Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just like Jesus?
"You have vandalized my heart, raped my soul and torched my conscience," he says, apparently reading from his manifesto. "You thought it was one pathetic boy's life you were extinguishing. Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people." - words of some total and complete ass-wipe who decided to off a bunch of people.

I'm not going to post his name.
And, yet... people will probably claim that this guy was an atheist.
They will most likely claim that he "didn't really understand Jesus" or Christianity. Sorry, but you don't get to posthumously change someone's beliefs (in either direction). This man, in all of his deranged glory, identified with Jesus. Isn't it interesting how so many demented and twisted people find their motive and role model in Christianity? If this asshole had said that he was inspired by heavy metal, the Christians would be ranting and raving about the necessity of expunging heavy metal from our airwaves. If this asshole had claimed that he identified with Satan, the Christians would be holding this up as an example of how screwed up and misled this guy is. So...I wonder what they'll say now? Will they demand that Jesus be expunged? Will they encourage their children to NOT act as Jesus might? Because, really,... Jesus and the Christian God are ALL ABOUT what this kid was about. Will the Christians demand that kids consider humanism as a superior ethical code?

ETA: Well, that didn't take long. MSNBC's Scarbourough has already said that this killer was "rallying against Christianity." HUH!? And, of course, they conveniently STOP and START reading this asshat's statement to exclude his commentary about identifying with Jesus....and it starts.


BigHeathenMike said...

Ahhh, you're awesome. I hat-tipped you in an addendum to my most recent bit for finding that article and quote.

aimee said...

I just saw on the news that this guy thought Harris and Klebold (from the Columbine shooting) are martyrs. It is creeps like this that really make me lean towards home-schooling.

Assholes have already said that "Had they not taken prayer out of schools...blah, blah, blah" bullshit. Yeah, because look at what christianity did for this guy already.

Xzanron said...

It's the old religious double standard.

If a great work of art is created in the name of religion, the religious all point to the proof of divine influence and the validity of their religion. If a monstrous act is created in the name of religion, the religious resort to claiming religion was abused/used/misunderstood etc.

"It was his great religious conviction and the influence of God that made him want to paint his masterpiece."

"It was his great religious conviction and the influence of God that made him want to murder 30 people."

I can't see a difference between the two.

Tone said...

C'mon, everybody knows that god only does good things, like put jebus' face on toast. He does not do the bad things...that is what the satan loving atheists are for.

Robert said...

I agree with how hypocritical the media and christians can be, and I do agree that the Bible is full of hateful garbage. However if the killer was an atheist, or a heavy metal enthusiast, I think we would agree that it hardly means that we should remove those things from our society.

This kids problems went far deeper than him identifing with Jesus. He was a very angry and hate filled individual, and a certainly think religion did him no favors. But I hate it when the other side jumps up and claims "insert whatever you hate here" as the ultimate motive and reason for the tragedy.

So, yes lets point out the hypocrisy of the christians and the media, but lets not make a serious argument that Christianity was the cause of this, because it had no more to do with this than violent video games or aggressive music.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

As much as it would be easy for me to claim that his religion was the cause of this horrible act, I can't. I think the pathology of his mental illness that is the cause. It is pretty obvious (at least to a layman it appears so) that he's got deeper issues than a belief in some skydaddy that drove him to this.

Lorenzo said...

Well, as I often say, there is no lie in the world so big that a Christian somewhere won't tell it...

Lorenzo said...

Ed Brayton, at "Dispatches from the Culture Wars", said it right: the blame for this act lies squarely on the individual who commited it. All other attributions of blame are little more than hot air.

AlisonM said...

Out of all the people who've weighed in from the America-lovin', furriner-hatin', Jebus-preachin' side, I think Dinesh D'Souza is the most deserving of bile and scorn. Lots of people have been taking this as an opportunity to point out the superiority of their own religious or political views (which would have prevented this if everyone would just do it the authors' ways) but he manages to malign atheists in particular based on his own warped view without bothering to do anything to back himself up.

Anonymous said...

the blame for this act lies squarely on the individual who commited it.
Even if Cho was psychotic and his perception of reality severely messed up (which seems like a fair assumption)? People who can't understand what they're doing shouldn't be held responsible to the same degree as those who can. Really, this is a pillar of any civilized sense of justice.

Anonymous said...

...but lets not make a serious argument that Christianity was the cause of this, because it had no more to do with this than violent video games or aggressive music.

I wasn't making that argument. I agree that this guy was beyond "FUBAR". I was ONLY hoping to expose the hypocrisy that was sure to, and did, come.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Just a response to the "anonymous" who posted at 11:04 AM.

It is true that the shooter was most likely mentally ill. However, a diagnosis of a mental illness does not necessarily mean that he was not conscious of what he was doing. The legal standard is a higher bar than a diagnosis of mental illness. In cases where a person with a mental illness is deemed to be legally culpable, that person will be tried and then sentenced. However, the sentence would then include being remanded over to a secure mental hospital with no opportunity to leave until physicians certify that the person is not a danger to society.

The shooter did plan thouroughly and carefully--that is clear--even though it is also clear that his thinking was deranged. If he had lived, the courts might have held him mentally able to stand trial. Then again they might not have. These issues are decided on a case by case basis.

As for the religious question, my dd sat down and waded through a lot of the "manifesto" on the internet. There were places where he railed against Christianity as well as places where he identified with Jesus. No clear picture really emerges about his religious beliefs, if any.

I don't think this act was motivated by any particular view of religion. I think it was motivated by a pervasive self-hatred and hatred of the human race.

I think those who irrationally announce that prayer in schools would have stopped this are simply very uncomfortable with the idea that some things are outside their control.

Robert said...

No I agree, it is very hypocritical, and for the most part, thats all the atheist community seems to be saying, though I think some of them are riding the line between pointing out the hypocrisy, and actually turning the tables and saying its religion's fault.

Although on your side, I keep hearing how the killer's manifesto contained his quarrels about religion and the wealthy, though the parts I've read of it only talk about how he identified with christ, not that he had a problem with religion.

Very disingenuous of them to refer to it like he was speaking against religion, when he seemed to be identifing with it.

Ami said...

Popping in a little late here. Today a writer in the letters column of our local paper suggested that if only he 'had known God' all the violence would have been prevented.

:::smacking own forehead:::