Thursday, July 12, 2007

P-momma's jukebox.

Sara said...Totally off topic. What are your ten most favorite songs? I was thinking about you today and wondering what P-momma listens to. Great article btw.

Thanks, Sara.
As for music,... it really varies. There are some songs that have followed me from vinyl, to tape, to CD, and now to mp3. So, I suppose that group of songs would be my standard collection. Those would include: the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Kenny Loggins, Elton John,...*thinks* I guess it would appear that my fascination with British men carries over into the music scene. Although, Kenny Loggins is quite the wild card. lol

Right now, I'm going through a techy-pop, blues phase. One of my favorite "new" bands is,
The West Exit . I don't even think they've been signed by anyone, yet. Check them out. I'm partial to "Artificial" and "Interlude1". The album is called Nocturne.

What else... I'm kind of digging on Amy Winehouse. Though, I have to admit that "Rehab" is starting to grate. I hope she's not a One Hit Wonder. I'd hate to see her on Vh1, in 2015, talking about her mall tour.

Ok...back to the original assignment; what are my top ten songs? *avoids the question*
I can't do it. I almost need you to refine the criteria. I have ten songs that are guaranteed to get me moving and ready to kick ass. I have ten songs that, as my friend Abi said upon hearing the list, "What? Is that your "slit your wrists" CD?" Hee. And, then there are songs that just make me happy.

I'll do lists in comments (later).
What I would like to see is an atheist anthem. :) Anyone have any ideas? You know...Christians have their hymnal, why shouldn't we have one too?


Nugget said...

For an Atheist hymnal -- wouldn't be complete without "Dear God" by XTC from their album Skylarking.

whosawhatsis? said...

An atheist anthem? Well, as a recovering christian, I thoroughly enjoy "Judith" by A Perfect Circle and "We're All Going to Hell" by the Bastard Fairies. George and Ira Gershwin's "It Ain't Necessarily So" is also a fun one, but I'm not sure that any of these would qualify as an anthem...

Mike Newdow from the remove-god-from-the-pledge case and Dan Barker of the Freedom From Religion Foundation both have albums aimed at atheists that probably contain some better candidates, but I haven't heard all of them.

Ginny said...

I have a couple of cds by XTC. I love that Dear God song...

Zoe said...

There is a Bright Eyes song, not sure of the title, but there are a few lines in there that just really hit home.

'It's cool if you keep kneelin' Mama, but I'm standin' up"


"... just don't go blamin' your knowledge on some fruit you ate."

I highly recommend checking them out. They have a Myspace, and a website,

You may have to click on Bright Eyes under 'bands'. Conor Oberst can also be found on NPR's site for All Songs Considered. Quite a bit of his music seems to deal with leaving religion behind.

Oh oh oh! There's always "Losing My Religion" by REM!

Anonymous said...

Personal Jesus, ala Johnny Cash. :)

Darrell said...

Well there's always The Atheist Anthem by Leftover Crack (naughty lyrics, beware). Although I think the song Feed the Children by the same band does a better job of actually challenging theism, or at least Judeo-Christian theism.

Also the entire album "Empires" by Irish synth-pop hero(es) VNV Nation is essentially about becoming atheist, at least that's how I read it. In fact a lot of Ronan Harris' songs could be atheist anthems for me. Check it out.

shaun said...

Amy Winehouse has already surpassed "One Hit Wonder" status, I believe, with "You Know I'm No Good", probably the best song on her latest album. Actually, the whole album is rather catchy, which always appeals to me. I'm a sucker for melody.

As far as an Atheist Anthem, there's always "Atheist Peace" by Bad Religion. Very punk, which might not be one's cup of tea, but the lyrics should be very appealing...

shaun said...

What the hell, here are are the lyrics to Bad Religion's "Atheist Peace"

Maybe it’s too late for an intellectual debate,
but a residue of confusion remains.

Changing with the times,
and developmentally tortured minds
are the average citizen's sources of pain.

Tell me what we’re fighting for—
I don’t remember anymore,
only temporary reprieve

And the world might cease
if we fail to tame the beast
from the faith that you release
comes an atheist peace.

Atheist peace.

Political forces rent
bitter cold winds of discontent
and the modern age emerged triumphantly.
But now it seems we've stalled
And it’s time to de-evolve
and relive the dark chapters of history

Tell me what we’re fighting for—
No progress ever came from war,
only a false sense of increase

and the world won’t wait
for the truth upon a plate
but we’re ready now to feast on an atheist peace.

Atheist peace

Jess Wundrun said...

I would say Imagine:Atheist Anthem::Amazing Grace:Christian Anthem

whosawhatsis? said...

Ah yes, how could I forget Lennon? "Imagine" is a good one. His song "God" also carries a pretty strong atheist message.

Anonymous said...

Imagine,...ah, yes. One of my favorites.

Bwian said...

Huh. I always just assumed the atheist anthem was "Freewill", by Rush.

You can choose a ready guide
In some celestial voice.
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears
And kindness that can kill;
I will choose a path that's clear-
I will choose free will.

Stephen Littau said...

I have a few suggestions:

"God am" by Alice in Chains

Dear God, how have you been then?
I'm not fine, fuck pretending
All of this death your sending
Best throw some free heart mending
Invite you in my heart, then
When done, my sins forgiven?
This God of mine relaxes
World dies I still pay taxes

Can I be as my God am
Can you be as God am
Can I be as my God am
God of all my God am

So Lord, I see you grinnin
Must be grand always winning
How proud are you being able
To gather faith from fable


All the respect I'm giving
Shared strength acquired by living
All blooming life you're feeding
Can't hide sick ones you're weeding

And then there is a couple of good songs off the Corrosion of Conformity album "Deliverance"

Heaven's Not Overflowing, Heal My Wounds, and the title track.

These are just a few songs on the top of my head but I know that Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne, Pantera, Black Label Society and host of others have some good anti-religion songs.

Margo said...

Great blog! I just stumbled across it today, and am really enjoying it.

On the subject of atheist anthems:

Motorhead's "(Don't Need) Religion":

Don't need no blind belief
Don't need no comic relief
Don't need to see the scars
Don't need Jesus Christ Superstar
Don't need no Sunday Television
Bet your life you don't need religion

Don't need no time for prayer
Don't save no knee-pads for me up there
If your head's alright, ya don't need binoculars to see the light

Ya don't need no miracle vision
Bet ya life

I don't need no Santa Claus
Don't believe in fairies no more
Don't need to go to confession
I'm already trying to fight depression
Don't need no exorcism
Bet ya life

Also Metallica's "The God That Failed" -- essentially about the singer's mother dying of cancer because her religion (Christian Science) forbade medical treatment:

The healing hand, held back by the deepened nail....for the God that failed

Jez said...

Or Metallica;

(off the top of my head)

And if I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take,
It's just the beast under your bed,
In your closet, in your head!