Friday, July 13, 2007

Another dose of Christian Lub' and Tolerance I wish I knew how to embed this video.
You gotta love the fact that the full-fundy, evangelical Christians (especially the conservative ones) claim to love this country and the constitution, but so clearly can't handle it when someone other than a white, evangelical Christian gives the (already unconstitutional) prayer before the opening of the Senate. They go bat-shit crazy. I love the smell of intolerance in the morning. It's a beautiful thing...NOT!
Where were the militant atheists protesting the Christian prayers since 1954? What? What was that? There's not been any? Surely, in our militancy and intolerance, we must've interrupted at some point??
Seriously- what the fuck? Yeah... um, if you want to claim that you're the tolerant one, it helps your argument to actually let the poor guy speak without going all Jesus-freaky on him. They must've went to Pope Benedict's School of Public Policy and taken Fundy 205 (taught by Fred Phelps). do we go about getting an atheist to give an invocation at the opening of Senate? I'm thinking PZ Meyers and a shot glass - "Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Let's just hope that we don't fuck up too badly today and that we get some shit done. Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch... *DRINK*"

Of course, if the fundies got wind of an atheist leading the day off, they'd have to clothe the atheist in a bullet proof vest. *rolls eyes*
"We the people, in order to form a more perfect union; establish justice; ensure domestic tranquility..."
That's domestic TRANQUILITY people... *shakes head*


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

PM. To embed a video from You Tube on the page of the vid, there is a section to the right of the actual video that has the code for embedding under where it says "Tags" and "URL". Copy the EMBED code out of that field and then just paste it in the body of your post. It is actually that easy. Give it a shot.

Janet said...

We say "blessing" before dinner every night.

It starts off with "Thank you science" and ends with "in research's name we pray"

I'd love to say that one!

aimee said...

If you like that, you'll love this..

It's about an elementary school in California not only allowing, but setting aside 15 minutes everyday for muslim kids to pray, WTF! It's great to see Christians get all pissy about it because know they know how it feels, but if that was the school my kids were going to, I think I would pull them out of it.

This is only the beginning... It is worth reading the whole article which is linked in this story.

Iscariotpunk said...

As a quick note, in addition to what Rev. BigDumbChimp wrote, you'll need to add [embed] to the beginning of the code you paste, then [/embed] to the very end (change the square brackets to < and > accordingly - comments aren't allowed to include the embed tag, so I had to work around it).

Why that isn't part of the code you copy from Youtube is strange, but without it, it doesn't seem to work (that's my experience anyway).


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Yeah that is strange. i can copy/paste directly without having to add the embed coding.

aimee I saw that the other night. The representative on the side of the Christians had her panties all in a bunch over this. But unfortunately, she was partially correct. It is quite ridiculous if there was someone from the school leading the prayer. I don't think it's ridiculous for the kids to use their recess time to pray. They can do with it whatever they please just like the poor poor persecuted Christian kids can.

aimee said...


During lunch time is fine or during recess, but the article talked about setting aside 15 minutes to do this in which the other kids could read or whatever. I don't think a special room should be allowed to bring in people to lead the prayer either.

There is talk of putting in wash bins so that the kids can wash their feet before the prayer (add another 5 minutes of time). Your tax dollars at work.

There is also talk elsewhere about taking pork out of the cafeteria. Like I said, the prayer thing is just the beginning. Give them an inch...

If kids want to pray silently during their own time, so be it, just so they dont preach to anyone. But special time should not be set aside for ANY religion, unless they are in a private school.

lynn's daughter said...

Dahlink, it's easier than you think. Follow rev.blugdumchip's advice, but click on the tab that says EDIT HTML first. The code needs to be put somewhere in the HTML code.

Jessica said...

Shame shame.


Anonymous said...

Imagine. Ahhhh, yes.