Thursday, August 02, 2007

Letter B


Ok... I hate to be the cruel hearted witch, but... if I hear about the school bus one more time, I think I'm going to throw my remote through the television. I know, I know... the children. "Think of the children." Well, I am thinking of the children...they're fine. I think I'm more concerned about the children who might still be in the water. Or, the parent who might never walk through the door of their home to THEIR children. Those kids on the bus were lucky. No doubt. I'm just not all that concerned that their lives will be completely altered by this experience. The kid whose parent didn't come home... their life will never, ever be the same again.

I'll try to refrain from making political comments about this... because, well, it's too soon for that. But, I will say that I find it ironic that Bush is so hell-bent on improving the infrastructure Iraq.

And, holy mother of carp! I'm so sick of people saying this was an "act of God". Um. How about we just say, "we don't know what caused this." until the engineers and forensic experts get to do their investigation. I'm quite confident that the appropriate investigators will find a cause. And, if they don't...I still won't assign the collapse to a magic sky pixie. And, on that note, I'm amazed that people would actually want to believe their God would do something like this. The God is, allegedly, powerful enough to take down a bridge, but not powerful or benevolent enough to do it at, oh...say, three in the morning? Plus, what does it say to the families who are experiencing enormous loss and grief if others are implying that God saved some, but not others?
What is sadder than sad is that some jerkoff is going to create a piece of glurge that will show up in our in boxes. You know... the smoke from the bridge will show a smokey hand and an angel holding the school bus up (or something). Or, there will be an atheist in the wreckage who fashioned a cross out of rebar before they died. Oy'.

If there is a God, I have to imagine that this may have been his way to taking the spotlight off the Duggars. OfJimBob birthed the 17th kid this morning. I know that sounds kind of mean, but... you know Jim Bob is secretly a little miffed that the spotlight isn't on their latest jurisdiction holder. It's been said before, but I'll say it again: Your vagina is not a clown car.

Unfortunately, P#4 now has a Duggar Birthday Buddy. But, really... who doesn't at this point? :)

Yes!! P#4 is three years old, today!!

We're going to celebrate with family this evening. It'll be a Thomas the Tank Engine bacchanalia.

I can't believe that we are finally finished with the infant/toddler phase. I'm kind of sad, actually. Not sad enough to pull an OfJimBob and add a new baby every eighteen months, but sad just the same. The time went by way too fast for my liking.


Lexa said...

"Unfortunately, P#4 now has a Duggar Birthday Buddy. But, really... who doesn't at this point?"

You only need 30 people to have a good chance of having two with the same birthdays... so the Duggars are more than halfway there!!

Sara (sassy) said...

I just read that she (meaning Michelle Duggar) has been pregnant for 10.5 YEARS of her life!!!

Holy crap!

And I agree with the assessment that her vagina is not a clown car. *wink*

BUT, she's said they aren't done yet and would like more children...girls in particular.

Oy vey.

Gramomster said...

Gaaaahhh!!! More?! Are you effing kidding me?!

Happy Birthday to P#4! So, how old does a P have to be to be considered through the baby-toddler-ness?

He's a dern cute little Possumbugger (as opposed to -dugger...)

Milo Johnson said...

Why do get the feeling that one actually IS a clown car?

mama_nomad said...

re: the first part of your post...

it grates my nerves every time, when good things happen--it's G*d. when bad sh*t happens--it's G*d. when someone you love dies, how is saying it was "G*d's doing" make that person feel comforted? G*d singled that loved one out and took their life. OH! but it was "for a reason...." And now that person is "in a better place"--ahhhh!!!!! it's all so simplistic and convenient. no matter what happens G*d, can be made to explain it, in what ever way an individual chooses to work it out in their head. such a cover-all. i just don't see how any one can find comfort in that....

i agree--let's investigate and see WHY the bridge collapsed...i mean, i was under the impression that engineering had something to do with bridges staying up, or maybe G*d holds them all up and he reached up for a sec to pick his nose.....(does G*d have boogers?)

i'd better stop now!

happy b-day to your (not-so-little) possum!

aimee said...

First, Happy B-Day to P#4, very cute.

To the rest of your post, I totally agree. We get it, the children were lucky, very lucky, moving on. My husband heard (he is a structural drafter) that when the bridge was built, it wasn't meant to hold the heavy loads that go across there every day. This bridge is what, 30-40 years old. The traffic wasn't this heavy back then. As for the act of you know who, this means that insurance companies can say, "Sorry your car was on a bridge when god took it out from under you. It falls under the Act of God clause, our hands are tied".

