if the trend continues.