Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shout outs and random thoughts.

Let's start with a few shout outs to the dots on the map.
Lots of people in the Los Angeles area. You guys need to identify yourself so we can meet at the Whole Foods in Westwood the next time I have an appointment at UCLA. :)
Oslo, Norway - Do you experience "white nights"? I have always wanted to visit St. Petersburg, Russia during this time of year.
Côte-Saint-Luc, QC, Canada - How do you pronounce that? And, same question to you...white nights? What time is your sunset and sunrise right now?
Reno, NV, United States - Has the air cleared, from the fires in Tahoe, yet?
I can't see the exact names, but looking at the map, I'm totally excited to see someone in Iceland. And, maybe someone in the French Guyana or Surinam region of South America?
Here's a bit of trivia - I have a large map of the world in my bathroom. I'm kind of a geography nerd. Hey!!

What else, what else? Oh...if you want some fun reading, go check out this link to a debate in our local newspaper. I started a discussion about the Hindu being heckled in Senate chambers, yesterday, and all hell broke loose. You guys can join in, if you like...I don't think the site requires registration.

I think life is about to get interesting with our relatives. *sigh* Mr. Possum and I just re-wrote our will/trust and included a document that spells out how we would like the kids to be raised. It's not really a set of firm directives, but more like a set of requests. One of the requests is that the kids not be forced into CCD/ERE classes and that they be encouraged to keep an open mind towards religion. Our kids are going to my husband's brother and wife,... but, Uncle Possum is Catholic and Aunt Possum used to attend an evangelical protestant church. I hate thinking about this kind of stuff. I'm hoping that it doesn't turn into an issue. Well, actually, I'm hoping we never have to use the will at all.


Bob Kowalski said...

Christians need infidels to feel close to their God.

If Christians didn't have sinners, atheists, homosexuals, et al., they would have to invent them.

The more annoyed and angry I am about something, the more prone I am to epigrams.

Chris said...

Greetings PM, I'm the one down in Reno, NV. The air is clearing up, thankfully, but it still seems a bit hazey. Definately not as bad as last week, though.

Last week, for instance, I rode my bike over Mt. Rose pass to Tahoe (8911ft high pass), and at the summit you're normally able to see down the side of the mountain to some towns at around 4000ft...but instead, the ground just wasn't there, the smoke was so thick. It was eerie, like the mountains were floating in a void.

And then heading back home, the setting sun was a deep, deep red. I've only seen it that red once before, when my church (er...pre-deconversion) went camping in the middle of a forest fire (yeah, we weren't the smartest bunch)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!!
Do you know how tempted I am to have you run up to one of my old haunts?? I used to do reenactments at the Donner memorial. *looks at that sentence and realizes how BAD that sounds* I love that lake. It's absolutely gorgeous (for those that have never been). Alder Creek (where the actual DONNERS were is a spooky place). Anyway... I digress.
I'm glad to hear that the smoke is dying down. I haven't been able to find a lot of news regarding the lake, but is it all murky from the ash and runoff?

You rode your bike!?! You're nuts! I used to hike up near Dardenelle Lake as my prep for Hood and Whitney. Donner Summit is a nice climb, too. I was humbled when I became tired during a summer attempt. Can you imagine doing it half-starved in ten feet of snow? Wow.
Anyway...I'm jealous of your location. :)

Chris said...

Bike = motorcycle. I didn't mean a pedal bike, that *would* be nuts! :)

I actually just moved down here a few weeks ago, so I'm still exploring the area, and checking out the local sights (I like historic and geographic sights much more than city sights...). Donner Memorial isn't too far from me, actually, and if I get the ride I've been planning in this weekend, I'll be within a few miles from it. I'll stop by.

As for the lake's water, it looked clean to me. Having just moved down here, I've only seen the lake once before, and that was when I went last weekend, so I don't have anything to compare it to. It looked clean to me, but it could have been because I've never seen it at it's cleanest.

ESCartist said...

Hey Pmomma,

Well, your roving fan is now in Gliwice, Poland, granted, it seems like your following now extends to even more exotic locales;)

Chris said...

Greetings once more, PM. Just wanted to let you know, I got my ride in this weekend. The sky is clear, I could see for miles and miles on top of Mt. Rose, and Tahoe itself looks really blue. Very beautiful.

Also stopped by the Donner Memorial. You're right, it's a humbling experience just being up there. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Chris. Did you walk the little loop or just go through the museum? If you walked the loop, I hope the trees are still there? (For those who've never been - near where the Reeds and Breens stayed is a large boulder that was one side of the cabin. Around the cabin are trees that had been felled for firewood - it's an odd site because a)the trees are OLD and it's obvious. b) the trees aren't cut at the bottom, there's about ten feet of trunk still standing. They mark the snow pack level. Patty Reed (who was 8, at the time) wrote about crawling UP out of the cabin a week before the first rescue party). I'm a big ass baby (and far too invested in the Donner Party story), so every time I've been there- I've cried.

Camped there during re-enactment for a documentary and spent quite a bit of the night sobbing. People who were around us, in their polartec and REI gear, weren't AS affected as those of us in 1840 garb... but, you could see it in their eyes that they, too, were humbled. A few of us decided we'd try going the night without food and in our period clothes, in a canvas tent near the boulder... I don't know how they survived as long as they did.

Anyway... enough.
I'm glad you had a nice ride. :) You should try riding down towards Virginia City on 341 and 342. The road is windy and beautiful! There are several little places to stop and take cool pics or just take in the scenery. Gold Hill is South of Va. City and is really podunk, but there's this lady who makes period dolls (or, she used's been a few years since I've been through there). You can get an authentic sassafras (rootbeer) in Virginia City, too. :) Yum. Oh and... at the intersection of 50 and 342 (?), there's a HUGE candy store. Mostly taffy. Yum. Can you tell what I do when we go on vacation? I do historical tours and eat. LOL