Saturday, June 23, 2007

Extortion or a valid point? Or, both?
When I first read the above website, I was shocked. To sum up the website, a couple has become pregnant unexpectedly. They have thought through their situation and come to the conclusion that they cannot afford to have a child at this juncture. But, they are (allegedly) struggling with the decision to abort. They don't really want to. They'd like to keep the baby...but, they've come to a monetary figure that they feel they'd need to do the job right (so to speak).

Like I said, my gut instinct was: "this is extortion!"
But... let's think about this a different way.
Every day, in this country, young women are paid to have babies to give away to waiting, childless couples. Every day, in this country, there are people standing outside abortion clinics claiming that every organism with the potential for human life is sacred and valuable. Certainly, most pro-lifers would get behind an initiative to pay pregnant girls to keep their pregnancies...with the caveat that they give the child up for adoption. Why are they not getting behind this couple? Why isn't this mother entitled to ask for the same financial stability that is being given to a mother who will give her child up? Is it hypocritical of the pro-lifers to be calling these people manipulative? I think so.

Please don't misunderstand me...I'm not condoning this website. And, I don't know that I would give money (mainly because I wouldn't give money to a woman who chose to adopt and I'm not placing limitations on birth control of any form). I say, if you find yourself pregnant and can't afford it or don't want it- abort or give it away. It really doesn't matter to me. But, for those who claim to be pro-life and anti-abortion, I think they owe this website some thought. It doesn't matter if the people are for real or not, the question remains: if you say abortion should not be an option and you value all human life, why are you not giving these people the money they need to continue this pregnancy? Does it matter that the parents are acting with questionable motives?

Personally, I think the site is a scam (at worst) or a way to make a point (at best). Either way, it brings up an interesting ethical question.


Chakolate said...

I love it. I have no idea whether it's genuine or a scam, but it certainly asks the prolifers to put their money where their mouths are.

But what sort of idiot would donate?

Ole said...

Great site. I'm also unsure whether it's for real or not. It reminds me about the hysteria a few years ago - although the topic is more serious here. The hate mails are surprisingly similar to the ones received. Why don't hate-mailers laern to use teh sepll-cehcekr?

Carlie said...

I think it's to make the point, and it's a good one. It ought to have the stats attached that show the states with the strictest anti-abortion laws also have the highest rates of infant mortality, just to drive it home.

Shadow Fan Gal said...

Personally, I don't see it as extortion but as a scam. There' no guarantee that this is nothing more than someone who's made up a sob story and set up a web page to scam money from the gullible. Maybe the pro-lifers can smell a scam?

Cogito said...

To be fair, I don't think this is a legitimate test of pro-life consistency. I'm very much for the health and welfare of children, but if someone held a knife to a kid's throat and demanded money, I wouldn't contribute. And that is what the situation is to someone who truly believes that an embryo is a person.

Now, carlie's point about infant mortality is relevant. Also, from my experience pro-life groups spend lots of resources on suppressing choice (law lobbying, pickets at clinics, etc.), some resources on "counseling" pregnant girls and helping them through pregnancy, and, AFAIK, zero on supporting the resulting children.

Add to that the positions and comments that reveal it's more about punishing sexual freedom than saving babies for many of these activists, and there's plenty of evidence of hypocrisy, without resorting to a grotesque scam.

Jess Wundrun said...

Here's what I think is a clue that this is a scam or a test of the American psyche:

They claim that they have three months to decide what to do about the unwanted pregnancy.

Three months is the first trimester, BUT most women discover that they are pregnant three to four weeks after insemination. If the couple said they had only two months to make the decision it would be more credible to me. An abortion is safer if performed earlier and I don't think many centers do 16 week abortions.

Just my 2 cents.

Betsy said...

IF it's not a scam...

I don't understand why a couple that claims to be "well-educated and intelligent" thinks they have to have a house, a "reliable car" and no medical bills plus money saved for college before they can have a child?

We'd all love to have those things before our kids are born, but it doesn't usually happen that way and the rest of us manage!

If they were living on the street, I'd be a little more sympathetic.

Saurian200 said...

This is almost certainly a scam.

While it is possible that this might be true, considering the fact that I'v heard of this routine, (Give me money or I'll abort) I think it's extremely likely that this is fake.

If you check out, I'd bet they have an article on this.

As for why the Pro-Life people don't support people like this, only tell them not to have an abortion, George Carlin described their motives best, "If your pre-born, they got your back. If your born though, you're on your own. They don't wann know you."

Or something to that effect.

Milo Johnson said...

I'm reminded of the old National Lampoon cover with a photo of a bird dog with a revolver at his head and a caption to the effect of "if you don't buy this magazine, we'll kill this dog!" And yes, it vividly points out the hypocrisy of the anti-choice movement.

Poodles Rule said...

Actually this is kind of clever in an asshole sort of way. I need a new fence, I want vinyl but brick would be better. I want it so I don't have to look at my neighbors broken down cars parked in their back yard anymore.

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Anonymous said...

It *is* clever, in an assholish sort of way (nice phrasing, I like that!).