Thursday, July 26, 2007

We will have lots of good fun that is funny...

Kent Hovind is still having delusions. This time, he's imagining that he's Simon and God. Dr. Dino (Hovind) is pretty funny,...but the comments deliver the funny this time around.

Harriet says: Good to hear from you, Brother Kent! My family is preparing for a “Creation-Vacation”! We’re going camping at the Grand Canyon. We’ll prayerfully share the truth with those we meet. We’ll be sure & share that the CO River did NOT cut the Grand Canyon over millions of years!

A "creation vacation"? I was trying to think of other places one might go for a "creation vacation", but I kept coming up with nothing. If you're LDS, I suppose you could always go to Independence, Missouri. That's where the Garden of Eden really was, after all. ;) But, not knowing where the "garden" actually would one go on a "creation vacation"? I realize that Hovind's ilk believe that the Grand Canyon was a remnant of Noah's flood...but, didn't that take place long after "creation"?

ALWAYS good to hear from you! Still praying….Praying…PRAYING for you & your family & JO

And, yet... he's still in jail for tax fraud. But, keep praying... let me know how that works for ya'.

"I have a question I hope someone (perhaps the moderator) can answer.
Have any of the other major Creationists commented on the plight of the Hovind family? And if so, what did they say? Has Creation Network of AngelOne commented?
Respectfully yours,Rock
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Most are in prayer and/or sad to see the developments. Some have distanced themselves. I have taken some criticism for still wanting to help this ministry. But I would say that sadness and concern is the general mood among other creationists."

I just love the editors note. I don't really see other creationists sitting shiva because Kent's in the pokey. Nope...they've got money to make!

"The Russians get it. The Americans, many of them, don’t. They’ve seen what evolution does and what belief in evolution can lead to. Evolutionary atheism led to mass fear, deprivation, the Gulag, and to horrific mass murders. When a society believes that “God doesn’t see” and “we with guns make the rules” then “all Hell breaks loose” upon the countryside, to demonic delight. China, Cambodia, Ethiopia … other distant lands of mass murder; when society’s value for human life breaks down and the normal understanding that God will judge our lives gets lost then Satan can revel in the harvest (”you are just an animal”; “life is a cosmic accident”; “get, take, covet”; “only the strong should survive. - Editors note"

Oooooh, so now there are different kinds of atheism: evolution-atheism and creation-atheism? I love how this "editor" makes it so painfully obvious that he doesn't understand that people might be atheists without believing in evolution and vise versa. *Rolls eyes* Let's play count the logical fallacies...

Then we find out that the editor is kinda' bitchy. A person named Desiree makes a post asking how Kent ended up in jail and the editor says...
"Do you work for the ACLU or the “National Center for (against) Science Education” or for someone else? Your message does not add up. You don’t seem to care about the time and efforts of others, expecting others to spoon feed you. Hmmm…. (Perhaps you are just young, and you have never learned the basics of how to study and learn, e.g. a product of the modern public schools.)"

Paranoia much!?! He also tells her that he's not going to answer her question and she can go read the rest of the blog...oh yeah, and he calls her lazy. Love the dig on public schools, too. Wow.

Someone named Praybird busts out with this gem...
Personally I would appreciate Dr. Hovind speaking directly instead of dialogs like this. This causes me to question his motive.He has asked everyone to wait untill he can explain himself, this still hasn’t happened.

Amen!! Oh, I and the rest of the world. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an explanation. Kent's probably putting it in book form so that he can bilk you out of more money. But, I just love that a Hovind fan is getting impatient.

Josh says...
"I believe Hovind was misinformed concerning his knowledge of tax laws and needs to realize it, but I still stand by him as a Christian and young-earth creationist. I don’t really consider 6,000 years “young,” though. “Experts” today debate the credibility of facts from just 100-200 years ago, ranging from whether President Washington was a Christian to whether Abraham Lincoln was gay. Taking this into consideration, I must say that scientists who declare the earth to be millions of years old — then later say it is not millions, but rather billions — are flawed in their observations and should not be taken very seriously. We have God’s Word and it has proven to be trustworthy through proof of prophecy, science and archeology."

And, how did I miss the "experts" debate on the sexuality of Abraham Lincoln?
Note the comment about how misinformed scientists must be because they once claimed the earth to be millions of years, but now claim it's billions of years old. *rolls eyes*

Baliset, who claims to be a Christian fan, after being rebuked by the editor, says...
Ask yourself who does more harm to the cause. Someone like me, or someone who steals tax money and puts himself and his wife in jail?
KA-CHOW! Well played.

Seriously guys, gotta' read the comments.


Xzanron said...

Whenever I hear the non-sense about atheism leads to murder, mayhem and immorality, all I do is point at the Scandinavian countries.

The highest standards of living, welfare, low crime and general contentment in the world, and oh yes, they are almost 80% god-less.

(godlessness defined as atheist/agnostic or just plain not interested in religion, which I also consider agnostic).

Compare that to the Christian ghettos of America and I know where I'd rather live.

Ironically, you can see this trend in the US as well. East and West coast are a lot less religious and tend to have a much higher standard of living. (No idea about crime figures though).

For those that can't live without statistics:

Berlzebub said...

They also conveniently forgot that Stalin followed Lamarckism and not "neo-Darwinism".

I've heard that Stalin had evolution supporters executed, but I haven't been able to verify that.

JS said...


- JS

Margaret said...

"creation vacation"? Is that like when you forget the birth control when you go on vacation with your honey?

Anonymous said...

Margaret... LOL!! That made me laugh.

Martin Wagner said...

Is there anyone alive on this Earth stupider than a YEC? Survey says....