Sunday, July 15, 2007

Possums in Philly

P-Daddy tries to take a child with him whenever he goes to academic conferences. P#1 got to go to Hawaii last year.

P#2 and P-Daddy will be in Philadelphia, PA, USA in a couple of weeks. I'm so excited for P#2. He LOVES American History (especially all things presidential). Last time I checked, he could name every president. He's going to love Philadelphia. I've been chatting with a new friend, a reader of this blog, on AIM and she's given me a few ideas for them. So, I figured...why not ask you guys? Can you think of some fun, and maybe "off the main" things for them to do? P#2 really wants to go to some of the cemeteries and do crayon rubbings of some of the older headstones. And, I know they're going to go to Independence Hall. But... for all those who live there, or who have been, what are some smaller venues they might check out?
Man...I'm so excited for him (sorry, I already said that). This is just going to be an awesome summer for him. He's turning eleven this week... Harry Potter is being released on his birthday...then the Philadelphia trip. :)

Anywho... we spend so much time, in this house, talking about the concepts of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. It'll be great for one of the kids to go walk in the footsteps of history. I wish I could go. Someday...

In other news, I had a group of friends over to watch Jesus Camp, yesterday. It was great! The collective gasps and shock was pretty damn funny. There were just certain points when we'd all look at each other and bust up laughing. :) Good times. I needed that. If you were there; Thanks for coming!


uncle said...

The Mütter Museum

Medical Oddities, history of medicine, and presidential health and assassination history.

Nicholas said...

I wish I had been there. I haven't seen Jesus Camp yet -- would I be angry, scared or amused?

Mattias said...

Crayon rubbings... just make sure they won't be labeled as terrorists. :)

Saurian200 said...


Tell the P-Daddy and P#2 that they HAVE to check out the Franklin Institute while they are there. One of the most enjoyable museums you can go visit. One of the most different museums you can go visit as well.

Or they could check out the Acadamy of Natural Science right next door. They have an awesome dinosaur wing with the 2-story tall leg of an Ultrasaurus. (Come on, my name is Saurian200. Of course I have to reccomend the dinosaur wing.)

Since P#2 is into American History I would strongly reccomend the Constitution center. Lots in there about America's founding. It's also right by the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. There's history coming out of everything down there.

And, a visit to Philadelphia just isn't complete without a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Arts so you can run up the steps Rocky style. Also, so you can see the art. But, mainly to run up the steps.

I should probably have listed something other than museums.(Yes, I am that big a nerd.) But, we sure do have a lot of them.

Oh well, I have to leave something for the others to reccomend. :)

Saurian200 said...


I probably should have included links to the websites of the places I recommended.

So here the are:

The Franklin Institute
Acadamy of Natural Sciences
National Constitution Center
Independence Hall & The Liberty Bell
The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Hope that helps.

Saurian200 said...


See, that's what I was talking about. We have a whole lot of museums in Philly.

It's a bit creepy actually.

shellwen said...

I'm not sure if it's open to the public or if you have to be with a school, but the Mütter museum can be a bit creepy, but fun. it's basically a museum with many medical phenomenon and oddities. On a side note, the tour guide that takes you around the museum is the only living exhibit in there.

PZ said...

I agree, the Mütter is a must-see, but not if the kids are squeamish or prone to nightmares. The wall of eye diseases alone will freak them out.

I also recommend the Franklin Museum. This is different than the Franklin Institute -- the museum is right around the corner from Independence Hall, and it preserves what's left of Ben's home (not much) and has an exhibit of his discoveries and history. To be honest, though, what my kids liked best was that the privy pit is preserved, and you can look right down into the place where Ben Franklin took a dump.

PerpetualBeginner said...

The King Tut exhibit is currently in Philly (we went to see it 2 weeks ago). The rest of the museum it was in (Museum of Science?) was pretty awesome too.

Mac said...

I second The Mutter Museum! I also really love the National Constitution Center. And I work in a building that overlooks the Ben Franklin museum and ghost house, which I have a soft spot for.

Other 'off the beaten track' type of things:
tour of Eastern State Penitentiary
tour of Fort Mifflin
trolley tour of Philadelphia's murals

There are some great historical churches and graveyards in town, and I would highly recommend skipping any official historical tours - instead tell them to grab a good, comprehensive travel book and walk it out. Philly is a pretty small town and great for walking.

Mark said...

I was in Philly last summer. They must get a cheese steak sammich! I hit Geno's. Next time I'll hit Pat's. That was the best part of my trip.
History wise, I'd recommend Valley Forge. It's out of the city and beautiful (and educational).

Molly said...

I completely agree with Saurion. Go to the Franklin Science Institute. They have a really super cool exhibit right now with King Tut. Right around the corner is the Please Touch museum which is also really cool for kids.

Also, historical stuff: Betsey Ross's house is pretty nifty, the Liberty Bell (of course), Elfreth's Alley is a neat alley with the oldest houses in Phila.

Do not get cheese steaks at Geno's. They are a bunch of right wing nut jobs. Take your money across the street to Pat's where the steaks are better and you won't feel as though you accidentally walked into the RNC National Convention.

Paul said...

Go to a Phillies game, it will "enhance" his vocabulary.

Carrie said...

If they haven't already seen it (and assuming your family doesn't retch at musical theater), they NEED to watch 1776 before they go. It's amazing when you go through the historic district in Philly after having seen that movie. You feel as though, at any moment, you might see John Adams and John Dickinson emerge from a building singing insults at each other.