Since it was a Government bridge, I'm hoping they will step up and help these families. Act of god my ass. All loving god, oh how it makes me laugh.

The Duggars, oh man, can you imagine being pregnant all the
f-ing time!!!

Bifrost said...

Aimee raises an interesting question with her comment about insurance companies and the “Act of God” clause. Has anyone ever challenged the insurance companies to produce evidence in court for the existence of the god they use to deny a claim? It seems to me that the burden of proof would rest with the insurance companies to produce evidence for the existence rather than someone else trying to prove the non-existence of god.

Happy b-day P#4. (Ain’t they fun?)

aimee said...

Bifrost, its funny you bring up taking it to court, I don't know if any of you have heard of this movie before, it's in our netflix, but we haven't seen it yet, it's called "The Man Who Sued God"

"Billy Connolly plays Steve Myers, a lawyer who became a fisherman from frustration. When his one piece of property, his boat, is struck by lightning and destroyed he is denied insurance money because it was 'an act of God'. He re-registers as a lawyer and sues the insurance company and the church under the geise of God, defending himself."

Sounds funny anyway.

pussreboots said...

Until reading through the blogs today, I hadn't heard of the Duggars. Now I'm on the 3rd blog to mention them. I'm happy I don't have cable!

Instead of God, how about pointing the finger at the lack of funds we spend on infrastructure and that vetoed transportation bill that crossed the governer of MN's desk? Nah -- pointing out an imaginaring superbeing is much easier than taking responsibility.

And happy belated birthday to P#4.

Saurian200 said...


Happy B-Day!!

Now go get a job!

I'm kidding. I'm Kidding.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

They grow up so quick, Happy Birthday to P#4.

To Aimee,

The Man who Sued God is hilarious (and Australian I might add) won't tell you the ending.

Kazim said...

The collapse of the bridge wasn't an "act of god" and it wasn't a big mystery. It is an indictment of our total lack of interest in infrastructure spending in this country. Read this...

That bridge was evaluated two years ago as "structurally deficient," just barely over the level where it would need to be scrapped and replaced entirely. There's been a complete shift towards kneejerk reaction against taxes -- any taxes, for any purpose. The bridge is just an illustration of what that philosophy brings. Running a state government and keeping people from getting killed requires money.

aimee said...

First it was an 'act of god', and now we've got miracles, instead of luck.

"We were surprised that we didn't have more people seriously injured and killed," Minneapolis Fire Chief Jim Clack told The Associated Press. "I think it was something of a miracle."

AlisonM said...

It was government incompetence, fueled by direction of funds towards activities that would have more impact on re-election probability than basic maintenance responsibilities, that caused the bridge collapse. A defective physical object that is subject to repeated stress will eventually break, absent the hand of any supernatural force. You wear a pair of jeans over and over for gardening, and when a hole develops in the knee, you'd sound like an idiot claiming that goddidit.

Likewise, if you put a whole bunch of people in the same place at once, and something bad happens, there is a specific likelihood that some will be spared, some will be hurt, and some may not live. Every single day, there are auto accidents in which one person was unbuckled, or on the side that was hit, or in a less structurally safe vehicle, who was seriously hurt or killed, while another person who had a seatbelt and airbags, or who was sitting away from the point of impact, or who was driving a sturdier vehicle, walked away with scratches. Same with fires, construction accidents, any kind of accident you can name. It doesn't take a miracle to be spared if you're not at the center of the impact/collapse/explosion, etc.

I just wonder how many people will later base stupid behavior on their faith in miracles. I know there are people who won't use their seatbelts because they heard of someone "miraculously" saved because his seatbelt didn't prevent him from being pulled out of a wrecked car. How many will tempt fate in other ways because they're certain that god will save them? Gaaaah!

BTW, Happy Birthday P4! Be happy you're the youngest of 4, not the youngest of 17!

smellincoffee said...

"The God is, allegedly, powerful enough to take down a bridge, but not powerful or benevolent enough to do it at, oh...say, three in the morning?"

Don't you know that the Goodness of God is what made him send a drought there, which in turn lowered the river's water level and speed and made it easier for people to escape their vehicles and to help rescue those still in the water?

(Sure, he could've magically slowed the river down without killing the crops, but He Works in Mysterious Ways.)

Anonymous said...

Damn...the Duggars...more weirdos to give us normal (well, atheist-normal anyway) homeschoolers a bad name.

Happy belated birthday to Possum#4! 3 is a sweet age, but 6 is even better when they can work out in the fields for longer periods of time. ;)