Friday, June 01, 2007

June Questions - Part 2

Today was a long day. BUT- I want to wish a very happy birthday to my sis, Dian (aka- woof). I love you, my friend. I'll steal a line from the Non-Prophets and wish you another trip around the sun.

Pm - what effect do you think the Christan right will have on your country's education and future? - Sean the Blaugonaut, who looks really cool in shades. ;)

I would like to believe that we're going to see a normalization of the pendulum. I think it's been swinging way to the right for a decade or so (maybe longer). I've seen some pretty disturbing things, with regard to education, and I'm pretty sure that none of those problems are going to be fixed before my children graduate. Example: there are school districts here in which one can opt their child out of "regular science" (with evolution and other "theories"). That frightens me! To think that some parent would choose to purposefully limit their child's understanding of the universe because of an adherence to a two thousand year old book is ludicrous (to me). I definitely think we're already seeing some fallout from the huge, HUGE conservative, right homeschooling movement. I don't have a problem with homeschooling- if it's done right. I do have a problem when little Billy enters the world with a skill set that is best suited to life in first century Jerusalem.
I think our country is going to continue to get its ass handed to them in Math and Science because of the undo influence of theism in our schools. Countries like Japan, China, and India are going to continue to pump out scores of incredibly talented scientists and we may lose our edge. Heck. I think we already lost it. You don't read about kids in Tokyo doing "science fair projects" (and winning!) with experiments like, "What wood was Noah's ark built with?" or "Disproving Evolution with the Bull-frog." When Kirk Cameron is the "intellectual" of the group,...well, "Houston...we have a problem!" That's why I'm so committed to making sure my children understand how to evaluate and utilize information.

how "militant" do you think we should be as athiests? should we combat religion just when it is imposed on us, or should we go on the offensive by actively discouraging the spreading of dogma?- Adam H.
I would have to say that I don't think we should be "militant" at all. But, maybe I'm not defining the word in the same manner as you are? I don't think we should go out and shove "no god" down everyone's throat. I don't think we should resort to the same tactics as religion (with threats and false promises). HOWEVER, I do think we have a responsiblity to speak out whenever someone uses a 2,000 year old book as a buffet menu for life. I think we should speak out when people try to cover-up REAL scientific discoveries and information because it threatens their religion. And, I think we owe it to our children to educate them in the art of reasoned debate and positive atheism. There's merit to discussion and there's much to be learned from disagreement. I actually think atheists are at a very special point in history, right now. We are interjecting reason and logic back into society...and we're not giving religion some sort of pass. To use a catch phrase from MTV, I think we're "keeping it real." Too often, people want to give religion, or the faithful, "respect" it doesn't deserve. That hasn't got us (the global us) very far. I think we need to teach our kids to respect OTHERS, but not necessarily their religion. People are people.

Mari said: Have you seen Jesus Camp?
Yes!! If you go back in my archives, in Feb. or March, you can read my review. :)

Thranil said: Just to make sure you've been thorough, PM... when you were searching for god, did you make sure and look behind the couch? ;)
I did check there...all I found were four pennies, some dustbunnies doing naughty things, and a carnation pink crayon.

More tomorrow! :)


amarullis said...

Coming out from lurking! Just read this article and thought it would be of interest-

Backpack Blowback: Religious Right Activists Want Preferential Treatment From Public School Forum They Created

fubarmonkey said...

Good answers, especially to the second question.

Can I have the crayon? ;)

Anonymous said...

Can I have the crayon? ;)
Certainly. ;) Would you like it gift wrapped?

Sean the Blogonaut said...

Thanks PM, for the considered thought.