Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Under Canada?

To make a really long story short, P#2 got an academic and attitude "excellence" award from the School Board. So, I had to take him out to the School Board Meeting. It was my first time out, in a public setting, in quite some time. And, for the first time, in probably three years, I was in an environment where the Pledge of Allegiance was going to be said.

Board Member calls the meeting to order and says, "Let's all rise for the flag salute."
Group: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic, for which it stands; one nation,...
Me: *pregnant pause*
Jake: "Under Canada"
Group: ...indivisible; with liberty and justice for all".

I had to struggle to keep a straight face. LOL! I wanted to high five him, right then and there, but I refrained. I know that he got that line from Robin Williams, but I had no idea that he actually used it. I asked him, as we were driving home, and he said that -in class- he has decided to just pause (because the principal reads it, over the intercome, every morning), but...lol... that was totally unexpected and funny!!! I told him it was probably best to stick to the practive of silence, but... damn...I couldn't decide if I was more proud of him for his wit or his award.


Eamon Knight said...

one nation,..."Under Canada"

Good for P#2. Nice to see the next generation of Americans knows your proper place in the world ;-).

Anonymous said...

Good for P#2. Nice to see the next generation of Americans knows your proper place in the world ;-).
Hehehehe...and what's really funny is that, on the way home, he made the observation that even THAT statement is factually incorrect (since Alaska is above Canada). ;)

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Classic. That's one smart kid you've got there!

Jason said...

> Group: ...individual; with liberty and justice for all".

err... surely that's 'indivisible'?

funny though. gave me a happy smirk ;-)

Anonymous said...

err... surely that's 'indivisible'?
Nice catch... typos suck. :)

Patrick Quigley said...

That's really a great story. I have adopted Michael Newdow's approach. I speak in a very loud and clear voice (honed by 15 years of teaching), and I simply don't stop for everyone else to say "under God" so I talk over them.

It completely destroys the comforting illusion of unity which the pledge is intended to create. It really is impossible to ignore the disharmony, and I think that brings home how divisive that phrase is in our supposedly indivisible nation.

My wife started doing the same thing at work and students were so happy to find an atheist teacher that dozens outed themselves to her. I've come to believe that making public statements like this is very important.

Tone said...

Let's hope he grows up to be President some day, of course it sounds like all of your possums are smart enough for that job.

Eamon Knight said...

...he made the observation that even THAT statement is factually incorrect (since Alaska is above Canada). ;)

For bonus points: What country lies immediately south of Detroit, MI?

Vincent said...

I was in the "announcers club" in high school, which meant I read the morning announcements over the PA, and sometimes lead the Pledge.
Unfortunately I was a die hard Christian at the time. I wish now I could have skipped the Eisenhower line and shaken things up.

Actually, I only ever said the pledge when I had to lead it. On days I was in my class room I said the Matt Groening version:

I plead alignment to the flakes of the united snakes of a merry cow,
and to the republicans for which they scam,
one nacho, underpants,
with licorice and jugs of wine for owels.

I did this because the idea of pledging allegiance to a flag is repugnant to me. To the Constitution absolutely, but the flag is just a piece of cloth. I will not blindly follow something because of its color.

Natasha Yar-Routh said...

Yet another smart witty kid. It's a plot isn't it? Common admit it, you are raising young evil geniuses to go out and take over the world aren't you?

More seriously I do so love the young possum's take on the wolrd. You have a wonderful bunch of kids. They really give me hope for the future.

pie.rat said...

You and your lovely possums are welcome up here in Canada anytime, especially if you're willing to place yourselves below us :P And although Alaska is above much of Canada, Canada does manage to be completely on top of the US thanks to Ellesmere Island. Of course, that begs the question of how one point on a sphere could possibly be ABOVE any other point..

Anyway, your possums always bring a smile to my day. That's a wonderful story.

erin said...

Go P#2. Unfortunately, in the state of IN, we have to say the pledge every morning. Despite my own beliefs, I really wish I could insert Canada in there like he did. However, I'd probably get run out of town by a group of torch wielding villagers screaming about liberal schoolteachers if I did that.

Maggie Rosethorn said...

eamon--I grew up in Detroit, so I know the answer to that one. Killed all kinds of people in the original Trivial Pursuit too with that.

Every Detroit child knows that Canada is south of Detroit. I had Canadian relatives and we would either go South or East to visit, depending. I didn't realize that most people thought Canada was north of the US until I was in about 3rd grade.

Paul said...

Yeah, uh...techincally Alaska's just kinda stuck on the side of Canada. Like a wart.

Kathryn said...

New state motto:

Alaska: Canada's wort.


Anonymous said...

One nation under Canada, above Mexico. Love it!

Steve said...

Heh, I'll have to remember that.

Ang said...

I've got to remember under Canada. I always forget and just remain silent during the "under god" thing. Not that I say the pledge that often.

And it's great to see other teachers here. One of our closest friends is a teacher and he often catches flak for his non beliefs. Alot of the kids are aware (probably thanks to my youngest) that he is a nonbeliever, so that makes them comfortable. However, some of the bible thumping teachers and administrators have said some disparaging things about him (we live in a small town and info gets back). He's been called a satanist and a devil worshipper. But he's a great teacher with a successful program and his students are rarely in trouble.