Saturday, July 07, 2007

I was taking a look at the "blog map" and noticed that I have some readers from (what I consider to be) interesting places. So,... I wanted to do a little shout-out. :)

Swerte, Germany! - Guten tag.
Ejby, Denmark - I don't speak Danish or I'd say, something fun here. ;)
Greece - Hook a sister up with some baklava, please.
Fayetteville, AR, United States - Oh. Great. Is that you WallyWorld?
Toronto, ON, Canada - If I make a Bob and Doug McKenzie reference, would you hate me?
Sacramento, CA, United States - Hot enough for you, yet? It was 108 with loads of humidity, here, yesterday. Today I think I'll just retreat inside the air conditioned batcave. Hey! Did you know that you live very close to the worlds best salt water taffy (in my opinion)? That little store in the OldTownSac area. Yum.

Today, the possum family is expecting a visitor. My friend from High School (*gulp*) is coming up to visit. I haven't seen her in three years. She does not know that I'm no longer a believer. It hit me, as I was speaking with her and arranging this visit, that I don't think I've ever mentioned that I'm an atheist to her.

Google news bit of the day - since the term "angry atheist" is flung around, I thought I'd google "Angry baptist".

"A division of the Southern Baptists’ Lifeway Christian Resources has released “The Soldier’s Bible,” “The Marine’s Bible,” ‘The Sailor’s Bible,” “The Airman’s Bible and “The Coast Guard Bible.”
Blissfully indifferent to political incorrectness, the Bibles include the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the pledge of allegiance, prayers from George Washington and George Patton, and testimonies from former airman Jimmy Stewart and former Marine Oliver North, among others. The covers of the Bibles bear the insignia of the various service branches."

Jimmy Stewart, huh?
The Battle Hymn of the Republic?!?! Seriously? Yeah. That'll help.

“Apparently the Southern Baptist Convention’s leadership, or, at least that part of it which makes publishing decisions, has rejected Jesus as the Prince of Peace, the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world,” scribbled one angry, ex-Southern Baptist blogger “It has rejected the nonviolence which Jesus practiced and taught; rejected the command to be peacemakers.”

Apparently! You go, sister-friend.
Was Jesus really non-violent, though? I'm asking this sincerely. I seem to rememeber Jesus being a bit pissy at times.

And, my favorite quote of the whole article:
"Like Jesus Himself, who never demanded that soldiers He met abandon their profession, the historic Christian church has nearly always recognized that legitimate rulers may use force in just causes."

I would submit that the terms "legitimate ruler" and "force in just causes" are subjective terms in the good old U. S. of A..

Oh. Oh. Oh. And, "angry baptist" video.


canucklehead said...

Go right ahead and make that McKenzies reference. We're all hosers up here, eh?
Long-time reader, delurking here.
Hope the possums enjoy the visit, and maybe get some gossip on how you were at possum#1's age.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Tag, you're it.

Bob Kowalski said...

Hey! Why didn't you point out that you have readers in Arkansas. I'm in Central Arkansas about 45 minutes south of Little Rock.

I only discovered your blog a couple of days ago. I've been wanting to post, but didn't have anything to say.

Writing "Wow! I really like your blog" seemed a wee bit too stereotypical of the blogosphere.

Autonomous said...

Fayetteville, AR! That's me! Wal-Mart HQ is about half an hour away though.

ESCartist said...

LOL, not to diminish your sense of worldwide fame P-momma, but your Schwerte, DE. Fan is 'merely' a CA/Bay Area regular lurker currently on business over here;)

But yes, Guten Tag! (or, more correctly at this moment Guten Morgen).

aiabx said...

Also from Toronto (Trawna), and I'll be happy if you offer me back bacon and beer, but don't go nuts with the "eh"s. They're grating if you don't do it right, so study the wise masters carefully.

I wonder if we should call ourselves Ehtheists. Heh. Good one, eh?

Ginny said...

I wish all the lurkers would de-lurk and tell us where they are from...that would be cool!

BigHeathenMike said...

I'd be upset if you didn't make a Bob & Doug MacKenzie reference every now and again! Hoser!

amarullis said...

I am from Houston, TX and yes, I am ashamed that Bush calls Texas his home.

canucklehead said...

Eh-theists...humourous, yet functional. I love it!

another atheist mom said...

OK, delurking from Northeast Wisconsin.

We say "eh" too. As in "Hey, youse guys! Whadda ya say, eh?!"

Paul said...

::snort:: How's it goin', eh? I got a new touque.

Sarah said...

I'll re-de-lurk for Ginny and make up for your 'loss' of Germany and raise you an Ilsan, South Korea (15km away from the North :). Did I not show up on the blog map, or is Korea just not interesting? ;)

Chris said...

I've posted a few times off and on, so I'll stop my semi-lurking. I'm currently living in Reno, NV, but most the time I've been reading this blog I was in Klamath Falls, OR.

Zoe said...

I've posted a couple-few times... de-semi-lurking from Grand Rapids, MI. While we who reside in the Lower Peninsula (the 'Mitten', 'America's high five') do not say 'eh', we make merciless fun of those who live in the Upper Peninsula (Yoopers) who do.
a bumpersticker quote for your enjoyment...

Say yah to da UP, eh?

Holy wah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!
:) There were 200 neat locations...I made myself pick five.

Zoe said...

So, hey... I watched that angry baptist video. What the hell was the guy so pissed about? Did I miss it, or wasn't that the point?

Kate said...

I have read a long time without have a reason to comment. (I am a bit shy)I mostly read from Chicago but occasionally from my home town of Wheaton, IL home of Wheaton College. I am a big fan, thanks for being such a strong and positive voice for us non-believers!

Poodles Rule said...

How pissed in that priests cheerios?

Ginny said...

Cool, some folks actually de-lurked! Thanks! :)

Summer Squirrel said...

Houston, TX 2! Man it's hot here, but we're glad it's not raining anymore.